Thu. Feb 8th, 2024

Nuella’s POV

Jeanne looked at me with anger.


“Davis, Nuella is a bad person, she’s probably deceived you”. She said and Davis shook his head negatively.


“At least, she’s better than an irresponsible mother who will ignore her child for years”. Davis replied and she slapped him.


“Jeanne”. I called out and Davis began to cry.


“You’re a bad child, your father has taught you how to talk back at people right?”. She asked and dragged him by the ear.


“Jeanne”. I ran towards them and pushed Davis from her grip, she grew furious and dragged me by the air.


“You wretch”. She muttered.


“Jeanne, stop you’re hurting me”. I pleaded but she didn’t listen, I gave her a blow in the stomach and she shifted back. I gasped and ran to Davis.


“You think you’ve won uhh, you’re a loser Nuella and you won’t be able to save Raymond, he’ll rot in jail”. She said and entered her car as she drove off recklessly.


“Nuella, hope you’re not hurt?”. Davis asked and I shook my head negatively. “I’m not and you”. I asked and he shook his head.

“It doesn’t hurt”. He said and we walked inside.


“We need to get dad out of that cell?”. Davis said and I nodded.



“Firstly we need evidences, lots of evidence to also put your mother in jail, you’re one of the evidence but not a strong one, I’ll check Raymond’s room, check everywhere”. I said and he smiled and nodded.


“Anything for my dad” he said and ran to his room. I slowly opened the door to Raymond’s room.


I looked at his amazing room and scanned the room with my eyes. I couldn’t seem to find anything…

Under his bed, I couldn’t find anything.


I stood on his bed and jumped on the top of his wardrobe. I hit my hand on the strong iron and injured myself.




I took the documents on the top and jumped down, I sat on the bed and started opening the documents.


It didn’t contain anything then I noticed a black box near the wardrobe.


I took it but it had a pin, I could open it, whatever it is, it must be confidential for Ray to put a passcode on it.


I typed ‘1234’. It didn’t open. What could be the code?

Davis is letter word, it doesn’t make any sense. “What passcode could it be?”.

I searched my mind for the answer.


“Ella, A four letter word Jeanne is six

And Raymond is 7 ‘4567’

I typed the code and it opened, I heaved a sigh and smiled.


I saw the pictures of their wedding, then I saw her letters to him. “Dear Raymond,

I know it was just last week I asked for 200,000 dollars but it didn’t satisfy, I need another money, I want to relocate from Texas, I don’t want to ever see that child called Davis, I don’t even care about the gibberish name you gave him because I don’t care, I just need the money”. It wrote and I gasped. The door opened and Davis walked in.


I didn’t know if it would be a good idea to show him the letters. “What’s that?”. He asked and I ignored his questions.

“Nuella” he called out


“Nothing important”. I replied and he sat on the bed.


“Let me see”. He said and took the letter from me and started looking at it. He smiled.


“This is an evidence anyway”. He said … I brought out another letter.

“Dear Raymond


I would want to abort the pregnancy, should I? I don’t think I can handle my pregnancy Sometimes I’ll wake up in the morning

I would want to eat pizza and when there’s no pizza I’ll get offended and start to cry

Give me some amount of money to abort my pregnancy”.


“So she wanted to abort me?”. Raymond asked with annoyance.


“Guess so”. I replied and he tried to stop himself from crying but the tears gathered in his eyes.


Davis’s POV


“I’m going to make sure she’ll rot in jail, this might sound crazy but I won’t stop until she is jailed”. I said and took nuella’s phone and dialed my mother’s number.


“Mother”. I said as soon as she picked the phone. “Mother, it’s me Davis, I’m sorry for what I’ve down, please come and get me from Nuella”. I said.


“Ok Davis, I’ll come right away”. She replied and I cut the line.


“Nuella, I’m going to use this small phone to achieve my plans, she won’t expect what’s coming at her”. I said and laughed.


“I don’t understand you Davis”. She said and I smiled. “Don’t worry, you’ll understand soon”. I replied

To be continued

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