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episode two






I looked quietly into his face and quickly close me eyes before he would catch me.


He didn’t even notice,he was pressing phone.


I felt his fingers moved into my back, I breathed out and find myself relaxing, he kissed my forehead.


“sweetheart,do you like lemon colour? he whispered…


“ummm I know what to do,I know what you like”


I heard him say.


I didn’t hear anything again.


umm royal just keep spoiling me with affection and care.


He stood off the bed and i used that opportunity to move to my side of the pillow on the bed.


gaaaaad,when will I get use to royal touching me.


the more I try to be free with him,the more I remember how loud his wealth is. it’s not really easy being his girlfriend, everything about him….his swags,his


superiority,his handsomeness,his physique,his walking steps,even his phones and way of commanding things always remind me we came from two different worlds.


Anyways,am getting used to it.


The only thing am scared of is making love with him…


ummm,i don’t think i can stand being naked in his presence.


he came inside again,


he dimmed the light to another color, color green.


“baby” he took his lips in as he come to my side.


He lift me up in his arms, my loose jacket fell off and I was forced to open my eyes.


my hairs fell due to the way he carried me.


His red stoned ring felt cold on my skin,it sent shivers to my nerve.


“sir!!! I said in a sleepy face.


“honey” i corrected and dragged the long singlet down to cover my thigh level but my hips kept pushing it up.


“I don’t like to be in this jacket, its too short,let me wear my jacket” I said and took the jacket,


he collected the jacket and drop it on the bed,his eyes traced my pinkish nipples as he carried me.


I removed my hands from my thighs and put them on my chest.


“that hand,remove it ”


he said. I smiled shyly and removed it but my hair covered it.


he smiled and kissed my hair.


“Krishna am not even thinking of that with you now,I will still do it with you but I want to spoil you with affection and make you very comfortable with me…


will swim in my attention, I will bath you clean with my money and oil you with care that even if we die,your creator will wish we should be lovers in our next life” he said and carried me well.


He walked on a spiral stairway and left me like a baby.


he stopped in front of a particular sliver door, the door opened automatically..


I glance around..


hmmmm his room.


Maybe he wasn’t comfortable with the bed in my room.


He dropped me and made me stand.



Royal’s point of view…


I made her stand,


she moved back. What an innocent girl.


“Krish,you’re corrupt” I teased her.


she smiled and hugged me.


“honey you’re the one who is spoiling me…I saw what you did in my room. You kissed my br**st” she said.


I widened my eyes and smiled..


“cos I wanted you to be comfortable with me. You’re not even exposed” I said,she twitched her legs.


her white skin made her hips more outstanding. “I’m trying” she said with her hands on her face. “should I sleep on your bed? she asked..


You see what am saying..


I drag her ears,she rushed there and laid carefully on one side of the bed.


I pulled the duvet all over her.


“umm are you scared?


I asked.She shakes her head negatively.I bent,my face suddenly came closer.


I slept on the other side beside her and held her hand in sleep.


“Royal,I love you”


she said in sleep…


I look into her face.


it was real but she’s really sleeping..


“I love you”


she whispered again..


“I said I love you”


she said again..


so real but it was a sleep talk.


I held her hand softly.


of course sweetheart,I love you too.


I love the woman in you, I want to be with you every single minutes, your sweet smile,your curly hair,the longness of your hair,your gold of heart,your shyness,your innocence, your simplicity…most especially your body shape.. they drove me crazy,



they made me fell in love,whenever I see you,i feel like it’s my first time seeing a Lady..


Everything made me love you even though


I find it difficult to love girls…. do you even know that am allergic to girls?? Mrs


sugar never allow me to see girls..she told me they are disasters but you prove me wrong.


Very soon,I will find out who i really am,am close to finding everything surrounding my birth.DNA confirmed that Mrs sugar isn’t my mother.


I know this game is a very dangerous game cos they might use you to bring me down but I promise you won’t cry,I won’t hurt you…


Mrs Knight p.o.v


Residence; [Australia]


everything happening is really suspicious. I haven’t seen bhewen for one week now and he is my only hope of bringing the diary.


The door bell rang,


I answeree it and it was bhewen.


I almost had an heart attack.


“Good morning Mrs knight”


bhewen bowed,loyally.


“Namaste” I said.


“waooow,your pent house is pretty”


he complimented.


“thank you” I said, he still bowed.


Miranda, my only worker served him cold water first and went ahead to cook meal.


Bhewen looked at the glass cup.


“Mrs sugar have you forgotten am only a slave to the throne,I can’t drink from the same type of glass cup you use” Bhewen said.


“I permit you”


I said and he quickly drank from my type of glass..


“how is my daughter???


I asked him..I actually sent him to spy on Krishna and royal for me.


“She’s fine and more pretty.she doesn’t look disturbed” bhewen said.


I smiled.I know this game is dangerous,I don’t wanna loose my only daughter the way I lost others.


“Your daughter,it’s obvious you love her so much” bhewen said.


“you won’t understand…


now,how is best? I asked.


“He’s fine…but his mom isn’t inside that dungeon again,Mrs sugar moved her out and that diary,it’s no where to be found” bhewen said.


“there’s still hope,I know what to do.


I will need to call Daren” I said.


Bhewen smiled and brought out a small gold status.


“hmm keep this,it belongs to Royal. I really don’t have time,I think I should go now” bhewen said.


I credited his account, he ate and left.



Krishna Krishna


I woke up,


Royal wasn’t beside me.


I quickly glance around and remembered how he carried me up here last night.


soo sweet.


