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Almet’s POV

“I’ll just kill Raymond, are you sure you don’t still love him?”. I asked and she shook her head.

End of Almet’s POV Nuella’s POV

Just then, Raymond appeared from the kitchen with a plate of food… “Nuella, I … Oh I have forgotten you can’t hear me”. He said and I stared at him with a blank expression.

“Food”. He said and started making signs, he took the spoon and directed it to the plate before directing it to his mouth.

“How long do I have to do this?”. He asked.

I stood up and walked to the dinning table sitting down comfortably as I smiled at him…

“Good Gracious dad, feed her”. Davis said and I just stared at them pretending that I couldn’t hear anything.

He took a spoon of rice and put it in my mouth… I ate it slowly wasting his time… He took another spoon and gave it to me again and I ate it slowly…

“Nuella, you really need to fight this, you can’t be suffering me like this” Raymond said and he took another spoon of rice and put it in my mouth.

“Thanks Dad, I bet she’ll get well soon”. Davis said and Raymond smiled. “Amen”. Raymond replied.

Wait! That’s the first time I heard Amen from his mouth, was he slowly drifting back to God? I asked myself.

“Dad, that’s why you need to be closer to God, I’ll pray for you later”. Davis said and handed him a bible.

“Yes Davis, anything to make her hear and talk”. Raymond said and I almost chuckled…

“Let’s watch a film”. He suggested and carried me from the chair to the parlor. Davis winked at me and I smiled as Raymond inserted a comedy film into the DVD player.

I fixed my eyes glued to the TV as the characters made some funny gestures and acts, I couldn’t help myself from laughing, I wanted to laugh out loud but if I did, I would be caught…


The film was just too interesting, I coughed immediately and excused myself, when I got into the room, I quickly locked the door and started laughing.. I remembered one of the funny scenes and laughed…

“He’s being nice now, that’s better, it’s better than being maltreated, I’m a human being not an animal”. I said to myself smiling.

“I just fooled Davis I’ll marry him, can I ever marry a proud and bossy man?”. I asked myself and chuckled.

End of Nuella’s POV Almet’s POV

“What do you suggest we do?”. I asked Jeanne as she combed her hair.

“I spoke to Leo, Raymond’s former employee, he told me not to strike yet, I don’t understand what he meant by that”. She said as she applied an hair cream on her hair.

“It seems that you’ll wait for a long time, you want Davis, I want to kill Raymond, I heard there’s a maid at his house, I think uhh Davis nanny but all of a sudden, my spy told me he wants her to pretend to be his girlfriend in front of his mother”. I said and she smiled.

“Raymond won’t change, it’s like everyone’s trash in his eyes, it’s like humans are not valuable”. She said and came to me massaging me gently.

“I have a plan”. I finally said and she paused and sat near me. “And what’s that?”. She asked.

“I can use that nanny to our advantage”. I said and she grinned as I dialled my spy at their house…

“Hello Daniel”. I said as soon as he picked the call. “Good Morning Mr Almet”. He greeted.

“Where’s Raymond now?”. I asked.

“He’s just sober”. He replied and I coughed a little. “Sober?”. I asked surprised.

“Yes sir, Nuella, Davis nanny can no longer talk or hear”. He said and I gasped. “You’re joking right”. I said shocked.

“No, I’m not, it was as a result of the beating given to her by Raymond”. He said and I cut the line quickly.

“That animal, how dare he lay a handonmy ” I paused as Jeanne turnedto

look at me bewildered.

“Are you in love with Nuella?”. She asked and I gasped.

“How can I be in love with the enemy?”. I asked her and she smiled.


Flashback 20 yearsago


“Zehra, you’re really playful”. I said nudging her with an elbow.

“I’m right, you’re seven years old and I’m just four years old”. She said with a cute smile.

“And you’re my sister”. I said and she clapped for me and threw the stone up.. “You have a point, our skin color are the same”. She said and I nodded. “Why didn’t I think of that?”. I asked and hit my head as she chuckled. “You’re so funny Almet” she said and I kissed her on thecheek.

“Ever since we lost our parents in the war, we’ve been the ones to fend for ourselves, there’s no helper”. I said as drop of tears gathered in her eyes… “I know brother”. She said sorrowfully.

“And I love you, I’ll protect you no matter what”. I said and she smiled. “Promise me” She said and I smiled.

“I promise you”. I replied… End of Flashback

Those memories made me cry and then Jeanne cleaned my tears and kissed me on my cheek.

“What’s wrong?”. She asked. “It’s nothing”. I replied.

“I’ve never seen you cry like a baby before” she said and I laid on the bed… “Jeanne, I want to be alone for now”. I said and she got up from the bed.

“Ok, let me make something for us to eat, I’m hungry”. She said and I nodded.. End of Almet’s POV

Nuella’s POV

My mind shifted to my parents, the very own parents who disowned me, my mind drifted to them and I found myself missing them. I felt like visiting them but I wouldn’t.

I couldn’t bring myself to go back to them, it want right. End of Nuella’s POV

To be continued


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