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(There wasn’t light).


“Royal,I didn’t …,honey,I didn’t touch her things.Baby,you need to see that I


have stopped bullying a long time ago”


Lilly snorts and rush to hold Royal in the shoulders.


She rush back to me in a friendly manner.


“We are friends,right?? Krishna, tell Royal that we are best of friends. We were only hugging,krish,tell him”


Lilly said, touching me in a friendly manner for the first time.


“Sir,we are friends… she didn’t break any of the creams and phone.They fall because I didn’t place them well in the trolley.I was sooo careless. Lilly is innocent, I’m the cause”


I said to Royal.


Lilly left me and rush to royal again.


“Baby, you see, I’m not at fault…she’s the one at fault,she just admitted it” Lilly said and wants to touch Royal.


He raise his hands and signalled move back.She didn’t move closer anymore.


“Krishna,when will you have sense?


I saw her trying to naked you by locking your top and you’re still defending her!! Royal said.


He looked surprised.


“is this what you are,Lilly.


You want to take her advantage of her kindness exactly the way you use my amnesia.She defended you but you still made her look bad while you took the innocent post and you’re always the planner of evil deeds.


Is this who you really are??


I don’t understand you anymore….


Are you this wicked????


why are you a f**king liar???


I caught you red handed.


Shall I say you’re the greatest fool I have ever seen.


You always think no one is better than you. Now,what if I tell you for the phone and cream you damaged?



You will surely go bankrupt….”


Royal said, looking at my toes where Lilly step on with her heels.


“Royal,stop,Lilly is crying already”


Mira screamed….


“I regret meeting you in the past,


you didn’t even add any impact to my life….I regret ever knowing you,


I regret getting close to you in the past,I regret every single thing we did together.


Like I said,don’t let us see each other anymore” Royal said in a scoff.


“I’m sorry.Everyone make mistakes.


Lilly said,Royal walk pass her to my side…


“Honey… I didn’t….


“Dear….. you need to……


Lilly sturlted.


“Don’t you dare lay your foolish hands on her again” he said to her and took me away by holding my right hand to where Dora was selecting things. He got a call.


Okay…..I will do it,midnight… I’m in an important meeting right now. Inform


Chris, I’m busy.. or wait till midnight” he said into his phone and left my hand.


He went out.


I’m confused.


Did Royal give Dora money to shop for me???No,it can’t be.


I smiled and helped her out in picking some things.


A guard came in with another new pack of Royal’s brand and also a cream with the same glass coverage that has the name of a model.


I look at Dora….


she looks like she wants to buy everything in the mall.


“Can we leave?? I asked.


“Noo,I have not spent up to what he asked me to” she said.


“Who??? I asked.


“I won’t say his name” she said.


“okay” I gulp into nothing.


Finally,she was done.


The attendants helped in pushing the trolley to the cashier counter.


It took three hours to calculate all what Dora bought.


it really took lots of time that I was scared my mom will get home before I do.


Dora paid.


She purposely hide the card, she doesn’t want me to see the name of the person that bought all this things for me.She collected the card back and hide it in one of the shopping bags .


“They are not for keeping,they are for wearing and using” she said as the helpers help us in carrying the 10bags to her car.




We got into her car,


she smiled and answered a call while driving. I helped in lowering the Bluetooth volume.


She answered her call, I reset it.


She threw her phone into her bag.


“have you thought of how you will carry your loads? she asked,pointing at the shopping bags.


“they are yours” I told her.


“Noooo,yours” she replied..


ahhh-i can’t take them”


I said.


“you’ve started again.


Is this how you behaved when he intend giving you money to get them yourselves.He gave y



ou money,you didn’t but them.If I were you, only God knows how I will spend his money lavishly.


That cream he got for you is not a cream for people with ordinary skin.


Gosh, it’s soooo expensive.


I thinky savings for 6month will buy it”,Dora said.


“who sent you,is it Royal? I asked.


“who else???He loves you.I don’t thinkk he has gone to this extent because of a girl” she said.


