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Davis’s POV

As soon as she left the house, I ran to her room and searched for anything, I needed real evidences, then I saw black ink leading to a store. I opened the store door and saw papers littered on the floor. I picked one and read.

It was the letter my dad had written to her when she was pregnant with me, I took the letter and read it,

“Jeanne, I really don’t want you to abort this child I have an idea, since it’s a burden for you

When you give birth to my child, I suggest you let me take care of him

You can also come and live with me even though I know it was just a mistake of a night.

I’m really sorry

But this is my first seed and I don’t want to lose him I love you Jeanne

Take care of my unborn child”.

This was another evidence. I took pictures of the letter.

I needed to call Nuella, she must be damn worried. I placed a call to Nuella who picked it quickly.

“Hello Davis” she said.

“Hi Nuella, I’m sending you some pictures of the letter they wrote to each other when she was pregnant with me”. I said and Nuella chuckled over the phone. “I’m glad you’re helping your dad, just play along with Jeanne and don’t make her suspect you, don’t trust her yet, get an escape plan”. She said and Ismiled.

“Of course Nuella, she said she’s going to sell me”. I said.

“What?”. Nuella asked. “Leave the house right away or I’ll come and get you”. She said.

“Tomorrow’s the last day, I’m staying here, I’ll be leaving soon, don’t worry, I’ll be fine, I recorded all our conversations and I’ll be sure to record all our conversations”. I said and smiled.

“Just be careful, I’ll go and visit Raymond today, I hope he’s doing great cause I heard how prisoners fight themselves”. She said.


“Please do but don’t tell him I’m here, just tell him I’m okay or else he’s going to lose courage and flare up”. I said.

“I won’t but please stay safe”. She said. “I love you Nuella”. I said.

“I love you too”. She replied and I cut the line.


Jeanne’s POV

“Mr Miller, I need Raymond to be killed in that prison before Nuella gets any evidence”. I said and Mr Miller shook his head negatively.

“Let’s discuss this in my house”. I added as I drove the car into my compound. “Where’s that badass child?”. I shouted as Davis ran to us and took my bag.

“Isn’t he your son? Why are you calling that kind of name?”. Mr Miller asked and I laughed.

“He’s useless, that’s the name who fits him more”. I said and slapped him. “Get Mr Miller a glass of water”. I added as we entered inside and sat down.

Davis’s POV

I took the glass of water to Mr Miller who dropped it on the table.

I pretended to enter the kitchen but I stood at the door that they couldn’t see me. I immediately started recording their conversation.

“Like I said earlier, I want Raymond dead, like you already know, I’ll be selling that bastard called Davis in few days time”. She said and Mr Miller shook his head negatively.

“It’s not done that way, there’s no possible way I can kill Raymond, he’s a prisoner there”. He said and she laughed.

“It depends on how you did it”. She said and he raised an eyebrow in surprise. “I don’t understand Mrs Jeanne”. He said.

“What I simply mean is that you can poison him or tell one of the prisoners to kill him”. She said and my heart raced.

“I can’t do that”. He said.

“Mr Miller, there’s 100,000 dollars on the line, if you don’t want to do it, I don’t have to force you, I’ll always get someone who will willingly do it for me”. She said and I noticed he was battling with his conscience.

“Mrs Jeanne”. He called out.

“Mr Miller, it’s easy, poison him and I’ll have the money transferred to your account”. She said and he nodded.

“Fine, I’ll do it”. He said and she smiled.


“I knew I could count on you”. She said and grinned. “I can’t wait to find out who Raymond’s mom is, he’s definitely hiding her but for what reason I don’t know, I’ll find out from that bastard Davis”. She said and I tiptoed to my room and gently closing the door. I immediately forwarded their conversation to Nuella.


Nuella’s POV

“Good afternoon, I’m here to see Raymond”. I said to the man in charge of his case. “I’m sorry but you can’t see him now”. He said and I blinked.

“Are you drunk or what?”. I asked him..

“Ma’am, I’m only doing my job and I won’t tolerate you insult me”. He said and I chuckled.

“Are you for real because as soon as my leg is stepping out of this station, I’m going to speak with the influential people I know and they’re going to bring you down”. I said and he frowned.

“Raymond is currently in the hospital, we found him half dead, he was beaten severely and if not for our quick intervention, he would have died”. He said. “What?”. I asked shocked.

“Yes ma’am, Raymond is unconscious”. He said. Flashback.

“Why are you calling me like you’re drunk”. Raymond asked the huge man. “You killed my wife and child”. He said.

“I didn’t know they would die”. Raymond replied.

“Well, I want to do them a little favour, I want to send you where they’re are, I want to send you to death’s sacred place, help me greet them”. Cassio said standing up.. he grabbed Raymond by the neck and threw him to the wall.

The prisoners began applauding and going wild. Cassio climbed the long bed and jumped on Raymond, that was it, Raymond had passed out, blood was everywhere… The cops were to late to stop them, they had done enough damage to Raymond..


To be continued

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