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Nuella’s POV

“Thanks for eating with me”. He said and I nodded.

Miss Anna came to us giggling. “Mr Raymond, it seems you and miss Nuella are getting on well, it seems you know each other before”. She said and I chuckled. “Mr Raymond here was my ex boyfriend”. I replied.

“Wow”. She exclaimed.

“And I loved her so much, Davis loved her”. He said and I looked at him. “I’ll be in my office Incase you need any document” I said as she left. “Wouldn’t you want to see Davis?”. He asked.



“Shhh, Davis miss you so much”. He said and I sighed

“I missed him too, let’s go”. I said as went to the parking lot to take his car. He kept looking at me all the time that I felt embarrassed.

“Nuella, you didn’t tell me how you suddenly changed”. He said and I smiled. “It’s not like you care”. I replied.

“You’re playing hard to get”. He said and I smiled. “Well, I’m not as proud as you”. I replied.

He chuckled.. “Your beauty melted my pride”. He said and I blushed. “Ohhh, are you sure it isn’t my riches that melted your pride?”. I asked. “Not at all, I love you Nuella”. He said and I laughed as he drove off…

“Mr Raymond, you’re really funny”. I said still laughing. “I’m not the Nuellayou knew before who could crawl up to you for you to fool”. I said still laughing. “But I ”

I cut in immediately. “It seems you’ve forgotten how you beat me that day and I was admitted in the hospital”. I said and smiled.

“And you also seem to forget how we made love”. He shot back and I cleared my throat.

“Unfortunately Mr Raymond, I wasn’t thinking straight that day, that’s was why I allowed you have access to my body”. I said as he parked when he entered his cpmpund..

“I’ll finally see Davis”. I said and came down from the car before he could continue saying something else.

Davis ran out and stood shocked to see me. I was also shocked to see him.

“Davis dear, won’t you give Nuella a hug?”. Raymond asked and Davis ran back inside.

“Davis”. I called out but he didn’t listen.

“I wouldn’t be less shocked, how did you think the poor boy will feel when you left him without even a note”. Raymond said.

“I didn’t leave, I was kidnapped”. I replied.

“Kidnapped, then you’re rich now”. He said and I became offended.

“You know what, I think I’ll leave this compound”. I said knowing he will stop me. “At least, come inside for a drink”. He said and I looked at my watch.

“I’m having an appointment with uhhh”. I stammered, I didn’t know what to say again because I was actually lying, I didn’t have an appointment with anyone. “Please, I know you’re lying, just spend time with me”. He said.


“Let me see Davis before I leave”. I said and walked into his house and he followed me.

“Let me spend time with you so you’ll forgive me for all the wrongs I have done in the past”. He said.

“Ohh Mr Raymond, what are you teaching Davis, to flirt?”. I asked him as he wrapped his hands around my waist trying to kiss me.

“Mr Raymond, are you trying to rape me?”. I asked. “Not at all”. He continued kissing me.

“What If Davis catches us?”. I asked and withdrew from him.

“Nuella, you know how much we want each other badly”. He said and I ignored him and went to Davis room.

He didn’t want to see me but I would make him like me.

“Davis”. I said and knelt down to face him. “I know I’ve hurt you and I know you’re sad but I didn’t just leave, I was kidnapped, it’s not what you think”. I said and his eyes widened.

“I don’t understand”. He said avoiding my gaze.

“It’s a long story but I’ll find time to tell you when I get back from dallas, I’m going with your dad on a three days journey”. I said and he grew bewildered.

“But my dad didn’t tell me”. He said and I nodded.

“And that’s because it was decided today, I brought up the suggestion to help poor people in the society”. I said and he nodded.

“Ok, make sure my dad’s safe”. He said.

“And before I forget, Happy birthday in arrears, I’ll also get you a new phone when I get back and a teddy bear”. I said and I smiled.

“There’s lot of questions unanswered that I would want you to answer when you come back”. He said and I smiled.

“Thanks for understanding, come give your future mom a kiss”. I said and he kissed me on the cheek.

“I’ll visit sometimes, I’ve really missed you”. I said and he blushed. “Me too Nuella”. He replied.

“I should get going now”. I said and left his room after carefully closing the door. “So how was It?”. He asked. “I’m sure he didn’t believe you”. He added and I chuckled.

“Mr Raymond, if I were you, I’d fear the power of a woman”. I said. “Care for a drink?”. He asked and I shook my head.

“I want to go home”. I said and he smiled.


“Sit down first, your driver won’t come immediately”. He said and I sighed and sat down.

“I’ve missed your lips”. He said and I smiled.

“I’ve missed your pride”. I replied and wore my glasses.


Almet’s POV

“I’m worried about Nuella, I really don’t want her to get hurt”. I said to Dennis. “She’s a lady, I’m sure she wouldn’t”. He said.

“That Raymond is capable of doing something stupid, he might forcefully take advantage of her”. I replied angrily. “And if he does, I won’t forgive him this time, I’ll kill him and tear him apart”. I added.

“I believe he won’t”. He said “Just be on the alert”.I replied


To be continued

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