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“You have to also pretend to be sick, I mean terribly sick”. He said and I looked at him insurprise.

“You know I can’t do that”. I said and he hugged me. “Please dad, just this last one wish”. He said and I nodded. “Ok, fine, I’ll do it”. I replied

End of Raymond’s POV Nuella’s POV.

“Nuella, dad has fainted, I don’t know what happened, please help”. Davis said with a sad face.

“Oh my God, I’m scared, what should we do?”. I asked.

“I just need you to help me carry him to his room, we’ll take care of him”. He said and I nodded.

I quickly followed him to the corridor and met Raymond on the floor, I raised him up but he was still heavy to carry. “Davis, give me a hand”. I said and Davis helped me lift him up, then we carried him to his room.

End of Nuella’s POV Almet’s POV

“Jeanne, I know you’ll help me, I need to get Nuella out of that house”. I said and she looked at me.

“She’s your sister and I have a feeling she already loves Raymond “. Jeanne said. “That’s highly possible”. I said.

“And your plan is to make her betray Raymond so you can kill him”. She said and I nodded.

“But that’s impossible, she can never help you kill him, she can never kill him even though she’s your sister”. She said.

“She will, I’ll make her remember everything that happened when we were still kids, I tried to save her”. I said and she frowned

“Humans are ungrateful, Nuella might not even want to accept the truth that she’s adopted or she’s a Muslim, it doesn’t make sense”. She said.

“I’ll make her believe”. I replied. “And how?”. She asked.

“I don’t know”. I said standing up.

“How will you get Nuella out of that house, how will you brainwash her to kill Raymond?” Jeanne asked.


“Stop, don’t confuse me, she hates that man, who would like a proud and annoying man?”. I asked her.

“He’s also handsome and charming”. Jeanne answered.

“I think I’ll go that house today and take her myself, she has to believe the truth and besides our father is still alive”. I said and Jeanne gasped.

“All this makes no sense to me, I thought you said you lost your parents in the war”. She said and I leaned on the wall.

“Yes, I thought I did not until I found my dad, that wicked man, he didn’t care for us, he escaped during the wall and didn’t even bother to come look for us, he never bothered, he never realized how wretched and hungry we were, he didn’t have any idea what love meant, he was a proud peacock”. I said and she rebuked me.

“How can you say such thing?”. She asked. “Don’t forget he’s still your dad, not anyhow dad, he’s your legitimate dad”. She reminded.

“That man didn’t care about I and Zehra, he didn’t care about mother and now he’s suffering for his sins”. I said and she looked at me.

“Suffering for his sins?”. She asked.

“Yes, I make sure he’s tortured everyday, he only eats once in a day, Nuella would help me when she finds out her dad is still alive and he’s with me”. I said

“Can you hear yourself?”. She asked. “You’re torturing your own blood”. She added and I jumped on her.

“I’m a beast, don’t ever challenge me”. I said and twisted her hand to the back. “Please stop, you’re hurting me”. She said and I got off her and smiled.

“That man deserves to die, he deserves death as his result”. I said and Jeanne gasped.

“He’s your father”. She said.

“And who cares? If he’s the owner of my life? Who cares? The point is that I’ll use him against Nuella and when I’ve used both of them, I’ll kill Nuella and everyone, the you can have your son”. I said and laughed.

“How am i sure you won’t kill me after using me?”. She asked and I looked at her. End of Almet’s POV

Davis’s POV

Nuella went to sit near him holding his hands. Dad was a good actor, he pretended to be sick and lifeless.. Bravo! He certainly deserves an award for the best actor of the year..

“Nuella, I’ll be in the parlor, please take care of my dad” I said and she smiledand nodded.

I quickly left the room and jammed the door.


End of Davis’s POV Nuella’s POV

I looked at his handsome face, I loved him but I couldn’t show it, how could I tell him how I felt when his pride had overshadowed his personality..

But looking at his condition, I felt guilty, I held his hands and began crying.. “Raymond”. I called out slowly.

“You know, I always loved you”. I said and dried my tears. “I want you to get well soon”. I added.

I kissed his hands.

“I never really had the chance to tell you how much I loved you because of your pride, you just treated me like trash, like I wasn’t important, I didn’t even know what to believe in my heart. You’re a handsome and intelligent man but your personality speaks bad of you.

You’re charming, you have the best life I could ever think of, I’m just a nobody in your eyes, my parents disowned me and I feel less of a human. Sometimes I ask myself this question. ‘is it a crime to love’ but there’s no answer to that question, Raymond, I want you to know how much I love you and please get well soon”. I said and stood up.

Immediately I reached the door, I heard my name.. “Nuella”. Who called me? That voice is certainly Raymond’s…

Did he hear me?

“Nuella”. He called me again and I gasped.


To be continued

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