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Nuella’s POV

Then I closed my bag and took it to the corridor, I was about leaving when I heard a car horn coming from the gate…

Davis quickly ran outside and took my bag inside leaving me speechless as the gate opened and Raymond drove in with his car.


After he successfully parked his car, he got down with a woman, she wasn’t old but they looked alike.. that only means that Raymond age hasn’t gone far….

“Is she the one?”. His mother asked him.

“Yes”. He replied and Raymond put his hands around my waist. I felt uncomfortable..

His mother didn’t say a word as we walked in, I couldn’t believe I was meeting Sarah, she’s very rich and influential but also proud.

“I’ve been starving right from the airport”. Sarah muttered throwing her handbag to the chair.

“Give me something with your girlfriend, go into your bedroom”. She said and my heart beat. “What was I suppose to tell her?”

“I didn’t know”. I answered my question in my mind as Raymond went to his room…

“What’s your name?”. She asked. “Nuella Bella”. I replied

“Gosh, what a surname, Bella as a surname”. She muttered dejectedly and I was embarrassed.

“Where are you from?”. She asked. “Mississippi”. I replied.

“Do you know how to speak Spanish?”. She asked and I nodded.

“That’s better, I always wanted someone to have a conversation with me in Spanish, you must teach me”. She said and I nodded.

“What’s your father’s name?” She asked.

Was there any need for all those irrelevant questions? “His name is Bauer Bella”. I replied and she smiled.

“Why do you like my son?”. She asked and I stared at her. Of course, I don’t like him, look ma’am, I hate him with allmylife. I wanted to voice outalready.

“He’s good looking, charming, gosh when he cuddles me, it’s like I’m in heaven”. I said and she beamed with joy..

“Have you guys slept with each other?”. She asked and I looked at her. What sort of stupid question is that?

“No”. I replied

“Good, I like decent girls but that doesn’t mean I won’t make your life miserable”.

She replied

“Go and call my son”. She ordered and I went straight to Raymond’s room.. “She wants to see you”. I said with a frown.


“Look, you have to cooperate and frowning won’t help matters”. He said and I nodded and waited in his room.

End of Nuella’s POV Raymond’s POV

“My son, I don’t like that girl called nuella Bella, firstly her name puts me off and she’s rude”. Mom said and I heard a voice shout. “It’s a lie”.

Davis slowly crept out behind mom’s chair andshoutedagain. “Momma, you’re

lying, she was never rude to you”. He said and mom got angry.

“How dare you challenge me?, I guess that daughter of a bitch has fed you with nonsense and how to disrespect”. She said and Davis walked out on her. “Davis, come back here”. I ordered but he didn’t listen.

“Mom, they’re children, we just have to pardon them if they go wrong”. I said and she nodded.

“She says she understands Spanish”. Mom said. “Wow”. I muttered.

“You weren’t even aware?”. Mom asked and I replied quickly. “Of course I was aware, it’s just that, I’m always preoccupied with work and you see Davis likes her”.

“Don’t forget Davis is a result of a one night stand”. She said and I felt bad. “He’s still my son”.

“And he’s also jeanne’s son”. She replied.

“Is that girl poor or rich?”. She asked and I froze…

“Of course”. I replied.

“I want to meet her parents”. Mom said and my heart beat.

“Give me a minute mom, I was supposed to uhh call my secretary”. I said going to my room.

End of Raymond’s POV Nuella’s POV

“I had to, she lied against you and I hate lies”. Davis said.

“Davis, don’t take it personal, it’s just a contract, I and your dad can never marry”. I told him.

“And why is that?”

The door opened and a worried Raymond came in…

“What’s wrong dad?”. Davis asked.

“She said she wants to meet Nuella’s parents”. He said and my heart beat.

“That’s impossible, my parents disowned me and I’m not going back to that house”. I replied.



“Even though they didn’t disown you, your parents were poor and they wouldn’t stand a chance to meet my rich mother”. He said and I stared at him angrily. “Don’t insult them or I’ll walk up to your mother and tell her all this is a lie, I’mnot your girlfriend”. She said.

“Do you have sense at all?”. He asked. “If you tell her, do you think you’ll receive an award, let me tell you, my mom is dangerous, you might not leave this house alive”. He replied.

“Are you threatening nuella? Dad, I’m tired of all this, you treat nuella like trash”. Davis said.

“I don’t know why I’m even allowing you in my house since you’re a result of one night …..” He suddenly paused and kept shut but Davis understood the meaning… How wouldn’t he understand?

So Davis was a result of a one night stand? Could Raymond be a rapist? Certainly Not..

Davis ran out of the room almost crying. ..

I tried to follow him but Raymond pushed me to the bed…

“I’m not done with you, pathetic lady, we have to arrange a rich family to be your parents”. He said and my eyes popped out…

End of Nuella’s POV Davis’s POV

I ran into my room and locked the door from inside… “A result of one night stand”. I muttered and chuckled… Then my laughter slowly turned into tears as I brought out my diary…

“Hey diary, you know what

Life isn’t a bed of roses like we think Sometimes we get valued Sometimes we aren’t even valued And today i found outsomething. ”

I stopped and began to cry again. “I found out that I was a result…….

To be continued

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