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Jessica cleared the plates from the dinning, happy that she had been able to prepare the breakfast. She had asked Ada to stay off for the rest of the day because she wanted to treat her husband the way any wife would. She cleaned up the plates and walked to the room, still in her night gown.


She met Andy dressing up, preparing for work and she knew that she would miss him terribly.


She put her hand softly on his arm as he buttoned up his blue shirt. He smiled at her. “I would miss you today Mr. Andy Williams. Can’t I persuade you to stay?” she stood up on tip-toes and kissed him.


Andy’s brow shot up and his smile widened. “If you keep doing that, you just might”. He pulled her against him until she was standing glued to his front.


“Then maybe I should continue” she whispered in his ear and he laughed. She frowned. “You really have to go right?”


Andy brushed away the hair playing at her face and kissed her nose. “Hmm. I really do” he murmured with an apologetic smile. “I have not been in the office for a while but I must be there today.”


Jessica sighed and picked up Andy’s tie, placed it around his neck and started knotting it. “I think I need a job now. Staying at home would be just so pathetic”


Andy frowned. “I don’t want you working for someone” “But-”



“No buts honey” he breathed. Jessica was about to argue but then decided against it. Sending out her resume might actually be a bad idea since her reputation had been effectively shattered. She discarded the terrible thought and focused on what she was doing. She adjusted the tie and relaxed the collar.


She picked up his ash colored suit jacket and held it out for him. Andy smiled and put his arms in.


“You pamper me. What would I do without you?”




He frowned. “Nothing”


Jessica smiled shyly. They walked to the car together, Jessica tucked under Andy’s arm. “Enjoy your day OK?”


Jessica nodded. Andy bent and kissed her. “I love you”


“I love you too Andy. Do not stress yourself today at the office”


Jessica danced around the apartment to the sound of the music from the sound system. She was feeling very happy.


She refused to think about her father-in-law, refused to think about the situation at hand but focused on thinking about this happiness. This happiness that was bubbling inside her, all thanks to Andy.


Being on-board ‘Lady Jess’, sailing on the sea in the arms of her love, visiting museums and tourist centers; all these things had made her extremely happy, but all those things had been perfect because she had been with Andy – the love of her life. She wanted to scream, dance and cry tears of joy.


What had she done to deserve a man as loving as Andy? She had loved people but never had she loved someone as deeply as she loved Andy.



She heard the ring tone of her phone and jumped to it. She checked it and saw that Lizzy was on the phone. When Sonia betrayed her, she had decided to put an end to all form of friendship but could she do that?


Yes, she has had two to three betrayals from friends but could she cut out all her friends because of the bad ones? Lizzy had been the one who stuck up with her and ensured that she went back to Andy when they had the initial fight; Lizzy had kept her secret, the one that Sonia licked after overhearing their conversation. Jessica knew without a doubt that she could trust Lizzy and that Lizzy meant all the best for her.


The fact that she had encountered bad friends does not mean that she can’t also find good ones.


She picked up. “Hey girl friend” she said loudly, her happiness ringing out in her voice.


“Hmm, someone is really happy today. How are you babe?”


“I am better than fine Liz, although a little bit lonely here. Andy is at work” “Well, come over, let us have a splendid ladies’ time” Lizzy rang out.


Jessica smiled. “I would do just that. I would like a really delicious meal when I get there”


“You are the chef baby, I am a fashion designer”


“Oh, that reminds me, I am bringing a material along. I need to sew something really nice” Jessica grinned at the thought. She had a really nice style in mind.


“Well, it would be my pleasure sweetheart; you know I am the best you can find” pride oozed out of Lizzy’s voice.


“Flatter yourself” Jessica said, laughing.


Lizzy laughed. “Later babes”


Jessica hung up and ran off to dress up. It is refreshing to leave the house because being home alone can be depressing.


She picked up her blackberry and typed a message to Andy via BBM.


‘The house is looking really empty without you in it Drew, I miss you”


She dropped the phone on the bed and went to the wardrobe to pull out black jeans trousers and a multicolored top. She heard the sound of her phone and she jumped at it.




‘Oh baby, I have barely spent an hour in this office and I am here wishing I had accepted your offer. We could have been busy doing some naughty things right now’


Jessica grinned foolishly as she read Andy’s reply.


