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I closed my mouth quietly and look in shock and held the tray firmly.




Royal’s brother…


“Aani,am sorry…it wasn’t intentional”


I said,shocked.


He scoffed and look me quietly for a very long time.


“It’s hurting you,let me get cold napkin” I said.


“is this what that idiot is teaching you?” he asked.


I stopped walking and face him.


“I don’t know any idiot” I told him..


“how dare you speak back to me?” he glared with hurts.


I swallowed into nothing.


But he asked me questions


He walked closer and grab my neck.


“Royal is the idiot!


“Royals death is certain” he said.


Eddy showed up immediately,Romeo left my wrist.


“whose death is certain,why are you holding her like that,do you want to kill her,don’t you know she’s a female?” eddy challenged Romeo.


“unnn I see…you’ve also get carried away by Royals wealth.Are you by chance one of his dogs?” Romeo asked.


“You can’t say this in royals presence,I’m certain he will skin you alive” eddy said.


Romeo walked into his room and jammed his door,Eddy walk to the opposite door.




he didn’t allow me finish my statement,he entered and close his door.


ohh I understand he doesn’t like speaking with girls. except classic ones…I think he spoke on my behalf because of Royal.


The maids came by and started cleaning the floor,one of them collected the tray from my hand while the remaining two cleaned the floors. I left for the living room and picked


my bag.


“bye hon” the chef waved.


I waved back and entered the car garage…


[Royal’s mansion]


The driver pulled to a halt,



I step down and walked in,I rush up the stairs,straight away to the turning that would lead to my room,I was surprised to see the maid that called me a fling standing there with the same tray of food she was holding in the morning.She turned the moment she heard my footsteps.


She closed her eyes immediately our eyes met and trembled for a while, she keep picking on the sides of the tray…


I opened my mouth to see something, my words flew out. I don’t know why she’s still standing there.


“Honey,why are you still staying here, is something wrong, do you need something?” I asked with lots of care.


It was as if I was the one standing there…. I’m very sure her legs would be paining




She shakes her head.


“let me remain here,my queen” she said.and started crying…


“have you eaten?” I asked.


“My queen,how am I suppose to eat.


I was a fool to have said those hurtful words,pardon my manners for I never knew


who you are” she said…


I lit my eyes.


“Please,if I get fired,I may not get money for my brother’s surgeon” she said…


“What are you talking about,you’re taking this too far.I hold no grudges against you” I said.


“Are you sure,please pardon me, I’m….sooo…” she choked in tears.


I got closer and collected the tray from her.


“Go and rest,you’re taking this too far” I said.


“noo,I will go and get your lunch,you must be hungry” she said and ran away..




but her brothers surgeon,


isn’t it very urgent? he might die if the money isn’t provided.


I entered my room and started gathering all the money royal has been giving me…


he usually gives me half of a million every week and my wardrope allowance is


9million rupee per month. I saved some into my account….




I opened my save box and poured all the money into a very big bag,I added more bundles from my wardrobe till it was almost filled…


“My queen,can I come in”


she knocked..


“yes,come in.By the way,what’s your name?” I asked.


“It’s Priscilla” she said and drop the tray on the dinning dinning.


“Should i mix your bath,you must be tired” she said.


*ohh no,i think you should go and pay your brother’s hospital bills first” I said and


carried the bag to her.


“is it enough?” I asked…


She smiled and cried at the same time…I cleaned her tears.


“how else can I pay for your kindness?” she asked.


“by going to the hospital now” I replied.


“thank you,I’m going now” shebskiled and ran to the door with the bag.


I changed my schoolwear and wore a simple casual gown. I checked time, my teacher must have been here. I pray she would be as nice and funny as Shantai and Dora.


I picked a new notepad and a pen,.I carried my peanut jar,juice and went downstairs.


“Hy,I’m mitchy your guardian in modeling” the teacher introduced and made a waoow.




“Sweetheart” she completed.


I smiled and sat down on the chair opposite her.


“Smooth skin you’ve got”


she said and took her eyes off my legs to my jaws.


“tell me what it feels staying in this magnificent mansion with the most popular celebrity” she asked and look around.


This look like paradise and of course the most beautiful sight I have ever seen” she smiled and stood up.



