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Suddenly, the same group of people entered the ward and I was scared.. “Thanks doctor for allowing us”. The female leader said and the doctornodded. I wasconfused.

“We’re from the HAWC”. The leader said and my heart beat. HUMAN ABUSE WAR COMPANY!

“We help women like you, we help girls, ladies whose rights are being abused… We’re here to render any assistance we can to you”. Another woman said and Nuella nodded.

“So Miss Nuella, we want to know if someone brutally beat you, injured you or you fell from the stairs”. The leader asked again and I looked at Nuella’s eyes scared.

End of Raymond’s POV Nuella’s POV

“Please ma’am, feel free to tell us what happened” The leader said. “I …. I…”. I paused as I almost cried.

“I fell from the stairs”. I said and the leader frowned.

“Are you sure? You don’t look like someone who fell from the stairs”. The leader said and Raymond exploded.

“Are you calling my future wife a liar?”. He asked. “No,Ijust “.

He cut in angrily. “Get out or I’ll sue your company”. He screamed angrily as they ran away scared. I looked at him and shook my head negatively and hesmiled.

He was such a selfish man How could I love him?

“Nuella darling, how are you?”. He asked and Davis looked at me. I only smiled, I couldn’t even say anything…

“Her condition is getting better and she’ll be discharged soon”. The doctor said.


“Ok doctor, I and Davis would get her something to eat”. He said and I looked at the window avoiding his gaze…

Did he think I’m foolish? I would certainly use this against him… End of Raymond’s POV


An hour later Davis’s POV

“Dad, you and I know that you beat nuella and she fainted”. I said and he smiled. “So?”. He asked.

“What do you mean?”. I asked him angrily.

He hissed. “Look, Nuella is an asset, she’s just someone I’ll use and dump in the end”. He said and I nodded.

“So that’s how it is uhhh, you treat people like trash, have you ever studied your Bible, I bet you don’t read your Bible”. I said and he got angry.

“Do you realize I’m still your dad?”. He asked angrily.

“And if you’re wrong, I’ll correct you, do you even know you were created by God, do you know the people you treat like trash like nuella was created by God, there’s no difference, you’re right, she’s poor”. I said.

“There’s still a great difference, I’m extraordinary rich and she’s extraordinary poor”. He said and I chuckled.

“You know what, I don’t have time for all this”. I said and went to my room as he called me… “Davis, come back here”.

End of Davis’s POV Raymond’s POV

“That insolent child, he’s supposed to be happy I have some love left for him, he’s seemed to forget that I didn’t plan to have him, he came into this world mistakenly”. I said and Granny heaved a sigh coming from the door.

“You don’t have to make him feel bad, he’s still your child no matter how you hate Jeanne”. She said.

“I hate everyone, I hate my life”. I said.


“Don’t even think of commiting suicide”. She said and I looked at her. “Momma, I’m frustrated, sometimes that’s the only way I feel I can end it”. Isaid and she sat nearme.

“You were not created to just leave this world, I love you, nuella loves you, Davis loves you”. She said and I smiled.

“Thanks Mom”.


“So how’s uhhh Nuella?”. She asked.

“She’s great, I mean, the doctor said she’ll be discharged tomorrow”. I said and she smiled

“I need you to tell me the truth, did she really fall from the stairs or you beat her,I know you have a bad temper”. She said and I looked ather.

“Momma, so you don’t believe me?”. I asked withdisbelief.

“I do but promise me you won’t hurt her, I like that child Nuella, she’s not only beautiful but hardworking, cheerful, she even understands Spanish, it’s like she’s God sent”. She said and I nodded.

Why can’t they all see that Nuella is evil? End of Raymond’s POV


Almet’s POV

I looked at the time, Jeanne wasn’t back home… It was already dark and she left in the morning…

I couldn’t sleep, I paced round the house scared. Just then, she walked in without looking at me.

“Jeanne, perhaps you have a faulty eye and didn’t see me on the chair”. I said and she stopped.

“I don’t have your faulty eyes”. She shot back “Where are you coming from?”. I asked.

“Is that your concern?” She asked

“I wouldn’t want to think that you’re sleeping with another man”. I said and she chuckled.

“You can think of anything you want to think about? I don’t care about your damn life”. Jeanne retorted.

“I might love you but that doesn’t mean, I’ll be stupid to believe you’re not cheating on me”. I said.

“Don’t you feel tired talking nonsense?”. She asked and I smiled.

“Wait, do you think I can’t send you to the land of the dead?”. I asked her. “And what’s the meaning of that?”. She asked.

“Does it mean anything?”. I asked. “Are you threatening me?”

I laughed as I gave her the first slap… Then I dragged her by the hair to the toilet and I kicked her legs, she fell down and I pushed her head into the toilet water.. she struggled as she couldn’t breathe, then I pulled her out quickly as she gasped.. “Don’t you dare challenge me” I shouted.



To be continued.

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