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Royal’s p.o.v


aahh Krishna,be fine for me..


I always feel sweetness every time I see you smile,hear your voice or think of you. I dropped my phone,Lilly made me raise my head. Too bad I wasn’t listening to her speech.


“Royal,you’re a very jealous person, can you cope seeing your Krishna sleeping around?”


she asked and brought out the expensive waist chain I bought for Krishna.


I had on a shocked expreaaion.


Lilly toss the chain.


“Royal can you cope?”


she asked again.


I stood up and took my phone and car keys.


She smiled and stood up.also.


“Won’t you say anything?” she asked.


I looked at her with a straight face, with less emotions.


I can’t believe her vulnerability..


“Royal can you cope?”


she asked and wanted to pree her fingers against my chest.


I shifted back.


She smiled and dropped her hand.


But we are now boyfriend and girlfriend-


Royal why are you treating me like this,am human too and I make mistakes like everyone does…….


I’m very sorry I got trapped in Jaydens d**k,but its then in the past.


“well I don’t care to know..


It’s not only Jayden you slept with.. I don’t care to know who you slept with and what mistake you made in the past, all I knew is that you lied to me,you ruined me and pretended to be what you’re not..


And on no condition must you move close to me…Remember,it’s a fake boyfriend stuffs..I know how crafty you can be” I said. She push her fingers into her hairs..


“But Krishna is a runs girl-


My friend showed me her waist bead as a proove that he slept with her” she said.


“Are you drunk???


I asked her and took my lips in halfly, I turned to leave..


Royal, you love Krishna?….


she exclaimed.


“At some points,you shouldn’t invade into my privacy because it’s more treasurable than your future”


I said..and saw the way her mouth opened slightly.


She closed it properly.


“We must always fake boyfriend and girlfriend in the public, you should sat it to the public that I am your woman” she said.


“is that all you want to keep Krishna’s secret safe?” I asked…


“No,I still want more. Let’s just start with this one” she said.


I walked to the VIP section door.


“Bye,I love you” she said.


“You know you don’t… if you really love me,you wouldn’t blackmail me using the one Iove” I said..


Royal……wait…don’t…let me-


she sturttled.


I left and entered my car.



isn’t that Royal?


ohh gaaaad


ohhh gaaaaad


I think him and Lilly Are now cool.


I made my way out of the questioning mob and entered my car.


My Krishna, is she safe?..


I whyned up the tinted glasses and turn on the ac.


Madam Gina,protect krish for me.


I took my white phone and called.


She picked in the first ring.


“Your excellency Sir”. She said.


“is Krishna fine?” I asked.




sir,let me check” she sturtled.


“hmm I don’t really understand her today,she keeps sleeping with little drops of tears,she didn’t eat since morning. The only time she came downstairs was when her lesson teacher came” she said.


“Make her eat…I left one of my credit cards on one of the couch on the living


room,you can make use of it. Buy anything that will make her happy..” I said.


“Sirr…I tried,she didn’t-


she said..


“pleassse find a means” I replied.


She smiled.


“No need to add please,I know it’s an order” she smiled.


I dropped the call.


My gold laid phone rang…Dad.


I picked and sent it to the car’s Bluetooth,I started driving immediately I hooked my seat belt.



“You know I will complain…you went out again without telling military guards to follow you,the last time you went out alone wasn’t safe for you… I don’t know why you keep forgetting who you are” he said. “Dad, I know what am doing” I said.


“you know how many people that are after your life right?….


Five stars won’t take your unmonitored movements lightly” he said.


I smiled.


“I was with you for 12years,no one was able to kill me,what assurance do you have


humans can kill me?”


I aske




“No need,I already called securities… take care” he said lastly, the call disconnected.


I turned back and saw military cars following me.


I dropped my phone .


That Lilly, I pray she continue asking for easy tasks till I will use her to get the


diary from Krishna and also find out about who the hell is doing sacrifice….






it’s getting late,Royal isn’t here.


is something holding him?


be really knows how to manage his time, why is he late?..


I sat on the couch and turn on the television to watch a particular movie, Justin startled laughing and running down the stairway. He was looking cool in a blue hoodie.


“A movie right?” he asked me as he sat down oposite.


“Do you still think we are going to the open show today?” I asked.


“well it depend on Jeff…if he’s not back today,we won’t go because we are not complete..Royal won’t even attend,he is a very considerate person” Justin said and throw two bubble gums into his mouth.



This bad habit of chewing gums-


Romeo came in,


he had on a red can dipped into the fringes of his hair,his slippers was white and his tracksuit was red.




He sat on one of the hairy couch with so much styles without greeting anyone.


soo rude but his outfit was cool.


He picked a call,I think five stars.


“Badrah,I don’t know their preferences, am thinking the schedule will be shifted”


he said into his phone.


