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Nuella’s POV


Of course, I’ll even love you”. I said and he giggled.


“That’s what I’ll do but I’m not assuring you besides an official trip can turn into a romantic date”. He said and I looked at him shocked.


“And what do you mean Mr Raymond?”. I asked.



“You might end up falling in love with me at the end of the official trip”. He said and smiled.


I ignored him and tried to hide my affection for him. I just smiled and sighed. Raymond’s POV

We got to the hotel, I had already had it planned that the only room available should be for me and her but I didn’t tell her.


“Miss Ava”. I said as we went to the receptionist. “Mr Raymond”. She called out smiling.

“Do you guys know each other?”. Nuella asked.


“Yes actually, I used to spend the night in this hotel”. I lied and she nodded. “Miss Ava, this is Nuella, we’re here on an official trip”. I said. “Unfortunately, there’s just one hotel room here”. She said.

“Mr Raymond, let’s go to another hotel, you know we can’t stay here, it’s just one room and we can’t stay together”. Nuella said.


“But this hotel is the best hotel where you can get comfort in this town”. I said and she raised an eyebrow in surprise.


“So are you suggesting we should stay together in a room”. She asked and I nodded.


“Yes, Miss Nuella or are you afraid of me?”. I asked and she smiled.


“Fine, we’ll stay together in a room but if you try anything, I’ll kick that dangling item between your leg”. She said and I laughed and hugged her out of excitement.


She withdrew herself for me and went to the restroom. “Thanks Miss Ava”. I said and she smiled.

“You guys look good together and you guys would make a great couple”. She commented and I smiled.


“How I wish she sees that” I said and she frowned. “What do you mean?”. She asked.

“I don’t know if I’m in love with her or her wealth, I’m just confused”. I replied.


“Mr Raymond, you’re in love with her besides you’re also rich, she’s maybe a little bit richer”. She said and I nodded.


“I just need to spend sometime with her, my feelings can show up if I do so besides she’s beautiful”. I said.


“I’ll better go to our room, you said Room 206 right”. I said as she gave me the key.


“If you need anything, just place a call in your room and someone will attend to you”. She said and I nodded.


Almet’s POV


“Dad, do you think Nuella is feeling comfortable right now?”. I asked my dad and he nodded.


“You like Raymond right”. I asked and he shook his head negatively.


“I don’t trust anyone since what you did to me, your own father, you kidnapped me, ordered your men to beat me when I tried to escape”. He said and I hugged him kneeling down.


“Dad, please forgive me, I thought I’ll never see Nuella again, I thought I’d never find my sister again”. I said.


“Have forgiven you but I still can’t trust you, in life, when you’re betrayed by the person close to you, by the person who ought to help you and love each time, you tend not to trust even your own family”. Dad said and I sat down.


“I’m a changed man”. I replied.


“What of Jeanne?”. He asked. “You know you didn’t kill her, don’t you think she escaped?”. He asked..


“I actually don’t care about that forsaken being”. I replied.


“She might end up as a weapon against Nuella”. He said and I looked at him. “I’ll search for her and make sure she’s found then I finish her off”. I said.

“No, don’t soak your hands in blood, in case you find her, report her to the police”. He said and I nodded.


Jeanne’s POV


Revenge! Revenge! Revenge! Revenge! Revenge! Revenge! Nuella Dies, Raymond Dies, Davis Dies


The words were written on my wall and I laughed loudly. Everything has been taken away from me… Nuella took everything, she took Davis first, then Almet and now she wants Raymond… Things aren’t over, I’ll get my revenge, I’ll get what I want, I’ll be the queen


I laughed with an evil grin.

Nuella’s POV



“Mr Raymond, I don’t know how we’re going to split the bed”. I said and he chuckled as we entered the room.


“The bed is big so you can face there and I’ll face this side”. He said and I nodded. “Great”. I replied.

“Thanksfor “.


I cut in immediately. “No touching”. I replied.


“I won’t touch you in the night until we’re married”. He said and I laughed. “And who told you I’m going to marry you, we’re not dating”. I said.

“And what if I ask you to be my girlfriend?”. He asked.


“I barely know you Mr Raymond, we just met today”. I said and he chuckled. “But you were my nanny”. He reminded.

“That was the old Nuella, I’m not your nanny, I’m a shareholder of your company”. I replied.


“If you say so but I still love you”. He said and I smiled and kissed him on the cheek.


“Now, stop saying rubbish, I’m not Jeanne”. I replied and laid on the bed looking at him.


“She kissed me, she kissed me, she kissed me”. He screamed round the house.


“You’re disturbing the hotel with your noise, I can’t remember kissing you, maybe you’re drunk in love”. I said and he laughed. “Besides it was a just a kiss on the cheek”. I added.


“It meant the whole world to me”. He said.


“And now I’m getting confused, you hated me with passion, beat me up, you insulted me, made me feel liketrash,you ”


He cut in immediately. “It was because I loved you”. He said. To be continued

Billionaire Needs A NannyDoes he love her or herwealth?

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