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Lilly looked at me through Royal’s car window from where she stand.


I don’t know why I felt somehow that the both of us are wearing the same clothes. These people are definitely going to say something trashy that will hate Lilly hate me the more. .


Maybe for stealing attention from her fans…



Sweetheart,what is holding you down?? Royal sent.


I will get down soon,I want the crowd to reduce” I replied.


wtf!!!! he sent.



Almost immediately, the car roof slide open in a slow backwards motion. I felt more shy as my face revealed.I step out shly and hide myself in between the guards.


One of them collected my bag, I look at Lilly, she snorts and rushed out of the very wide compound with her crews.


I felt relaxed and got to where Royal was,he didn’t waste time,he intertwined our hands while his other hand hold his red phone and car key.


My ears almost got blocked.


That feeling when a celebrity that has a lots of girls calling him their darling and boyfriends even when he doesn’t know them is now your boyfriend…


who’s she????


Gosh, she’s classy and simple. Awwn,her skin and nice hair…



And Royal, why is he holding her?


Is he seeing her???


Has he broke up with Lilly???



I remained silent and nervous till we entered the longue.No was there,he left my hand and kissed me passionately,holding tightly into my waist line…… “Your guards are watching” I muttered.


“There’s punishment for not getting outta the car in time” he said and shot a “you


will not kill me” look.


He got a call.


“Royal,to my suite now!!!


He rolled his eyeballs and drop the call.He left with two escorts trailing behind him.


I just hope the call won’t lead to argument…


Shantai came by and hug me unaware..


“And he snatch you from me”


she said and kiss both sides of my cheeks. I smiled and hug her back. I didn’t even know when I started crying on her shoulders.


Those tears…made me remember my past and what we have had and those moments we’ve shared together.


Those times I use to help her do house chores for money,those times I do help her do her assignment and school projects…


My days!!!


Shantai was my first audience..


After my mum,she was the next person that knew about my talents. That day she knew,we were more than friends.



She even had many of my recordings. And her mom,I can’t forget how she use to shout that I can’t be her daughters friend.


“why the tears hunnn???


she asked and smooth my hair.


“nothing,I just miss you” I replied.


“You are an adult,stop your childish behaviors” she said collected my bag from the guard that was carrying it..


The guards followed I and Shantai..


Shantai hate securities even as a governor’s only daughter,she love being free like a bird.


“leave,I want to have private time with my friend”. she told Royal’s guards who bowed in return.


We continue walking,they followed.


“leave,stop following us!!!


she glared and signalled me to stop them from following us.


“can you wait there?? I want to be with her for sometime” I told them.


“Sir Royal said everywhere you go!!


they said together and bowed….


“I don’t want you to follow us” I told them, they stopped following us.


I smiled and went after Shantai.


“Dora explain everything to me..Are you really dating Royal for real? like I was surprised when she told me that your mom dash you to royal as a wife. Is it true??? she asked.


“Yesss” I replied her shyly.


“waoow,then we are going to celebrate that you’ve got a boyfriend” She pinched me playfully.


“ohh I thought it’s only birthday they celebrate. Do they celebrate boyfriend? I asked…


“You’re still innocent!!!


she scoffed in a bossy manner.


“sorry ma” I made a funny gesture.


Everyone that pass by our side always turn back to take another view..Shantai would giggled…


I wonder why those people are taking another look at me and why Shantai won’t stop giggling.


We passed Lilly’s suite.


Shantai hissed at nothing in particular then she handed me a key.


I got the message by collecting the key and inserting it in


to the lock.


She opened my bag and brought out my phone….



Royal’s brand of phone!!!


Phew,I wish I can feel it in my palms,it’s soooo pretty….


Tch! she use charm on Royal!!


I heard mummurs from Lilly’s band mate.



Idiots are jealous….


Tch! cray bitched!!!


Shantai expound.


I smiled and look at her “must you abuse”..


“it’s my mouth…open the door” she replied.




I think someone is inside,


the door has been locked from the inside” I said,Shantai knocked.


The door was opened by two girls.


We entered,Shantai jam the door…




one if the girls screamed.


*meet my childhood friend, Krishna Sweetheart Knight” she introduced and pull


me to lay beside her on the bed.


“she’s a pretty” the girls said.


“entertain my friend” Shantai said.


They rushed into the kitchen and stayed there for like 30min.


They came out with a tray containing fruit juice…


“thanks” I uttered and opened the food…


Gosh,is this food????


Why is the noodles so watery and the veggies,they look so undone and raw


“Are you enjoying it???


Shantai asked…


“I’m enjoying it” I choked and drank juice silently.


“I think she wants more” one of the girls said.


“please,don’t let me die”


I replied and covered the rubbish…


The last time Shantai cooked, Dora and I almost fainted.


“Honey,where is Dora and eve???


I asked.


“Dora went to see her manager,eve went to see her American boyfriend” she replied…..


“come and check this out”


she said. I moved closer to her and rested my head on her shoulders.


She was showing me stuffs online from my phone…


“it’s nice and pretty”


I commented.


“buy it for me to celebrate that Royal I’d now your boyfriend” she said.


“how much is it?? I asked.


“just 4M” she shrugged.


“whaaat I don’t have money” I told her.


“your account balance is 99million,4M is a very small money” she said..and wanted to click buy.


Shantai, stop!!! I said.