He faced Justin…


“Text Chris to come here” Romeo said and Justin made a ‘what happen to your hand look?”.


I just saw that everyone isn’t free around romeo.


hmmm he’s still f**king rude.Even the royal who has attained the highest level of net worth isn’t rude like this,he only has attitudes….


If you’re not told who he really is, you wouldn’t know.


most times,I would wonder maybe his wealth will get to a stop.


We are not really close,


my longest talk with Royal lasted for just 5mins…


He was soo cool..even an ice is jealous of him.


he speak as thou angels are talking.


I wish I can be his friend,I miss talking with him.


The only person he spend more time in speaking with is Chris..


Truthfully,I really don’t know what to do to be his friend again..


I admit he snubs a lot and carry himself with lots of pride and swags…but he is still the kindest person have ever seen.


Chris came in,


he looks calm and cheerful as usual, his car key was on his left hand, the guard following him was holding his jacket and phones.


“why are you just coming? you know we are late” Romeo said rudely.


Chris didn’t say a word,he scoffed and rush up the stairway while removing the black bandana on his head,his hairs fell freely.


“Chris why are you just coming? thought you knew how important this is” Romeo glared.


I raised my head,


Justin turned.


“Romeo,you’re not the leader,you don’t have the right to question me~ Use your medulla very well before talking to me” Chris said with a pout, Justin laughed loudest.


There’s this bond I’ve always noticed between Chris,Justin,Jeffrey and Royal…


they really know how to defend each other really well.


“Are you insterested in being the leader? As at the last time i checked,no one us tying yoyr legs or holding you down here”Justin laughed loudest.


Romeo kept quiet.


I guess he doesn’t have much words.


I smiled .


“where’s Jeffrey? I asked.


“Jeff traveled with his girlfriend” he said and sip in his wine while scrolling on his phone.


He picked up.the projector remote and connected the compound to it.


Everything in the compound displayed on it,it was very real and wide…


Chris came downstairs again,


his eyes met with Romeo’s own.


“You need to start putting other peoples emotion into consideration, life is not all


about work.. we are not robots..


Jeff traveled with his girlfriend,


Royal’s schedule is tight..


don’t you think we need to relax?”


Chris asked in a mature manner.



A black Lamborghini drove into the compound,I saw it through the projector like I was seeing the real outside….


I saw his face through the halfly tinted window,he’s just too handsome to be a man.


Chris sent out immediately his phone beeped.


Next,he entered Royals c


ar, they drove out..


Justin took his car keys and webr out with a guard.


Romeo went upstairs,maybe to his room.


“waoow,they all have attitudes!.


I went out with my car keys too.




I trailed Royal’s actually jealous of the type of bond that exist between him and Chris.


Though,I was really far from his car.


His car stopped inside dice high residential area.


They stepped out..


I watch royal smile as Chris followed him.


They entered into a particular section,I followed and stayed behind the glassy window..


“Royal,I know you are verrrrry smart and you’re always sensitive.Right now,her safety meant a lot to you..


She needs someone that will never give up on her..


It’s her first time falling in love,


Don’t make her regret it….


She already endured enough pains, don’t make her realize how pronounced your


wealth is, she deserves enjoyment”


Chris said.


I was confused.


who’s the she??????



“I know how to protect the woman I love but can we-


Royal stopped talking and turned back at the window,


I quickly hide…




he’s really sensitive.


“Can we test this dog brilliancy?”


he asked in a very very soft whisper.




was what I heard last.





Krishna Krishna


I felt so tired…


I’m not really me,I can’t even continue reading because I already over read,I don’t want to imagine what Lilly came here to do.


ummm I’m really scared.


I’m really trying my best to take cautions when it comes to love.


Royal made me fell like this.


I still can believe a guy made me feel like this.


This quietness… it’s hurting me.


I fell into sleep again..


I.don’t know how long I slept, I woke up and took my phone.


Thinking of what to do so as to stop imaging what happened earlier, I took my laptop and phone,I sat down on my pink reading chair and turn on the house internet.


That’s it…Lilly already start making mouth in the website.


Together again ….


I click on the video ,it started playing.. In the video,she was hanging around with Royal…


who’s dating the leader of five stars???



who’s the soon to be first lady??


Fake post everywhere,we don’t even know the one that’s original.


I think it’s time we demonstrate and ask royal himself…


I read comments and quickly skip the post…..



Krish,are you feeling well?


Shantai sent.


I’m fine and I saw the video” I sent her.


hugs..what will be yours will be yours,or should I come over to stay with you or can you stay alone without getting bored?”

she sent…


I smiled out tears.


What a good friend?….I think it’s high time I start calling her a sister.


Krishna, hope you’re not crying.. I can kill somebody ooo” she sent.


*smiles* I know how to manage and endure pains” I sent.


hugs and kisses” she sent.


