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Romeo’s p.o.v


I drank soo much until my lungs couldn’t take it anymore.


“Sir,you’ve taken up to twenty bottles already” my guard said with a bow.


“bring more” I replied in a husky voice.He brought more.


I dismissed him and continue drinking away my lustful desires.


“I thought they killed and slayed you with their hands but no,you’re the splitting image of your father.Why must you look like him soo much. Mere words can’t express how much I hate you and your achievements. Well,you have come so that I can kill you again. I attempted five different times but never succeeded.


How about i start by taking away your precious Krishna?? I made hickeys.


I shut my eyes as sweet sensations ran through my spines.


I will make her moan my name badly and perhaps make her my sΒ£x toy” I grinned wickedly.


“the girls are here” my guard came in


“let them in” I said.


The girls walked in,


they are just three in number and they are wearing the same black regalia with a white bikini without a bra underneath.




I pointed at the middle one,the rest back off.


“Do you really want to do this???



She moved close to me and press her finger against my lips seductively she trailer it to my chest,down to my belt.She played with the sides diamonds on the belt. “Your tattoos her pretty” she smiled and made her jacket fell off. “Not too bad” I mouthed.


She smiled hotly and unbuckled my belt fast.


“what’s your name?? I asked.


“Does it matter??? she asked back.


My hands roamed her bikini,I strip it off her body.


Her body figure was waooow….


My brain somehow compared it with Krishna’s own.


Am I this stupid????


I’ve not seen her naked and I’m jumping into conclusion.


She unhook a waist chain and swayed it romantically to my face.


“Are you sure about this?? she asked.


I pushed her to the bed and covered the two of us with the bed spread.


“You and Royal,are you really blood?? She questioned.


“Just face what you came for” I shunned her and entered her roughly. I banged into her and made her made sweet moans into my ears. I stopped after a while and fell into her.


“this feels good.Can we be doing it everyday?? she asked.


“You wish” I told her and tickled her black nipples.


“what do you know about pink nipples??? I asked her…..Krishna is white in


complexion,her nipples must be white.


“Pink nipples???


“Sweet,looks like strawberry… feels so good to touch and suck” she replied.


I smiled…it only increase my lustful desires..


“Is Royal real name ‘Best Marley’


she asked.


“You don’t need to know” I replied and entered her again.


“why can’t you tell me?? at least I told you about pink nipples?? she faked tears.



‘its a deep secret no one knows….it all happened when Royal was just a month old”


I paused, I don’t need to tell her who royal really is.I can’t trust this prostitute. “Keep quiet for once!!


I shunned her and lay on her.





~~Zayn’s p.o.v



“Dad,what happened to Xingzi?? she’s been crying since yesterday night” Theila,my 7years old daughter said with a chuckle.


“Just let her be,she did something terrible.The way I scold her made her like that” I replied and took her in my arms like she’s a new pie. I kissed her cheeks.




“She did wrong???


she widened her cute eyes.


“Yes,she lured your brother” I told her, referring to Royal as her brother.


“Xingzi,lured Royal?? ohhh my Gaaad, had xingzi gone mad??? this is getting out of hand.She keep promising she will stop her promoscuios life bit it only worsen” my wife said and rush upstairs to see xingzi.


“Royal won’t come again”


smart theila said.I look at her.


“Dad,can you please tell Royal to come home more often? I like him And he likes


me too,he usually gives me what ever thing I ask for without wasting time.For


some time,i felt what it means to have a brother, not just a brother but a verrrrryyy


wealthy brother”


Theila said.


I smiled and kissed her hair.


“Why is Xingzi like this?? Miami really spoilt her” she giggled.


“I wish Royal will start coming. He promised me man



y things.He promise to change my phone to his phone brand, only him uses that type of phone,gosh,it’s sooo expensive. He promise to show me his girlfriend, I know she will be sooooo nice and pretty since her name is ‘sweetheart’.


I’m jealous of that name!!


Dad,listen,as from today,my name isn’t theila, call me ‘sweetheart’ instead”


7years theila blabbed so fast and fluently, pronouncing her words correctly without any mistake.


I was amazed.


Like,Royal promised her all this.


ummm if my 7year old girl can have sense like this, I wonder what 18years old xingzi is using her own sense for.


“How do you know he has a girlfriend? I asked.


“I need to know since he’s my foster brother.I can’t wait for Monday. I will brag at school that the world Royal is my brother.Dad I’m happy!!! theila shouted.


I excused myself from her and went ahead to answer my calls.


After the calls,a message buzzed in.




The competition is drawing nearer, the stakes keeps getting on a high mark also.Since Royal is our main asset,don’t you think we should devise a means of making him regain his memory fast???? Do something!!!


