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Nuella’s POV


“You’re disturbing the hotel with your noise, I can’t remember kissing you, maybe you’re drunk in love”. I said and he laughed. “Besides it was a just a kiss on the cheek”. I added.


“It meant the whole world to me”. He said.


“And now I’m getting confused, you hated me with passion, beat me up, you insulted me, made me feel liketrash,you ”


He cut in immediately. “It was because I loved you”. He said. “Well, I don’t love you”. I replied and shot him a look. “Before I left, I left a nanny for Davis”. He said and I nodded.

“That’s good, Davis would feel better if he has someone with him”. I replied.


“I think we should go to my company now, let’s start the process right away”. He said.


“Ok”. I replied and stood up.


“Should we eat first or we should just go?”. He asked.


“We’ll stop at a cafeteria and get something to eat”. I replied smiling as he winked at me.


Davis’s POV


“Nanny Lisa, I want to ask you something”. I said and she sat down paying attention. Nanny Lisa was an aged woman who Raymond appointed to take care of Davis till he comes back.


I had studied her and seen how quiet she was, attentive to her works, she didn’t gossip, my dad wasn’t rude to her, he treated her like his mother.


Could I confide in her? Definitely…

“What do you want to tell me son?”. She asked


“There’s this woman that I don’t know if my dad likes, she was our former nanny that I loved, she almost sacrificed her life for me, although she was poor, she had humility that melted my heart but my dad seems to always ride on that and he beat her once”. I said and she nodded.


“That’s bad”. She said.


“Do you think love can exist between this two?”. I asked. “It’s possible”.

“Nuella is rich now”. I reminded.



“It depends, if she loves him because of what he’s done to her in the past, she won’t tell him how much he loves her”. She said and I nodded.


“That’s true”. I replied


“Love will right for them, I believe but now their pride has to battle, their love has to fight their pride”. She said and I nodded.


Jeanne’s POV


I opened the door and he walked in ..


“What a perfect place you’ve got”. He said and I smiled. “Thanks Mr Smith”. I replied as we sat down.

“So you called me here for…”


“Actually, I want to file a complaint soon, Raymond didn’t divorce me, we’re still married and I still remember those vows we took, I want to file a complaint on how he’s neglected me and forcefully took my son”. I said and the lawyer nodded.


“So do you have any evidence that he forcefully took your son?”. He asked. I brought out a letter under a pillow and handed it to him.

“Dear Jeanne


I want you to leave Davis for me It was just a one night stand

It wasn’t serious besides I raped you Stay away from Davis or I’ll kill you


Stay away from him or I’ll make sure you’re dead It’s not a threat, i give you my word”.

He read loudly…


“This letter shows he’s a criminal, how can he tell you to stay away from your son”. He asked.


“That’s why i need to see Raymond in cell”. I said and he nodded.


“Firstly, he raped you, that’s an offense”. He said. “Secondly, he asked you to leave Davis, another offence to leave your own son, lastly, he threatened you”. He added.


I smiled. He was believing the false letter. I grinned evily.


“I’ll take this letter with me, I heard Mr Raymond is on an official trip with Miss Nuella”. He said and I raised an eyebrow in jealousy and anger.


“And now a married man is out with another woman”. I said and he nodded. “Although it’s for an official trip”. He said.

“Official trip, it’s a lie, Raymond wants a way where he can have an affair with another woman, that ingrate”. I said and he nodded.


“You’re right, I’ll keep this in my office, when Raymond comes back, we’ll charge him to court, I’ll make sure he goes down for trying to make you feel worthless”. He said and I started to cry.


“He betrayed me”. I said crying and he handed me an handkerchief. “Here Mrs Jeanne”. He said and I cleaned my tears.

“Thanks Mr Smith”. I replied and walked him to the door. “Bye”. He said and I nodded as he left.



I jammed the door in excitement.


“Hurray”. I screamed and laughed. “I don’t have to be in hiding anymore”. I shouted and kissed the wall.


Nuella’s POV


“So tomorrow’s we’re going to give the people at crimson’s street money to survive for the main time till the government do something”. I said and they clapped for me.


“We’re in full support Miss Nuella, I’m sure you guys are going to make a lot of people happy tomorrow”. He said.


“Thanks Mr Baylor”. I replied and smiled.


“We’ll need ten more people to join I and Nuella to be faster”. Raymond said. “We’ll be of support, Mr Raymond”. They said and I smiled.

Almet’s POV


I came out of my car and entered the cafeteria, I needed to eat something, Nanny Isadora was slow with the cooking and I wouldn’t starve myself to death.


“I’ll have fried rice”. I told the waiter and he left to bring what I ordered.


“Nice to meet Almet”. I heard a familiar feminine voice say and I turned back and gasped.


To be continued

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