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Lilly,why are you staying quiet?


You said you will explain better to me,where’s your explanation and how are we going to kidnap Krishna, I’m scared she might not come”. I said when Lilly was getting too quiet.


“You don’t need to know how I will capture her,I always have my ways and besides am using a stone to kill two birds at the same time” she said. I became speechless.


“lilly are you foolish or you’re high?


You shouldn’t have use this stuff to blackmail Royal, you should have let us follow the first plan.


This plan you’re following will favor you,it might not favor my dad.


You shouldn’t have use it to lure Royal.


We ought to have capture krish first , my dad would have use her without Royal finding a trace,by then there will be no Krishna anymore,you won’t have challenge in this year dice queen,Royal will be forced to accept the last option which is you… but Lilly, you just spoilt everything.


You’re pushing Krishna to Royal and you’re pushing Royal to be more sensitive…


I stopped talking immediately Jingwen came with angel.


I rolled my eyeballs.


Am really really angry at Lilly’s idea.


She looked at me,I looked away.


“Look Mira, I still love Royal.


Am changed.I changed for Royal,


I want to stop ruining him,


I want to stop lying for him,


i want to stop pretending for him…


I already deleted guys and men’s contacts from my phones, I also blocked my clients.


Am dropping nude modeling also,


drop smoking-Royal doesn’t like dirt.


I swear,the two of us will gain from this…


And at the end,you will have krish, Royal will be mine.


I’m scared of hurting Krishna in the straight way. Of course I want him to see me as a good person, it’s just so annoying he loves krish”.


Lilly said.


I.sighed, I still don’t know what to believe but I think Lilly is deceiving me…I left her side.


my phone beeped….dad.




don’t seee me as a bad person,


have found another goddess but she’s too young, she’s just seven.


he sent.



tch…..why can’t you kidnap her? you keep confusing my already confused life” I sent.


You should understand me,am trying” he sent.


what difference does it makes?


what’s the difference between you and Lilly’s dad??


gosssssssssh thought you’re different” I sent.



ummm *sighs* history and past life made me understand more about goddess stuffs,they are real and are humans like us too.


with what I’ve gathered, Krishna is the most fortunate,her creator is blessed with an equality of wealth and plentiful of beauty.


Every human is bound to look at her twice or more than ten times each time she pass.Most interesting part is that,if we get her,we won’t have to do sacrifice again…..


her creator is thoroughly blessed.


Her boyfriend and whosoever she likes will never lack..and if it’s romantic feelings,it’s forever..


Her past life and family horoscope is interesting” he sent.



who’s the seven years old girl?


I sent.


*hmm* theila malik” he sent.


This is really getting out of hand.


when did my dad turn to this?….


krish must come to school oooo.




[Bombay city,10:30pm]


Jeffrey’s p.o.v


I’ve never been this happy.


Knowing fully well that my parents finally accepted Dora as my fiancΓ©e.


And I thought my mom won’t give in because she once had an issue with Dora’s mom..


The issue was serious,


it really affected our relationship..


Dora and I broke up many times vod of this same issues.


Even after all,they finally accepted.


concerning my dad, am good to go..


She’s now 23,am 24.


We will get married once Dora gets her certificate.


I’m ready to forgive her whatever mistake she is going to make,


she won’t be a house wife,she will.always be a career lady, I don’t care any amount


of money she’s going to make or the one she has made, her money is her money


and mine is to make a remarkable home.


I don’t even want much,


just two kids.


if I ever cheat,I will cheat death to be with her forever.


Divorce is not an option.


I pack our lugages,


we are,moving back to dehli in th


e next 1hour,the fun we had is enough already plus i have works to do.


I turned,she was already in.


guess she’s just getting out of the pool.


she’s wearing a matching bra and pant,a towel was wrapped on her hair


“I want you to dress me up”


she said,


I drop the bags and moved closer to dry her hair while I use another silky pink


towel on her wet ardent skin.


Her body captivated me.


I got trapped and kissed her suculrht lips,she made sweet sounds and moaned my


name as I slid her earlobes,


she moaned more loudly,


I felt a small shiver go through her and goose bump all over her as I kissed her.


My fingers traced the roundness of her br**st,I carried her up,she wrapped her legs around me.


Without breaking the kiss,I position her on the bed, she sat strandling me, her upper body was totally naked, right in front of me are her perfect br**sts.



I rubbed her hard nipples with my thumbs, she responded by moaning loudly.


I lean forward to suck one while I press the other one.




she moaned and allowed me come in between her.


she unbuckled my belt as I ticked her nipples with the tip of my tongue,


a louder “ooooh gaaaaad”.escaped her mouth.


I gently slid her pant and pulled the back of my head against her and make her hips grind downwards against me,I rub the other wet tip back and forth with my tongue,


she grind against me very hard,


and then she moaned louder as I rubbed her clit.


I entered her,


her moans increase,she held me tight to herself and changed styles, soon she was on top.


She rode me into heavens as she covered is with the duvet.


She stopped,we caught our breath and cuddled into each other.


“I enjoyed it’ she giggled and kissed my neck.


“same here” I said and touched her back.


My phone rang,we stood up and rush to wash up.





Krishna Krishna ….



I already dress up since but I wasn’t allowed out.Am.scared of failing in my test,I might be marked absent.


The worst part is that Royal isn’t around and his phone were on flight mode,he wouldn’t know I’m calling his phone.


I just sat down in the living room,


guards were standing while I sit while three maids stood watching over me on one side.


This sounds crazy right?….


“you still haven’t ask for anything”


one of the girls said…


“milky cookies and ice cream, my favorite flavor” I said and hurried to the window the moment I heard horns in the compound.


The door was opened.


I carried my back and went out.


It was royal,he whyned down the window first, I opened the door.and sat beside him on the drivers seat.


He helped in locking my seatbelt,


I knew he purposely make our hands touch…


He drove out.


I don’t even know where we are going, I only know that it’s not school cos the


route he took was very different…


I relaxed when I noticed we are in his friends house,mansion for his bands mate….


he unhook his seatbelt,


I undid mine faster and saw through his face as he unmasked his face..


his blue eyeballs were showering authority and his brows more sharp..


he picked his gold laid phone,


I saw his rings,three tiny gold..


it match with his earring..


He was wearing white overall,


Just wealth in all.




“You’re pretty”


he said and Kissed my forehead in the car.


“honey,what am i doing here,I have test at school” I said.


“yes,I know” he said and beeped his car,the door opened..


we stepped out.


He tuck one hand into his pocket as he beeped his car back….



The guards lined up in a single row while someone came to collect my bag from him..


“You know how long my meeting takes on Thursdays with the council of ministers?” he asked as we entered..


I nodded, the funniest part was that the guards kept on following him.


Chris soon step out,


Justin followed…


“Sister in law,quickly come…faster”


Justin said…


Royal went outside with Chris.


“good morning sir”


I greeted Justin.


he smiled timidly and told me to come and sit beside him, I did…


I already knew he will talk about food.


“will you cook for me today?”


he asked.


I smiled as I nodded.


“Did royal hurt you?” he asked.


“hmm noo,he loves me” I replied, he smiled….


Chris came in sho


rtly afterwards,


Royal didn’t come.


i was confused.


“Krish let’s go to school” he said.


“isn’t today test?” Justin said.


“its today” I said,my eyes still searching for Royal.


is something really wrong?…


Romeo also entered…


our eyes locked.






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