Let him and Krishna live under the same roof….seeing each other at many times


will hasten his memory boost. signed Tiffany Gold.


“Done” I sent.


Now,I think the only option left is to speak with Krishna’s mom myself, I will just tell her we need her appearance so that Royal can gain his memory,I won’t tell her the main purpose.




Mira’s p.o.v



“Gosh, I need just 8.7million more to buy Royal type of phone. It’s damn expensive.I’ve been saving since last week” Lilly said.


“You’re kidding. No one use that type of phone,only Royal does” I said.


“so my savings is a waste” Lilly frowned. I smiled ‘good for you’.


“what’s up with Krishna.??


Angel asked.


“That one……. I can’t even find something attractive in her. Royal just want to use


and dumb her. If Royal can turn Angel down,then who’s Krishna??? Her looks didn’t match it at all” lilly said,aggressively.


“I thought as much,Royal likes classic and very neat girls,not disasters.He has good taste when it comes to ladies.How will he choose Krishna when he’s not blind.That poor thing that once wash my cloth. is it not Krishna the daughter of a laundry worker?? my phone will feed her next twenty generations” Lilly smirks.




“That’s kind of harsh.


She looks gentle and shy, she can’t seduce someone like Royal” Jingwen said.


“Gentle my foot” I hissed.


“there’s God,well” jingwell retorts.


*She will regret it soon”


lilly said and rolled her eyeballs.





~~~Krishna Krishna


it was already evening,


I didn’t even get to see my mom since morning.The only thing I saw this morning was a paper. She said she’s going to see someone in the paper and that she will be back at night.


I fried plantains to eat…


I slept and woke up again since we are on holidays.


I woke up again and bath again. I dressed up and intend on going to Royals mansion to cook for him.


I’m sure he hasn’t eaten.


How will he even eat when he’s too slow with food.


I pray he eats.It’s my work to make him happy just as Mrs Rose said.


I selected the black flipflop Mrs Claudia got for me,took my purse and lock the door then place the key carefully into the flower pot that was outside.




I got to royals house,


I was allowed in without much questions. I have entered and met like three guards standing in the living room.


I greeted and rush upstairs.I need to be fast so that I can return home quickly.


I entered the kitchen and met the new maids cooking. I greeted them and took my stand since the kitchen was wide enough to contain thirty cooks at a time.


The maids watched me in surprise, the way I did my things.


I guess they were surprised.


“Sir said you shouldn’t be doing anything” one of them said.


“Did he eat today?? I asked.


“Nooo,he said it is not delicious” one of the maids replied.


“then, let me be.He might get sick if he doesn’t eat” I said and hasten up with what I was doing.


I was able to cook within 49min.


I dished the food into three sets of hot warmer,I kept them


on the dinning then went ahead to carry my bag…


Dora called immediately and said I should meet her outside.


I met with her outside.


Seriously, I don’t want to get home let but I entered for the sake of our friendship.



She drove into a very big mall in all smiles. She loves it whenever we come to the mall together.


“Are you using the naturals milk cream??? she asked me.


“once in a week” I replied.


“You better start using it,do you know how much it cost?? she asked.


“Yes ma” I said in a joking manner.


Dora started picking things.


She picked lots of trending clothes, bags,shoes,heels,flip flops,make up kits,leggings,perfumes,creams,under garments and other things every rich kids will always wish to have.


She finally filled five large trolleys…


Dora and classic things.


“let’s buy phone” she said.


I nodded and followed her to the phone section,I watch her pick like Royal’s phone but she showed the attendant something like a card that had a signature before she was handed the phone pack.


We walk back to wear the trolleys were, she added the phone pack.


Is this not too much???


I kept quiet and still watch her.


“wait here,let me get something” she said and left.


“Dora who owns all this?? it’s okay already” I said.


“they are yours?? she said.


“who sent you??? I asked.


“I don’t want ooo,go and tell the person that sent you” I said.


She walk to the other section and started picking more things.


Just then,I spotted Lilly and her crews.Lilly saw mr first,I look away. why did I even follow Dora here.??


Lilly approached me.



“After all the punishments, you won’t still stop seducing him” she said used the tip of her heels to press my foot…


“You’re hurting me” I said,she rolled her eyeballs and stopped.


“What are you talking about??? I asked her.


She slapped me and push the glassy creams and new phone Dora got.


She lock my cloth before I could do anything.


“Lilly,it’s okay already” Mira said.


“Learn to stay away from Royal” she said…I just became numb.


She slapped me again.


Royal moved in,


I had no idea he will come.


Lilly left my cloth almost immediately and pretend as if she’s hugging me.


“Is this what you are????


he asked Lilly who kept on pretending.It’s obvious he caught her


She sniffed and look at the expensive phone and creams she shattered.


She couldn’t even look Royal in the eyes.






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