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Nuella’s POV


“Like my bodyguard has rightly said, I’m Nuella Bella, the new investor and also shareholder of this wonderful company and I believe I’m welcome in this company”. I said and flinged my hair dropping my new iPhone on the table. “You’re welcome Miss Nuella”. The board members said. I didn’t even look at Raymond for a second but I stole glances when he couldn’t see.

“Mr Raymond, what will you say to our new shareholder?”. Miss Anna asked. “Uhh, I’m uhh well pleased to see uhh our new shareholder, I want to thank you for your support”. He stammered and I smiled.

“I’ll take that as a manageable compliment”. I replied and took my iPhone and bag. “Miss Anna, can you take me to my office”. I said and her eyes widened.

“But”. She said and I cut in immediately.

“My bodyguard will be here to listen to any important information said in this business meeting” I said and she showed me my office. I entered my office and sat down. I couldn’t seem to forget Raymond’s reaction when I entered. I chuckled and took the newspaper on the table.


“The neglected people demand for food” The headline read.

I took the newspaper and went to the board meeting and took my seat, I ordered my bodyguard out.

“So uhh, we’ve noticed that the people are complaining that we’ve not assisted them in doing anything and I feel bad about it”. Raymond said.

“We would have helped them but we don’t have enough funds”. Mr Sam replied. “I support Mr Raymond, the people needs our support and it would be bad if we don’t give it to them, I watched a video where the people were crying, the people are suffering and I think as a non-governmental organization, we’re supposed to help them”. I said and they nodded.

“But our funds isn’t much besides we have some things to take care of in this organization”.

I looked at Raymond and took my eyes away immediately. “I was thinking of something, what if I uhh donate 5 million dollars to the people, this money will be given to people from house to house”. I said and they nodded and I stole glances at Raymond. He was speechless.

“That’s a brilliant idea, let’s do it, we need to make a team that will distribute the food to the people”. Anna suggested.

“I’ll be part of the team”. I said and looked at Raymond, he looked at me back and frowned.


“I’ll go with you, Miss Anna, take care of the organization before we come back”. He said.

“I think we should make it a three days trip, just the both of us with the workers in our branch in Dallas, that means we’ll have to stay in an hotel”. He added.

“No problem, when do you suggest we leave?”. He asked.

“Tomorrow”. I replied and my bodyguard walked in. “Miss Nuella, there’s a man here to see you”. He said and I nodded.

“Excuse me” I said and walked out of the board meeting towards the entrance of the organization.

“Mr Almet, nice to see you”. I said and hugged him as we came outside the organization. “I thought you said you wouldn’t come to my office”. I added. “I didn’t want you to get hurt”. He said.

“I have a bodyguard and I won’t get hurt”. I replied and he smiled.

“I feel better to hear that, so what’s the meeting for? Your guard told me you guys were having a board meeting”. He said and I nodded.

“I’m travelling with Raymond tomorrow out of Texas, we’re going to Dallas”. I said and he shrugged.

“What?”. He asked almost shouting. “Hey lower your voice”. I replied.

“You’re just starting a job and the next thing, you’re going on assignment with someone not just someone Nuella, you’re traveling with that beast called Raymond”. He said.

“The exact plan was to make him fall in love with me”. I said and he nodded. “Yes but I don’t want you to get hurt”. He said.

“I won’t”. I replied.

“Ok, if you say so, take care of yourself, I’ll be going back home, do you need Nanny Isadora to bring you food”. He asked and I shook my head negatively.

“No, I just want to go before Raymond sees you”. I said and he nodded and entered his car and drove off.

I sighed as I entered the organization and walked to my office. I was shocked to find Raymond in my office.

“Why are you in my office? You could have waited outside”. I said and sat down. “Nuella”. He said and I stopped him immediately.

“We’re in the office and I’ll prefer you say Miss Nuella and I’ll call Mr Raymond”. I replied and dropped and applied lip gloss to my lips.

“I just uhh I just wanted to ask you if you wanted to go to the cafeteria”. He said and I smiled.


“Fortunately Mr Raymond, I’m starving”. I said and noticed his face brightened. “Will you follow me to the cafeteria to eat?”. He asked.

“No, I’ll pass”. I replied and took selfies with my phone.

“Nuella”. He said and I looked at him. “Miss Nuella”. He corrected himself. “How’s Davis?”. I asked.

“He’s doing great, he’s just missing you”. He said.

“Get him a nanny, I’ll say hello to him when we come back”. I said.

“You’re not going to be his nanny again?”. He asked and I looked at him shocked. “I’m really sorry Mr Raymond but I can’t be Davis nanny, I can only be a motherto himbymarrying ” Ipaused.

“By marrying who?”. He asked excited.

“Fine, I’ll follow you to the cafeteria”. I said and rolled my eyes. “Thanks Miss Nuella”. He said and beamed with joy..


To be continued

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