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Davis’s POV

“Oh Lord, as I sleep

Grant me the grace to wake up in the morning, Grant me that grace Oh Lord

Oh Lord

For those who have no food to eat Father, give them something to eat… And reward the humble and meek For in Jesus name I have prayed”.




I woke up with a slight headache, I went to the bathroom and had a quick bath, then I brushed my teeth and wore a simple cloth… I was getting ready to go to Granny’s fun house.

End of Davis’sPOV


Nuella’s POV

I didn’t wake up early and when I did, it was because someone splashed water on my face.

“Sleepyhead”. Raymond called out angrily as I tried to clean my face.. the water had soaked my cloth…

“Why did you pour me water?”. I asked annoyed.

“Why did you pour me water?”. He mimicked mocking me. “Do you think I don’t want to use my room, go back to your room”. He said and heard a knock on the door.

“It might be Granny”. He said and pushed me on the bed… He quickly cleaned the floor as the knock continued.

“I’m coming”. He said and placed the pillow so I could place my head… Then he went over to the door and opened it, it was a maid….

“What are you looking for?”. He asked angrily.

“Granny said I should drop miss Nuella’s luggage here”. The maid said and I chuckled and I came down fromthe bed. I headed to the door and tookthe

luggage from the maid leaving Raymond’s speechless. “You can leave now”. I said and jammed the door. “What are you doing?”. He asked.

“What does it seem like I’m doing?”. I asked rudely.. “You’re getting rude”. He said and I chuckled.

“Where’s my iPhone?’. I asked him as I shifted my luggage to the other side of the room…

“I’ve gotten it, I ordered for it yesterday night when you slept”. He said and beckoned for me to take the phone..

Immediately, I went over to him, he gave me a slap and I looked at the ground with anger, then I returned the slap giving him double….

“I’m tired of you, this house even everyone”. I said and went to pick my luggage…

“Where do you think you’re going?”. He asked still shocked from the slap I gave him..

“I’m leaving this house”. I replied

“Ok, I’m sorry”. He replied and I smiled “Better”. I said and dropped my luggage. End of Nuella’s POV

I sat on the bed and watched her enter the bathroom, I couldn’t wait for my mom and davis to leave the house… I’ll certainly teach her a lesson for slapping me..

My cheeks hurt


The slap from a maid… A commoner…

I went out of the room to check on Davis, he must definitely hate me and not want to see me but he caused it, he took sides with that devil called Nuella…

After this contract, I don’t want to ever see her in my house…

Just a few weeks, mom would be gone and I’ll be alone with Davis… Let’s see if Nuella won’t suffer.

End of Raymond’s POV Jeanne’s POV

The club was full of girls and men, how would I find Mr Leo in such a place, he asked me to meet him… I didn’t like cheating on Almet but what could I do, I was probably meant to be a prostitute…

Someone held my hand and I turned back and saw Mr Leo.

“Let’s leave this place, the music is too loud”. He said as I followed him to a room…

“About our deal, Leo, how can you help me, i need to see my son”. I pleaded.

“Do you think Raymond will allow you to see Davis after all you’ve done to him, I know it was a contract but you could have seduced him, remember he was falling in love with you after you have birth to Davis but you just left”. Andrew reminded and I nodded.

“I didn’t love Raymond and I still don’t love him, he’s too bossy, he’s really annoying, I bet no woman can marry him”. I said.

“You’re really hilarious, do you know that Raymond sacked me because of a maid”. He said and I chuckled.

“Stop joking, I’m serious”. I said and he leaned on the wall.

“Yes, Raymond sacked me because of Nuella”. He said and I looked at him… He was serious.

“I don’t understand”. I said.. “How did it happen? How could he sack you because of a common maid”.

“And that common maid is your son’s favourite, he even wants her to be his mother… Davis loves that common maid”. He said and I looked at him shocked. “Why didn’t you tell me since, I would have dealt with the Nuella of a thing”. I said.

“That’s why I didn’t tell you, how do you think you would deal with Nuella, there’s no possible way”. He said and I nodded. He’s right, I couldn’t just deal with her, I needed a plan..

“You need to attack when the hour comes”. He said and I looked at him. “You’re right”. I replied.


“Back to business”. He said and kissed me….


End of jeanne’s POV Almet’s POV Where’s thiswoman?

But Jeanne said she wouldn’t goanywheretoday. And even if she did not this

early… She didn’t even said for me to get up…

My phone rang and I picked it…

“Hello”. I said.

“Your girlfriend is with another man right now in a club”. He said and my eyes popped out.

“Jeanne can’t betray me, she can’t, she’s not a wicked woman”. I said and he chuckled.

“I know you wouldn’t believe me but you’ll find out one day”. He said and cut the line…

I threw my phone on the bed angrily and went to the bathroom. Of course, I would never believe him…

Jeanne was an angel and that’s why I needed to kill Raymond and Davis at all cost…


End of Almet’s POV Raymond’s POV

I knocked on Davis room andenteredinside. He was already dressed, obviously

waiting for his Granny to prepare for their outing. “Good morning Dad”. He greeted and I smiled.

“I heard from the maids that you apologized to Granny”. I said and he nodded. “That was brilliant of you and I loved that, should I get you a dog?”. I asked. “Yes Dad, I love dogs”. He replied and I smiled.

“I wanted to ask for your forgiveness”. I said and he huggedmeimmediately. I

hugged him back…

“I was never angry with you, the truth is bitter but one has to accept it anyway”. He said and tears dropped from my eyes…

To be continued

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