I suddenly start thinking of where I will go if Royal doesn’t want me anymore.


I’m scared he might not want me as a girlfriend anymore when there are classic and exposed girl out there.


Where will I go if he says he doesn’t want to be with me anymore?.


I was even thinking of doing more fin things with him,although we are not in the same standards but am willing to share in every of his sadness, his happy moments too.


He is the first guy that made me get the best feeling in the world when he says hi or even smile at me I know even if it’s just for a seconds, it would make me feel shocks…


Well if it’s my fate to go back to my destined poor life,I will still love him and pray he finds someone who will make him happy.


I’m a very contended person,I can’t fight for a guy cos I’ve never done that.


Someone knocked at my door,


I dropped my laptop and went to answer it…it was madam Gina.


She smiled as she look at me fully then smiled at my hair that I braided into two.


“Come,my dear.Am getting you engaged” she said and took my wrist, I wore my


slippers and followed her.


“ma’am hope it’s not outside”


I asked…


She still smiled.


“I.don’t think I can wear this outside, let me change” I said and use my other hand to cover my thighs downwards, it wasn’t even covering well…


“No,it’s not outside…


It’s the kitchen,you still haven’t


eaten, soo let’s cook”. she said.


I got stunned the moment I entered the kitchen.


Everything inside there already changed..


“Don’t be surprised,the utensils and everything are always replaced every two months” she said and brought out ingredients for rice pudding. I mixed the ingredients while she set the pots..


“I like your skin…you’re pretty in between legs too” the woman said, while


watching me doing the cooking.


“thanks mother” I replied.


“Do you really love royal?” she asked.








“Did you offend him or who offend who?” she asked.


“me…him…I don’t know” I replied.


She smiled…




The food was ready,


she I dished mine I left. This woman, i wonder why she kept staring at me.




I went back to.the kitchen again and prepared Royal’s favorite food..


grilled chicken,veggies sauce with lots of shrimps,fishes and red meat then rice…



I pray he eats even if he doesn’t talk to me. I checked time and kept them carefully in the warmer set..


I went back to my room and took another shower,I wore a singlet and a bomber short since it’s time for me to sleep,it was kind of tight,I changed it and wore a more pleasing one.


No wonder Dora kept on praising this hips..


I video called Mrs claudia,


she was really happy….and I promised I would come visiting some days. I miss her


the way am missing my mum.


I played video games…


My heart is only trying not to sleep because of Royal,I can sleep very well if he eats..


I played games and stayed awake with my books.


I even set notes on my phone.


*stay awake till Royal comes


I dozed…I really know how long he do come home on Wednesdays..


Soon,I heard multiple car horns downstairs..


“Best!! I jumped up.and rush to my window,I saw him downstairs.


It was drizzling,rain will soon fall. I lock the windows and rush out of my room to the kitchen.


“Please serve him my food instead”


I told the maid on duty and walked back to my room.


I heard footsteps coming up from the stairway,I knew it was him.


I quickly entered and wanted to lock my door,he showed up.


ahh thank goodness he didn’t even look at my door side..


He stood,backing my door.


I smiled as I watch him.


At least I can look at him before going to sleep even though I don’t know what I did to him…


I wish it was his face am seeing.


Now,I would have the stars while sleeping.



He turned and almost caught me, i took my face away and slam my door without making sounds.


I didn’t hear anything again, I only heard the sound of his door closing. Did he leave???


he doesn’t want to see me again…..




This silence.. it’s paining.


It’s putting me in shocks.


I opened my door and met him standing in front of my door.


“Honey welcome”


I said but it’s came with tears.


He pulled me closer by my waist and press me softly with so much emotions and care like he always did.My nipples are visibly pointing hardly to his chest. I closed my eyes immediately he carried me up like a baby.


He kissed my cheeks tightly and look into my face properly.


My heart beat was faster than I thought…..I felt something stronger. Lilly is a very


bad and crafty girl,


she might have done or say something to hold Royal down.


“Do you trust me like I trust you?”


he asked…


I nodded and hastily lock my hand around his waist,on his diamond belt.


“I’m sorry for putting you in shocks cos I really can’t talk..hope you understand when I talk to you through emotions?” he asked looking into my eyes. I closed my eyes..


he tickled my pinkish nipples,the two at the same time.


My body shivered in sweetness,the feeling was very sweet and soft.


quickly opened my eyes…


“Best” I said.


“my sweetheart” he replied,his face came more closer. His eyes was looking there,


I covered his eyes with my palm.


“Ahh babe,release my eyes and let me see well” he said and smiled out dimples.


“No no honey don’t look” I said.


“but it’s raining-


“in this cold weather,my eyes can’t resist this thing”.





Beautiful Loveβ™₯Song


[hidden romance revenge]






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