‘Well, you did not accept my offer so I guess those ‘naughty things’ would have to wait till you get back’.


She pressed send and watched it change from the ‘D’ sign to the ‘R’ sign. She saw that Andy was busy writing a message and she lay on the bed, waiting for his reply, with a stupid grin on her face.


‘You could come over to my office honey, that way, we won’t have to wait. I have a really large table’


Jessica’s eyes popped open and her cheeks reddened. ‘Jeeez…


No dirty business in your office, husband. What would your staff think?’


‘They would think we love each other so much, we can’t do without each other for an hour’


Jessica laughed. ‘Well, control your dirty thoughts husband, I already told Lizzy that I am coming over to her place’


‘Hmm, you are going to make me jealous of your friend right? ’



Jessica read the message and laughed. ‘Sorry papa. ’ she pressed send and picked up her clothes. After putting on the clothes, she picked up the phone and opened Andy’s message.


‘Alright baby, have fun. Be careful and wave your left fingers at any man who smiles at you’


Jessica snorted. “My darling possessive husband! Why do you think any man that smiles at me wants something out of the ordinary? It is obvious that ladies trip over you. I try not to be jealous’. Jessica frowned. She hated it when women had their eyes all over her husband. It was becoming the order of the day now. Andy is just too good looking for his own good.


‘Oh Jess, you don’t understand the effect you have on men. They look at you like you are the route to heaven. Believe me, you are. As for the women, they are way beneath you.’


Jessica laughed. Andy and his flattery! ‘Go back to work husband, leave your wife alone’


‘I would never leave you sweetheart. You are MINE’


‘Ask Mike to drive you to Lizzy’s place’


Jessica frowned. ‘No Drew, I would take a bus, I hate being chauffeured.’


‘NO. My wife would not be jumping from one public bus to another’


Jessica sighed. ‘Then I would drive myself’


‘Are you sure??? You would be careful, won’t you?’


Jessica sighed. ‘I can drive well Andy, I would be fine. Take care. I love you’


‘Sighs… I love you too baby, be careful. Call me when you get there’


‘I will. Kisses’


Jessica smiled and dropped her phone inside her bag. She brushed her hair and decided that she would love a braid.



She picked a car key and headed out.




Andy had waited one hour and still have not got a call from Jessica. He was becoming worried. Lizzy’s house is not that far, but he knew Lagos can be unpredictable, there might be traffic. He was worried that if he called her, she might be distracted, and that is not good, especially if she was still on motion. But after waiting for some more time, his anxiety got the better part of him and he called but the phone rang and rang without any response.


‘She might still be driving’ a voice said but he shook it off and dialed again but she did not pick. He called Lizzy and after the first two rings, Lizzy picked up.


“Hey Mr. Williams” she said.



“Hello Lizzy, how are you doing?” He wanted to skip the niceties but he did not want to appear too anxious.


“Well, I am great”


“Erm, Jessica said she was coming to your place, is she there yet?”


“Nope, she is not here. Maybe she is on the way”


“She left about an hour ago now, I have called but she is not picking up.” His concern showed in his voice.


“Oh?” Lizzy sounded surprised. “Probably, she is being held up by traffic Andy, she should-”


Andy heard the beep sound of his phone and checked his phone. He instantly sighed, greatly relieved. “Lizzy, don’t worry. She is on the line now, got to go. Thanks.”


He hung up and quickly picked Jessica’s incoming call. “Oh Jess, thank God”



“Hello sir”


Andy frowned and checked the caller’s name again. What is a man doing with my wife’s phone? “Yes, who are you? And what are you doing with my wife’s phone?”


“I am sorry sir, this is inspector Majid. Your wife was involved in an accident. She has been rushed to Jackins hospital in an ambulance. I saw her phone and…


The phone slipped from Andy’s hand and crashed against the tiled floor. He stared ahead, shocked beyond words, with the words of the Inspector re-echoing in his head.


‘No…’ He gasped out…




Andy had never been more grateful to God that he had listened to his father and hired some bodyguards. He only used them at work because having bodyguards seemed more of a burden to him and made him look older than he actually was, but as he stormed the hospital, he was so grateful for their help.


Journalists were all over the hospital, trying to get what was going on. The three bodyguards warded them off, allowing him to have easy passage into the hospital. It was during times like this that he wished that he wasn’t as famous as he was; the fame always drew unnecessary attention.