I wish I can accept the gifts but how will I carry them in? my mom” I said.


She didn’t say anything.




Her car stopped in front of my house.


I could see that the door was still locked. This is an opportunity for me to accept this gifts since she isn’t around” in said.


Dora helped me in taking the heavy bags to our door step, i found the key and opened the door.


“I will be going” Dora said and left.


“okay” I nodded and opened the door like something is pursuing me bit the thing is that I don’t want my mom to know. I don’t think I’m ready for any explanation.


Since there are ten heavy bags,


I carried them in two each till I have just two left.


I was about carrying the last two bags when my mom showed up.




I shakes a little and thought of what to tell her.


“welcome, mom” I pouted and use my back to hide the bags but she already saw it.


“Sweetheart,where did you get those shopping bags?? she asked like I thought.


“mom,were did you go to?? I chirped in smartly.


“I got a call from him,he asked to meet up in a place,I went there” she replied.


“I answered already.Now answer my question.Where did you get those shopping


bags?? she asked.


I kept quiet.


i don’t think I can mention Royals name to her.


*The question I asked you last night about who you’re seeing,you have not told me” she said.


I look away slightly.


what’s the essence of telling her when I already know that she won’t allow me date everyone’s royal.


Ummm nothing……


I don’t have a……


I stammered. She made a puzzle look.


“Just tell me the person’s name, I promise I won’t shout at you,I just wanna know my daughters boyfriend” my mom said.




but I haven’t tell him yes….”


I told her and waited for her reaction.


“which Royal???


she asked,surprised.


Exactly what I thought she would do.




“Royal,our next president!


“Mom,you already promise you won’t shout, remember” I said.


She look at me then back to the expensive stuffs in the bags.


“mom,I didn’t tell him to buy them, trust me….I didn’t beg,I didn’t ask”.


I told her because of how amazed she look.


“Since when did he ask you out???


she asked.


I bashed my lashes,hoping my mom won’t turn this thing into another thing….I


know how much efforts she put in just to ensure my safety from lustful gazes of men.


I kept quiet and look at her.


“Since when did he ask you out??


she asked again.


“Last two weeks” I told her.


“Krishna,what did you tell him?? Does he loves you?? why does he loves giving you money? why does he loves buying you things? she asked series of questions.


“I didn’t tell him anything”


I told her.


“Did he force you to say yes? she asked….


I was about answering her,


the door of our house was broken into…..


My mom signalled me to hide, I ran to the kitchen and lock myself up,while peeping through the tiny door hole.


it was Romeo and his crews….


One of the guards he brought along brought out a paper and read what was there.




Krishna Knight Sweetheart now belongs to me all nights and all days signed `~~Queen Suga.




“are you drunk already???


my mom asked…


“Your daughter now belongs to me.. Perhaps you must have heard about Romeo Suga,the top forth must wealthiest,I get whatever thing I want and your daughter is among and as you can see this paper is already signed by queen sugar.


Guards take her!!!


Romeo said rudely to my mom.




I panicked inwardly and watch how my mom will deal with the situation.


“who do you say you’re looking for?


she asked back.


The guards Romeo brought look at each other confused.


“Krishna Knight”


Romeo replied,lust burning in his eyes….


“ohhh the Knight’s family.


They don’t live her


e,they live down the alley.Just keep going straight,turn right,turn left,turn left, turn right,the next 25th house is where they live” my mom replied.


Romeo now looked as confused as ever….he turn to his guards.


Then face my mom.


“We are sorry,I think this is the wrong place.Sorry” Romeo said and walk out with his guards.




I came out of my hideout.


“mom,thanks” I told her and started crying….


“let’s leave here,immediately” she said…


“where to??? I asked.


” I don’t know,let’s leave here,it ain’t safe for you” she said.


I look at her one more time and dash to my room,I pick the new phone and carefully place it in my bag,I opened my save box and poured all the money inside, I picked my laptop and rush back to the sitting room.


We ran away…..


I don’t think I know where we are going to….






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