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Episode two



Daniel Hilda


I quickly placed her on the bed and gathered all my operating equipments…


I have to open her up with the scalpel and remove the bullet, thank God it didn’t hit her heart


After removing the bullet and closing her up, I started the transfusion of blood to her system cos she’s lost so much blood, she looks like someone who has gone through a lot



And thanks to her, I would have committed suicide by now…now I know I still have the right to live…


Two weeks later



The girl is really suffering, she’s not woken up but she kept calling names in her unconscious state..


Names like Samantha, dad, Ricky and lastly, a dreadful name,


“Toxica, please don’t kill my dad, please I’m begging you” is what she kept mumbling in her dreams


From the look of things, it might be the Toxica she’s talking about, who hurt her…


I sat back again and thought about Tina, I love her but fate won’t hear of it…


She suddenly hiccuped and coughed, I jerked up and went to her….she slightly


opened her eyes and saw me


“Who are you? And where am I?” She asked weakly


“I’m your lifesaver, I’m Daniel, a medical doctor, you’re in my house and you’ve been unconscious for two weeks now” I answered and she opened her eyes more widely


“I’m not dead?” She asked


“Sure, you’re fine” I answered


“You must have seen me beside the road after Toxica shot me” she said


“Who’s Toxica?, You kept calling her name along with three other names in your dreams” I asked



“First, I’m Eva Anderson, I lost my mum two years ago on my twentieth birthday, since then, my dad has been living with stroke, he can’t work not walk which makes me the automatic family breadwinner, I have a junior sis, by the name Samantha and a boyfriend, Ricky


Ricky introduced me to this Job and to answer your question about who Toxica is, she’s my boss,I do delivery jobs for her” she explained.


“What do you deliver?” He asked


“Co.. cocaine” I said steadily and saw his mood change


“Cocaine!!!, I can’t harbour you here then” he said and pulled me outside


“It’s an illegal bussiness, that’s why you were shot, and I wouldn’t want to put myself in danger, good luck, don’t follow me and go away” he said in the harshest way ever and left me


Tears fell from my eyes as I walked down the street, I’m scared, what if Toxica sees me?


I walked a long distance home and I met the door opened


“Samantha never leaves the door ajar even when we’re all at home” I thought as I entered and met the shock of my life


There I saw my dad in the pool of his own blood, he’s been stabbed in the stomach, his wheelchair stood there as if it’s mourning his death…his blood is already getting dried up and the whole house is smelling already


This was surely done on the day I was shot … Dad’s corpse is already smelling and it’s such a painful sight


I got closer to him with tears in my eyes


“Daddy, you can’t die, Toxica and Ricky, why can’t you just have a bit of compassion, daddyyyyyy!!!” I screamed holding unto him, I don’t care if his corpse is smelling or not



“Wait, where is Samantha?” I asked myself as I searched the whole house frantically as if she’s a piece of pin


“No, this can’t be true, did they take Samantha away to kill? No, someone should wake me up from this nightmare, Samantha, daddyy, where should I start from?, They are the only ones I have left in this world, where would I go” I thought as uncontrollable hot tears fell from my eyes


Daniel Hilda


Since I sent Eva away, I haven’t been able to concentrate


Something inside me kept telling me that it’s not right


But I don’t want any trouble, what if they also come after me?


My God,I’m not even understanding anything again, it’s like my head will burst anytime


But before it does, I have to search for her… maybe I should just help her no matter all the odds


I zoomed out to the streets



Eva Anderson


After nearly crying my eyes out in the house, I decided to leave the house since it’s too risky


I covered dad’s corpse with a cloth


“I’m sorry I couldn’t send you off very well”


I have nothing left in this world, I will rather die than let Toxica kill me


It’s 8:30 exactly, I saw a car coming with full speed and I got into the middle of the road, expecting it to hit me anytime when someone suddenly grabbed me out of the road



“What were you thinking?, Is suicide the next thing?!!!” He yelled, it’s Daniel


“You ruined everything, you should have let me die, you told me to go away, you told me not to follow you!!!” I snapped back


“Is that enough reason to stay in the middle of the road intensionally?” He said angrily


“She killed everyone, my dad and Samantha, Toxica killed them” I said, already crying…




I’m crying






(She also wants him)


Β© Authoress Naomi



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