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Jeanne’s POV

Next day

“Where’s that Davis?”. I asked loudly as I climbed the stairs, that imbecile will never seem to amaze me, that fool”. I added as I opened his room.

“Davis, stop playing games with me, I want to sell you already, the buyer is already waiting, I have to sell you so come out here”. I said.

My heart beat slowly, I couldn’t find Davis anywhere around the house, I was already feeling scared, If I don’t find Davis right now, the buyer might arrest me for fraud.

“Davis”. I shouted round the house and I saw a note on the table. I hurriedly opened it.



It is not good to be evil

I know you’ll call me a bad son But I can never side wickedness And mom, don’t think of escaping

I’m sure the police are already looking for you right now They’re going to capture you

In five minutes, the cops would surround your house.

I’m sorry, I played you, I could have changed my mind and stay with you But I got hurt when you called me all sorts of bad names

I got hurt when I saw all those letters of aborting me I’ll always love you

I just hope you be a better person in your next life


Signed by Davis



My heart raced as I read the later, I dropped the letter in fear, I ran to my room, I could still escape in not less than five minutes. I went to my room and started packing my things, I packed them into a small bag…

There was no need fighting again since my own son beat me to it, since my son betrayed me and worked with his dad.

Ohh no!


Nuella’s POV

I looked at Raymond as they connected the drip to his body. I couldn’t help myself from crying, I truly loved him, I loved Raymond but why was this life so cruel to our love.

Why couldn’t my love story be fantastic.

“Doctor, will he be okay? I don’t know what to tell his son when his son comes back”. I said and the doctor sighed.

“He’s still unconscious and it’s likely he might not remember anything if he wakes up, I’m not sure but he hit his head on the floor which makes him severely damaged, I’ll see what I can do to help him”. The doctor said and i nodded.

“I’m counting on you doctor”. I said as the doctor went out of the ward. “Raymond”. I called out and held his hands.

“Why are you doing this to me?”. I asked still crying. “Why are you hurting me? Why are you making me feel like I’m nothing, I really love you, I want you to be mine, I want you to marry me and take I and Davis somewhere far from here, someplace where we’ll be in peace”. I said. “Raymond, I want that kind of life for me and you, I want to love you and take care of you, I want to be the mother of your kids, Raymond, please come back to me”. I cried out and my phone rang. It was Davis.

I cleaned my tears quickly and picked the call. “Hello Nuella”. He said.

“Hi Davis”. I said.

“The cops are already in front of jeanne’s house, I’ve showed them all the evidence and they’re going free dad, I can’t wait to see dad”. He said.

“Yeah your dad”. I said with a sad tone. “What’s wrong?”. He asked.

“Your dad is unconscious right now in the hospital”. I said. “He was beaten up by one of the prisoners, I’m currently with him, I’ll make sure he’s safe”. I added. “Ok Nuella”. He simply replied.

“Don’t feel sad”. I said and he chuckled.

“I’m just happy because my dad is free, he’s no longer a criminal, although I pity dad in his situation but you know how rude and pompous my dad is, he must have said something or done something to the prisoner before they beat him up so he’s going to be alright, I just want to focus on bringing Jeanne to justice”. He said and I smiled.

“You’re still the most brilliant son I’ve ever had”. I said. “Thanks Mom”. He replied.


“I sent my personal assistant to you, Her name is Daphne Muckle, she’ll be bringing you to the hospital later to see your dad”. I said.

“Ok mom, take care of yourself”. He replied and cut the line.


I sighed and kissed Raymond on the cheek. “Your son is really tough and intelligent, he took after you right, actually I love Davis, who wouldn’t love an intelligent boy? He’s my idol and he wants you to be well soon, come, let’s raise him up together”. I said and started crying again until I retired into the arms of sleep.

Jeanne’s POV

I took the bag and went to the door when I heard a fierce knock on my door. “Mrs Jeanne Micoff, I know you’re in there and I want you to come out before we break the door open”. A fierce voice saidoutside.

I was damn scared, I didn’t know what to do. “At the count of one…. two. three”.

They pushed the door opened and came in. “There’s the criminal, arrest her”. The policeman said and two other men came in and handcuffed me.

“I’m not a criminal, I’m not a criminal, Davis is working with Nuella to portray me as a criminal”. I shouted but they didn’t pay attention to me, Davis was leaning on the wall when they took me outside.

“Mom”. He called out.

“You betrayal, you’re a bad son, I’ll never forget this”. I screamed at him.

“I’m sorry”. He said and started to cry as they bundled me in their van and drove off.


To be continued

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