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Almet’s POV

I laughed as I gave her the first slap… Then I dragged her by the hair to the toilet and I kicked her legs, she fell down and I pushed her head into the toilet water.. she struggled as she couldn’t breathe, then I pulled her out quickly as she gasped.. “Don’t you dare challenge me” I shouted.

I picked up my phone and dialed one of my men’s number.

“Quiero que vigiles a esa perra llamada Jeanne”. (I want you to monitor that bitch called Jeanne) I said in Spanish.

“What are you telling that idiot?”. Jeanne asked and I pushed her and jammed the bathroom door.

“Si senor”. (Yes sir) He replied.

“Quiero que pienses en un plan sobre cómo secuestrar a Davis, ya es hora de que nos deshagamos de esa familia”. (I want you to think of a plan on how to kidnap davis, its high time we get rid of that family). I said.

“¿Qué debemos hacer con el hombre? ¿Deberíamos matarlo o usarlo contra Raymond?” (What should we do about the man? Should we kill him or we use him against Raymond?) He asked.

“Didn’t kill him yet”. I said and cut the line.

How dare Jeanne cheat on me? That ungrateful element… End of Almet’s POV

The next day Davis’s POV

I heard the car honk and I beamed in excitement… Raymond had gone to bring Nuella from the hospital…

She still looked pale but she was still beautiful. “Nuella”. I screamed and hugged me.

She just smiled. She was acting weird tho…

“Anty Nuella, I’m so happy for you”. I said and she only smiled.


“Dad, why isn’t she talking?”. I asked him as I noticed tears in his eyes. “The doctor said she can’t talk again, I don’t know what to do, I’m really downcasted”. He said and my heart beat fastly..

“Nuella, tell me dad’s joking”. I said and she didn’t reply… She just looked at me. “I’m not kidding, she’s lost her voice”. Dad said as he took her inside leaving me outside confused.

I was highly confused, this wasn’t funny anymore… I was starting to fear for her ….

I rushed into thehouse. “Nuella, please say something to me”. I said andshe

didn’t even look at me.

“She’s deaf and dumb”. Dad replied.

“So she can’t even hear and talk?”. I asked shaking like a leaf. “Yes”. He replied as tears cornered in his eyes.

“Dad, you’re supposed to be crying right now, you caused all this and I blame you for everything, you’re heartless, selfish and wicked, I wished you were not my dad”. I said running into my room and I locked the door.

I began crying silently, it was like something has been taken away from me, it was like I lost something valuable…

No way! Something’snotright! Nuella is pretending, I’m sure she can talk,she’s

planning something….

Suddenly, I heard a knock on the door and as I opened it, nuella walked inside with a smile.

I hugged her immediately and she bent down and kissed me on the cheek.. “I love you”. She said and I chuckled.

“You can talk”. I almost screamed and she used her hands to cover my mouth…

“Yes, I can also talk”. She said and laughed. “And I can also hear”. She added and I smiled.

Nuella kissed me on the cheek again…

“Don’t tell your dad but I’ve decided I’m no longer going to be a fool again, I’m going to make your dad marry me”. She said and I smiled.

“And how do you think on doing that?”. I asked.

“It’s my special plan but don’t tell your dad I can talk yet, just pretend along, keep that sober face”. She said and I nodded.

“What really happened when I and Granny left the house?”. I asked and she frowned.

“Your dad beat me like a mental man”. She said and I gasped.

“You’re lying”. I replied and she raised up her clothes a little and I saw the mark.


“Oh God, doesn’t he regard you as a human?”. I asked. “Maybe he does but I think he doesn’t”. She replied. “Why did you protect him?”. I asked.

“If I didn’t protect him, who would protect you?” She asked. “There’s more to that”. I said and she looked at me. “How?”. Sheasked.

“You love my dad”. I said and she nodded.

“But I need to make him change from his beast nature”. She said and I smiled… “It’s better you go now, I don’t want him suspecting, Granny’s going tomorrow”. I said and she nodded and left through the door…

I laughed and jumped on the bed…

Bingo! She loves my dad, I should expect a wedding in a month time… End of Davis’s POV

Almet’s POV

Jeanne came out from the bathroom and faced me.

“Why don’t we make a deal?”. She asked and I looked at her and closed my laptop. “What deal?”. I asked

“I know the work you do, you’re a criminal, we’re both criminals”. She said and I smiled

“How do you know?”. I asked

“Let’s just say, I had you followed”. She said and I smiled. “What deal?”. I asked again.

“I want Davis and you want Raymond, we’re both going to work together”. She said. “You can kill Raymond or do anything else with him after I’ve gotten Davis”. She added.

“I’ll just kill Raymond, are you sure you don’t still love him?”. I asked and he shook his head.

“I don’t love him”. She retorted. “I never loved him, it just happened to be a one night thing you know, I was probably drunk that day and he took hold of me”. She added and I nodded.

“How do you want him dead?”. I asked and she smiled. “I just need his head”. She replied and kissed me.

End of Almet’s POV


To be continued…

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