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Almet’s POV

I came out of my car and entered the cafeteria, I needed to eat something, Nanny Isadora was slow with the cooking and I wouldn’t starve myself to death.

“I’ll have fried rice”. I told the waiter and he left to bring what I ordered.

“Nice to meet Almet”. I heard a familiar feminine voice say and I turned back and gasped. “Jeanne, what are you doing here?”. I asked.

“You’ve missed me”. She said and sat down facing me.

“I don’t understand”. I said. “It’s been 3 months and I thought you died or probably left”. I added.

I smiled. “Almet, a mother hen can’t just leave without revenging on the one who tried to hurt her and her chicks” She said and chuckled. “Of course, what am i saying”. She added

“You’re insane Jeanne”. I said.

“You’re the one who is highly insane and you’ll be when you’ll be put in jail”. She said.

“I don’t understand”. I said looking at her face which showed no expression, I couldn’t read her minds, her thoughts, everything, I just couldn’t.

“You’ve committed a lot of crimes in the past and it’s only right you pay for each of them”. She said.

“Jeanne”. I called out shocked.

“Why are you calling my name like a br**st sucking baby?”. She asked as the waiter placed my food on the table.

“Jeanne” I called out more shocked.

“I can’t wait to see the expression of Nuella when she finds out her brother is in jail, I have evidence of how you maltreated your father, I have evidence to prove in court that you’re a murderer, a rapist and a mental person”. She said and my eyes widened.

“You’re lying against me, I’m not a rapist”. I said.

“Lying against you, I have the video of how you forcefully slept with Mrs Amante”. She said and my eyes widened.

“And Mrs Amante is ready to testify in court against you”. She added.

“What nonsense?”. I asked. I was terrified, everything she said was true but I was drunk that day. She seduced me and I gave him.


“No, you’re wrong, I was drunk that day, she seduced me and I was full of lust, I didn’t know what happened to me”. I said.

“Let’s see if the court believes your miserable lie”. She said and winked at me. “Jeanne, I can’t believe you’re doing this”. I said and she chuckled.

“I didn’t believe you also choose your sister over me, so you were foolish enough to think that i won’t have my revenge, I spent three months searching for evidence and I’ve got it, I spent three months trying hard to make sure you and Raymond are finally put in jail”. She said. “And now the time has come, I’ve come”. She added and laughed.

“Just don’t hurt my sister, you hear me”. I said and she laughed again.

“I can’t hurt Nuella, she will be hurt when she discovers the type of person Raymond is”. She said and I quirked an eyebrow in shock.

“Tell me, who’s Raymond?”. I asked.

“A murderer”. She replied and showed me a letter. “Dear Jeanne,

I’ve accomplished the mission

I’ve finally killed her and she’s dead No one would know it’s me

I made it look like a suicide Jeanne, I’m so happy

I’ve finally killed her”. The letter read.

“Are you sure this is true?”. I asked and she nodded.

“Nuella might be his next victim, if I were you, I’ll call her and tell her to come back to Texas, she’s not safe with Raymond”. She said and I avoided her gaze. She was scanning my face and reading my thoughts.

“If you remember, Mrs Chandra was murdered a few months ago, it was Raymond who killed her, he killed her and made it look like a suicide”. She said.

“He sent that letter to me but I didn’t reply him”. She lied.

“Jeanne” I called out. She was indeed perfect, I couldn’t implicate her, during the time we were dating, she didn’t do anything. I didn’t suspect she was using me to her advantage.

“They say the patient dog eat the fattest bone”. She said and stood up.

“Indeed you’re brilliant Jeanne but I won’t let anything happen to my sister or else I’ll hurt Davis, your only son”. I said and she laughed.


“You’re so dumb Almet, so you thought I didn’t think you’ll threaten me with Davis anyone he’s good for nothing, kill him, I can always give birth to more children”.

She said and my eyes popped out.

“You can try to escape but I’ll always find you”. She said and left.


Jeanne’s POV

“With all the evidence I’ve gathered, no one can stop me not even Nuella”. I said and laughed. Almet wouldn’t dare kill Davis, he doesn’t have the heart to kill again because of Nuella, he’ll only escape and this will also prove that he’s guilty and bring him to jail.

I laughed loudly as I drank the alcoholic drinks on the table.


To be continued….

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