We started fighting to get my phone.



Eve came in,shantai throw my phone to her and shouted “click buy!! Eve clicked it.


“what am I missing???


Dora asked as she was entering.


She didn’t wait at all,she hijacked my phone from Eve…and click buy….


“Do for me!!!


Eve shouted and before I knew it,they ran away with my phone,I chased after them.






Elliot’s p.o.v


I love Royal so much.


Most times, I do imagine what it will feel like if I was his father or relatives.He’s so humble,kind,smart and generous.


Sometimes, I would ask myself if God really created him or is he a human like other people???


Some people are just born to be a God in human clothing and I must admit Royal is among them.


Lilly banged into my suite…


“Elliot,is royal really seeing that girl?? she asked, frustration in her voice. “at some points… you should learn not to ask me about Royals private life” I replied her.


She stormed out angrily..


Is this really the woman Cheng is forcing on Royal???


Royal came in few minutes later.


“Dad,why did you call me like that??


he asked. I was happy at the word “Dad”.It made me felt honored even when am only his manager.


I showed him some things on my laptops.He wasn’t too surprised like I was




“Royal,explain! I said.


He look at me…”Ely, how am I suppose to explain??? he shrugged.


I smiled a frown.


“Royal,I told you to cut out your work as a model,the money you’re getting is too


much for your age….


What you have in your pocket is too much….


Your net worth increase each passing day,you need to realize that the more money you have,the more enemies you will get and I actually don’t know where your net worth is growing too…


We’ve not even added your real wealth” I said and look at him…


He made a puzzled look.


“Can I go,am having headache??


he asked.I knew he just want to go so that he will avoid questions from me….


“No…you can’t” I replied.


“my woman needs me” he said again


“Royal,warn yourself” I said.


“okay,I need to practice with Chris” he said again.


“You can’t” I replied.


“Elliot,are you seriously doing this to me?? okay,I will fire you” he said and brought out his phone.


I smiled and hijack his phone.


“why are you hard on me???


my dad isn’t like this, he doesn’t give me much stress like you’re doing” he said. I returned his phone.He left.


I’m seriously tired of calculating,solving and investing.


He’s really a good catch and a great asset to five-stars.


They don’t even want him to sign up with other industry.



I’m just thinking of what will happen if he finally regains his memory because his father “Marley” was a very rich business tycoon who have a lot of assets in China, Korea and in India and everything his father owned was written in Royal’s name.


His father had thousands of firms and people working under him….


But he was killed when Royal was just a month old..


No one knows his mother whereabout…


Mrs Sugar took him in and no one could explain how Luxurious mansion turned into Mrs Suga’s own.


Dice high suddenly became Lilly’s dad own…


They would have hijack the most treasured asset that Royal’s father had but


Bhewen stood strong and ran away with the will….


Though,he promised to come back since he was Marley’s best friend…


Sir Zayn was scared Bhewen might utter the will,he took it from him… and made


sure Mrs suga didn’t know any of it..


Sir Zayn really tried for Royal,


And Bhewen was the most truthful human I have ever seen…


Right now,there are people who are looking for Royal just because what he have in hold is bigger than his age


A 24year old guy,made it this big.


He even had two times fold of what his father had and a lot of people working for him.The money he pays his guards and maids is just the same ting with what a banker would earn in a month.


I could say in terms of smartness and feelings for his fellow humans, he resemble his mother!


While his sense of intelligence was inherited from his father.


Sir Zayn too did well in teaching him brain work…


Romeo and Mrs Sugar are the devils who are trying to find out who is holding his will so that they will utter them…


Does Royal even know they killed his father.??????


I wonder what will happen if he finds out.


Cos,he is as gentle as a dove,


If you’re not told,you won’t know who he really is and how wealthy he is…


That’s why Lilly is trying her possible best to fit into his life so as to gain wealth


And popularity from him…


And Sir Zayn and I wants someone sweet,beautiful,amazing voice, soft hearted,kind and caring for him


Someone who won’t bring him down Someone who will be faithful,


Someone who won’t extoll his wealth lavishly just like Lilly did.


Someone who will love him crazily….


Just like Sweetheart…. and I’m happy that her mom supported it.




~~~Krishna p.o.v


I spent lots of time with Shantai,Eve and Dora and it was really fun…


They really did well in making friends with my account.


They spent my money on frivolous things…I couldn’t even stop them.


“Krishna,I think Royal is calling you” Dora said and showed me my phone.



Lodge 01″ Dora whispered.


I took my bag and wore my top. I took it off because Shantai also took hers off.


it was looking childish but to me,it meant a lot.


“leave your phone,you will collect it tomorrow.I’m enjoying it.I would have bought it but it’s Royal’s brand. It’s not always used by anyhow person” Eve said.


I left my phone and charger with them and left.Mohan locked the door.


I was secretly praying I didn’t get to see Romeo…


I got to the main suite route and found number “01”.


I knocked.


“Krishna,press the PC” Royal said from the inside.



Just then,Lilly opened her door and moved out quietly.


our eyes met……


I shifted away from her and faced Royals door.


“Are you not coming in???


Royal said from the inside…


“Come in” he said again…


Lilly and I continue looking at each other.


Royal came to the door and took me in by my right hand.


“Are you really seeing her??


she asked Royal.


“Everyone sees her” Royal replied and jam the door harshly on her face.






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