Andy only dwelt on this for what seemed like a second and then his thoughts were switched back to Jessica, making him quicken his steps. He was inside the hospital after what seemed like an eternity to him, whereas, it was only seconds and immediately he entered the hospital, the nurses seemed to stand at attention.


They looked uncomfortable and shy as they took in his imposing and exceptionally intriguing body but Andy did not even notice. He towered over them, his eyes penetrating their senses.



“Where is my wife?” He growled; his intense fear showing vividly despite his attempt to cover it and be brave.


“Calm down Andy” Tunji admonished, placing a hand on Andy’s shoulder but Andy was not ready to be in a calm mood and Tunji knew that Andy would not be until Jessica was certified hale and hearty.


The nurses did not need to ask who his wife was; they had identified him immediately he entered. “She is in the A and E department sir, some doctors are attending to her” One of the nurses replied shakily.


“I want to see her now” Andy was glaring now, looking like he would not mind tearing the nurse apart if she denied him. The nurse squirmed. A much older nurse, seeing what was going on quickly went to salvage the situation.


“I am sorry sir, you can’t see her now. Her condition is critical and she is being attended to by our best specialists. Interfering and disturbing the doctors can put your wife at more risk.


Please, I advise you to be calm sir, if you could wait in the waiting room over there” she pointed in a direction, “The doctor would see you immediately he gets out.”


Andy clenched his jaw painfully and folded his palms into fists until his knuckles were as white as his spotless teeth.


The thought of putting Jessica in danger by his actions was more than enough to make him back down. His arrogance oozed off a bit, making his fear more evident. He marched to the waiting room and Tunji followed closely behind murmuring something that Andy could not hear.


His mind was far away. His mind was in the emergency room with Jessica. Andy roamed the waiting room aimlessly, unable to settle down. Tunji’s desperate attempts to make him calm down became futile and Tunji also became almost as agitated as Andy.



Back at the hospital’s reception, one nurse that joined at the middle of the scene stared at the closed door of the waiting room and fanned herself with her fingers. “Jeez, that guy is smoking hot. Who is he?”


The other nurses stared at her like she was an alien from another planet. “You don’t know Andy Williams?”


Her eyes widened. “That is the Andy? The owner of… Oh My God! He is as hot as they say he is, with a good looking bank account too, I bet; in fact, an overflowing account to be precise”


The older nurse turned irritated eyes at the lady. “I bet you also heard that he is married” she hissed. “Put your cards together and stop eyeing another woman’s husband”


The younger nurse frowned and turned away, chastised.




The door of the waiting room burst open and Lizzy and Paulina bounced in with teary faces. “Where is Jessie? Oh my God!” Paulina gasped out and seeing Andy, looking like a shadow of himself, made her know that the accident was real. Lizzy was just standing motionless at the entrance of the waiting room, staring into space as tears fell freely.


Seeing the women in tears made Andy much more frightened.


It was like Jessica was already… already… ‘NO’. He refused to think about it. ‘My Jessica would not leave me’ he told himself repeatedly. He ran his hands through his hair and decided it best to comfort the women; that would at least get his mind off this waiting.


Tunji moved forward and held Paulina in his arms and she cried the more. Andy saw Lizzy standing stupefied at the entrance and instantly knew what she was thinking about.


He hurriedly went to her. He touched her hand and she seemed to suddenly realize where she was. She raised teary eyes to Andy and Andy felt like his world had shattered.



There was something about women’s tears which always seemed to make situations much worse. Seeing the very strong Lizzy crying scared him more than anything.


Seeing Jessica cry during the disastrous party that led to her disappearance had been more than he could bear. He had felt stabbed, devastated and shaken but seeing Lizzy’s tears felt totally different. In that instant, he was transported back in time to the time he lost his fiancée.


Lizzy’s face reminded him of the faces of the people he saw, crying after his fiancée died. Cold dread seeped up Andy’s spine and he wanted to flee the waiting room. Everything around him was pointing at a frightening end and he could not bear it.


At the same time, he could not leave; not without knowing if his Jessica was alright.


“I called her Andy” Lizzy gasped. “She could have stayed at home”


“No Lizzy, don’t talk like that. This is not your fault. She would be fine. She has to be” He said sharply, both to himself and to Lizzy.








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