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Davis’s POV

“Please sir, I really need to enter and have fun”. I begged the security man and he frowned.


“I believe you’re still in school, read the description and look for someone to help you get in”. He said and I sighed dejectedly.

“But ”

“He’s my son and we came to have fun, I just got ice cream for him”. I heard a familiar voice behind me and I turned and saw dad.

“Dad”. I muttered.

He came to me and hugged me. “Why did you run away?”. He asked as he kissed me on the cheek.

“You didn’t care for me”. I replied and his eyes looked teary. “I’m a changed man now”. He said.

“But dad, how did you find me here?”. I asked him. “Your diary”. He said and I chuckled.

“You saw everything right?”. I asked and he nodded.

“No wonder Nuella loves you, you’re open minded, brilliant and handsome”. He said and I blushed.

“Dad, thanks, should we go in now?”. I asked.

“Of course”. He said and held my hands as we entered the funhouse…



“Sir, I thought you wanted to pick your family?”. I asked the man who sighedand looked atme.

“Actually, Mr Almet sent me to pick you, he knew Madam Jeanne would try to kill you”. He said and I nodded.

“Great, I’m stuck with you”. I said dejectedly.

“If you want, you can enter the funhouse, lots of kids are there with their parents”. He said and I chuckled.

“I’m not married and I don’t have a kid”. I said and he nodded.

“Oops”. He said. “Mr Almet is here”. He added as Almet came down from a bike and headed straight us.

“Brother, you’re safe”. I said as soon as he got into the car. “Yes”. He replied.

“What of Jeanne?”. I asked.

“I tied her to a chair”. He said and I gasped.

“Won’t she escape?”. I asked and he shook his head.

“I didn’t want to kill, I’ve killed a lot of people and I’m a changed person”. He said and i smiled.

“I’m glad you made the right decision”. I said.


“So where do you want to go?”. He asked.

“I want to go to Raymond’s house, I’ve missed Davis”. I said and he gasped. “Nuella, I know how much you love Davis but Raymond would never marry you, you’re poor”. He said and my eyes became teary.

“I just want to see Davis”. I said.

“It’s ok”. He said and make me rest on his shoulders.

“You have a shoulder to cry on, I’m going to make you rich, you’ll be a major shareholder in his company”. He said and I nodded.

“Can I wait till then?”. I asked.

“Don’t worry, your love will fight for you”. He said and I nodded. “Thanks brother”.

“Should we go to the funhouse?” He asked. “No, I guess I need some rest”. I said.

“Ok, you’ll stay in my house for the main time”. He said. “You can also have time to meet our dad, I made sure he’s well taken care of, I realized that it wasn’t his fault, he was a good dad after all”. He said and I hugged him.

“Almet, can I ask you for a favor later?”. I asked. “Yes, what’s that?”. I asked.

“When you make me rich, I would like to visit my adopted parents”. I said and he looked at me.

“Are you sure?”. He asked.

“Yes because even though they disowned me, they took care of me until now, they’re awesome, they knew I wasn’t their daughter but they nurtured me”. I said and Almet nodded.

“You have such a kind heart, I don’t know if you took it from our dad or mom, I can’t actually remember Mom, I guess dad would tell us about her”. He said and I nodded.

“I can’t even remember anything, if not for the flashbacks I got, I would call you a liar”. I said and he chuckled.

“How did you meet Jeanne?”. I asked.

“It was a cold night and I had just closed from work when I saw a drunk lady walking on the road, it was dark and anything could happen”. He said and I winked at him. (Join Group)

“So you took the chance?”. I asked and he chuckled.

“It is dangerous walking in the night especially when few people are on the street so I helped her and she slept in my house, the next day, she told me she had no


place to go, she told me about her son Davis and about Raymond and I was moved”. He said and I smiled.

“I didn’t actually like her cause I can never be in love with a drunk person”. He said and I nodded.

“So I helped her and that’s the ingrate who wanted to kill us”. He said and I rested on his shoulders again.


Raymond’s POV

My mom rushed to us as we entered the parlor.

“Ohh my poor Davis, I came immediately I saw your dad’s call”. She said and hugged Davis… “You have such a careless father, my son is so annoying right?”. She asked and Davis nodded.



“What should I do to him?”. She asked.

“Tie him up and hang him upside down”. Davis said and we chuckled.



“Where’s your uhhh what’s hernameagain. Uhhh Ella?”.

Davis cut in.

“Nuella Bella”. He said.

“Now, that’s what I call intelligent”. She said and I smiled.

“Mom, uh there’s something dad needs to tell you about Nuella”. Davis said and I looked at him. He gave me a sign to tell the truth to mom.

“Actually Mom, Nuella wasn’t my girlfriend”. I said and my mom’s eyes widened. “Raymond, stop joking, I’m really hungry, I think we should go to the nearest cafeteria”. She said.

“I’m serious, Nuella was just a maid, she was Davis’s nanny”. I said..


To be continued

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