My heart do leap each time he treats me like a baby.


I entered his washroom and saw a new toothbrush, I took it and use it to brush my teeth, I wash my face and came out, my towel jacket was now on the bed, I pick it and wore it.


Royal came in.


“honey goodmorning” I said.


“did you slept well?” he whispered,his breath so close..


“I slept well but I prefer your msnsion to this place” I said in between teeth.


“this is my second mansion…thought I told you last night” he said.


“hmm I didn’t remember” I said.


he smiled and drop a file on the shelve, he picked his phone and came to my side.


He took my hands.


“sweetheart I want you to he this year dice girl, it will push your modellimg career…” he said as we walk down the spiral stairway.


“I know,that’s why I make sure I cleared all my result.” I said.


he look at my feet and smiled..




I wore his slippers.


No wonder it was not sizing me.


We got to the kitchen.


“I want to cook by myself” I told him.


“well I don’t want you to stress yourself” he said with a giggle.


“please” I said.


he crackled and took my hands.


“you all can leave today, don’t worry you will get another salary today” Royal said.


The maids look at each other in surprises.


“but sir,you paid us our allowance’ve paid us three salaries in this month, you still want to pay another one” one of the chefs said.


“they are bonus”






“boss is so kind”


“mr president is great”


“thank you sir”


“thank you sir”


the maids startled and left.


I quickly face royal.


“cooking is fun,I want to teach you how to cook” I said.


I.started cooking when I was 10… ask Mrs Hyorin,she was our cook then” he said.


waooow so you can cook.


maybe you will be the one to cook this morning-


I made that face.


“what do you like to eat?


I asked and check for pots.


“hmm rice pudding and meat sauce” he said.


I brought out the ingredients.


I took one onions,Royal took too.


I took knife,he copied me and also took a chop board.


I pealed my onions in a swift an


d sliced it the way it ought to be, I look at Royal,he hasn’t even peeled.


how come he knows how to cook.


“Krishna, you’re looking at me”


he took his lips in and peel the onions with his eyes closed.


I look into his face quietly.


“is that how it is done? he asked.


I nodded.


“Honey,you really know how to cook”


I teased. him.


“I told you,you didn’t believe….what do you take me for my wife?” he smiled and


took his lips in.


“I know you can cook…


its really showing…you’re even using 40mins to slice an onions” I said.


he drop.the knife and the onions. He couldn’t slice them.


There’s no difference between him and his friends.


Justin own is even worse, he can’t open salt cover.


I just smiled and brought out other ingredients.


Royal watched me like a movie.


I.turn on the gas and placed a clean pot on it.


“since you know how to cook,what’s the first step? I asked.


“well,you will pour water”


he said and hit my hear lightly with a big plastic spoon




I rub there and poured water,the water steam up immediately..


so much technologies.


“Dear,next step” I faced him again.




“sweetheart the next step…hmm” he sturted…


I hastily grab a verrry verrry big metalic spoon.


“wait is that spoon for me?”


he asked in a cute baby smile.


“no,for turning the ingredients” I said.


“but its too big- he said…


“what’s the next step?


I.asked and hit him lightly with the spoon.




it’s really paining” he said.


I raise the spoon up playfully.


“okay….ahh is it not the first step…yes I have remembered. You will add 50cubes


of Maggi with vontinuos stiring” he said.




“did I get it??? I told you I know how to cook” he said..


I raise the spoon, he ran out.


“Best,come here!!!


I said and still ran after me.


He ran too fast,


I couldn’t run fast because am putting on his gold laid slipper.



We ran out from the spiral stairway to the living room, we ran round the slivery haired chair.


The guards in suit laughed ….


“they look cute doing that”


I heard from one of the guards.


“hunnie you can’t even run!


he said and played tricks on me skillfully…


“let me catch you” I said but he didn’t stop..


I finally hit him with the spoon again.


“ahh krish,beat me small…your hand is paining” he said.


I hit him again…


“ohhh jeeeez,I just remembered the next step.You will pour the choped onions


inside the hot water” he said.




I exaggerated..


“you this best,what did you know??


I asked..


“I know how to use my brain to get what I want” he said…


his slippers slipped me immediately I caught him and we both fell into one of the soft chairs..


He hugged me comfortably to his body, I touch his face playfully.


“the next thing is to wash the rice two times and add the rice to the steamed water


okay” I said…


he smiled.


his phone rang, he pick it and went upstairs,I also went to.the kitchen.


I cooked everything within 50mins and dish it out into four plates.


I carried them in a tray to royals room, he was already dressed in a white tracksuit..


his earring only glittered.


His sneakers were black.



He was arranging money in a haste inside a black suitcase.


I carefully drop the plates.


he stopped and turned back.


“I brought food” I said.


“Royal, come and eat” I said.


I stopped,the money poured on the floor..


he slamed his forehead and joined me.


I already dish his food.


Mine was just coffee and bread according to the food timetable aunty mitchy gave me.


I look at Royal,he was holding his cutlery…


he ate meat again and again and again…this bad habit.


I collected his spoon.


why do you like starving yourself?


I said…


“I don’t like eating too much” he said.


“okay, eat fast! I said and push the plate of meat to my side.


“Krish what type of punishment is this,don’t you know your stew is delicious” he said and push the plate back to himself.


“you must finish everything, both the stew and pudding” i said.


he smiled and kept on eating.


i watched him eating and smiled along..


seriously,I forgot I was hungry.


Even my coffee was cold.


seeing Royal,my hunger vanished.


he looked at me, I smiled.




e smiled back and placed his hands on mine..






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