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Nuella’s POV

I got down from the car and saw the cops surrounding my house, they handcuffed my dad and I got angry and ran towards them. I slapped the female detective on the face.

“Why would you handcuff an old man that’s innocent?”. I asked and slapped her on the face again.

“You want more”. I asked and Raymond stopped me.

“Mr Raymond, we’re also here to arrest you”. She said and my heart beat. “For what?”. I asked and Jeanne came to meet us and began crying.

“He’s the one, arrest me, you have all the evidence you need, he raped me, he threatened me to stay away from my son”. She said.

“Such a good actress”. I muttered underneath my breath.

“I just returned from an official trip and the Jeanne is laying false accusations on me, I didn’t sleep with her forcefully. I was drunk that night and she seduced me. I didn’t even know she’ll be pregnant”. He said and Jeanne shook her head.

“He’s lying, he wanted me to stay away from my own son”. She cried out. “That’s a lie”. Raymond shouted.

“We have the letter you sent to Mrs Jeanne and you have no right to talk”. The policewoman said and handcuffed Raymond.


“What are you doing?” I said.

“They are doing what deserves to be done, Justice”. Jeanne sad as they took him to their car.

“Nuella”. Raymond called out loudly.

“Take care of my son”. He said and they hit him on the head to keep shut. They drove off with me and Jeanne started clapping.

“Sweetheart, I’m going to make your Raymond suffer greatly, he didn’t do allthose things but he’s going be in jail till you have an evidence to free him”. She said and I avoided hereyes.

“You’re going to regret snatching my husband”. She said.

“I didn’t snatch your husband and I’ll never do such thing, you’re still married to him right, Davis is your son”. I said and she nodded.

“That’s why I’m going to take Davis”. She said and I shook my head. “You can take Raymond but I won’t let you take Davis”. I replied. “Are you threatening me?”. She asked and I wore my sun glasses.

“I’m just telling you”. I kissed my dad on the cheek and took him to my car. “Who do you think you are?”. She asked.

“Your greatest enem, I’ll do anything to get Raymond out of jail, you don’t know I am or what I’m capable of doing, I’m just a nanny who wants what she wants but I’m also brilliant” I said and her eyes widened with shock.

I walked to the car and drove to Raymond’s house, I didn’t know what I would tell Davis that his dad was in the cell. Of course not…

“Daughter”. Dad called out.

“Dad, I’m confused, I don’t know if to tell Davis or not”. I said.

“Follow your heart”. He said as I parked the car. Davis came running to me at once.

“You’re back so early, it’s just like you guys went for one hour”.

I couldn’t answer and he seemed to notice my expression, then it dawned onhim that he hadn’t seen hisdad…

“Where’s my dad?”. Iasked.

“Your dad is “. I said and a car drove in and parked. It wasJeanne.

Oh no. “Look, your mother told the police to arrest your dad, your mom’s back”. I said and I could feel his tension.

“Davis, I’ve missed you”. Jeanne said coming close to us. “Who’s she?”. He asked.

“Your mother who wants to kill your dad”. I replied.


As soon as Jeanne touched Davis, he ran to me. “I don’t want to see, Nuella, please tell her to go, I don’t know her, she wants to kidnap me, I’ll call the cops”. Davis screamed.

“Davis, calm down”. I said and kissed him on the cheek.

“How dare you kiss my child with those filthy lips?”. She asked angrily.

“Filthy?”. I asked and chuckled. “I don’t know what to say to you but Davis doesn’t want you, he doesn’t know you as his mother”. I said.

“Fool, you’ve brainwashed my son”. She said and went to Davis and knelt down. “Davis, don’t believe anything they tell you, your dad wanted me killed so I ran away”. She said and I grew impatiently.

“Jeanne stop lying to the kid, you didn’t help as a mother and now you’re making false accusations on his dad, your husband, how can you be so heartless, so evil”. I said and she frowned.

“Is it true that you took my dad to jail?”. Davis asked and she nodded.

“I had to, he threatened me, he tried to kill me”. She said and Davis shook his head. “I can tell when someone is lying, I don’t want to be with a dangerous person, I’d rather be with someone like Nuella who gives me joy all my life than to stay with you and look, I’m not done, if you’re looking for the insults in the whole world, I can give you that but no, the level of your brain won’t be able to contain it”. Davis said and I laughed.

“It’s rude talking back at my mother but it’s more worse when I didn’t get the love I had, that motherly affection was given to me by Nuella not you and if you think you can just pop out from someone and try to claim me, I know my rights as a citizen in this country, I’m sure I and Nuella will find evidences to prove that my dad didn’t do any of the things you accused him of doing”. Davis said and looked at me. I smiled and looked at Jeanne who was embarrassed andshocked.


To be continued

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