“umm Royal, is he what everybody says about him….how is he coping amidst the


council of ministers?” she asked.


“maaaa” I said.


She smiled and look at me.


“Are you his girlfriend?


“have you both kiss,is he romantic?


“he loves thick girls like you right?” she asked….


I look at her as she ask questions.


“where does he likes touching when kissing you, br**st,neck,hips,waist,


butt,where? she asked.


I looked on…


“Does he likes reverse cowgirl style? He is certainly enjoying you on bed, you’re bootilicious.


“he loves s£x right,what is his best position,does he likes condom or skin to skin or straight penetration?”


she asked…..


“Guardian!!! I said in a scared voice.


Am scared of the word ‘s£x’.


She noticed my nervousness.


She smiled and came to my side,


she took my hand,I grip it tight and look at her.


“ma’am, please don’t ask me that again,I may be angry at you if you don’t stop….you’re making me scared”I said.She smiled and hug me.


“You scent like me,though I just met him once during dyardins consent at


Scotland,that day I can never forget it. Coming to his house is another opportunity


for me cos am a die hard fan” she said.


I relaxed on her shoulders.


Gooosssh,i feel scared when she mentioned s£x.


“umm why are you nervous?


she asked.


“nothing” I replied and hug her back.


She smiled and tap her hand on my waist,then she look into my face down to my br**st quietly.


I felt shy…I picked the chair pillow and used it on my laps quietly.


“how old are you?” she asked.


“getting to twenty” I replied.


“You’ve never had s£x?” she asked.


“ahh noo” I replied and covered my ears at the mention of s£x again.


She smiled and started teaching me, I jot some things down and will chew pen each time she confuse me with hard questions…


She played on my intelligence by asking verrry difficult questions, her style of teaching make me like her and I never wanted her to leave. Someone I just met not up to two hours.


She ended the lesson.


“Krish,I’m placing you on a special diet,here is a list if what you should eat and what you should stop eating so as to maintain your shape, it’s kind of rare” she said.


I collected the diet roll from her and went through it…


“I will try” I said and fold it into the notepad,she picked her bag and went out,I followed her…I feel like she should continue teaching me. The way she speaks fast really make me want to be like her.


“Will you come tomorrow?”


I asked. She nodded and smiled.


Then she arrange my hairs behind my ears.


“I will make tomorrow more fun” she said and smiled at my nails..


“come early please” I said,she blew me a kiss and left.


I went back to the couch and read what she taught me like ten different time,I didn’t get bored cos it was very fun. I dropped it and turn on the plasma then I set notes.




Mrs Claudia’s house tomorrow…


*Read by 9pm


*Stay awake,royals arrive by 11pm.


I set notes,then chat Shantai and Dora.I turn on my internet and decided to check the DHTGW,there were many updates,the group was in total disorder.




*Lilly are you really telling us lies?


*please stop!!!!


*Don’t put us in the dark!


*explain better,is royal still with you?


*is krish really something to royal?


*Gosh,he was very close to her!


Students were revolting Lilly in the website ..


I came across another post,it was a video,I watched it,it was my video,I was ent


ering royals Lamborghini, and he was holding my hand…


***Lilly, you’re a liar* was the caption.


The post got many reaction..


it was already locked,I couldn’t read the comments.



this isn’t true,Nina stop….


Lilly updates that same video.


I shake my head..


I pity Lilly


She’s making me laugh..


I just like her for pushing me to Royal. I wonder what I will be if she hadn’t push


me to this idol…


maybe I would still be a cloth washer. She even made my mom traveled…


I pity Lilly..



She can’t always fool all of the people at all of the time like she always fool some of the people at some of the time.




website closed until further notice~~ signed Lilly.


she got many critize from netizems on this particular post…


why closing the website?


closing it simply means Nina is right about Royal and Krish….


*Nina was right Royal dumped you.. *He broke up with you a year before.. *Lilly are you lying to us…..


Those are the top comments.




Leave Dice high queen website, join Nina’s trending gist through this link.




Gold is not all that glitters…


not all who were vails are sisters,cloth is what cover our behaviours,we all are




I want to talk about this website called dice high trending gist,subconsciously


turning us all into psychopath.


Everyone loves Lilly in this group, you look up to her like she’s the most high,you


all her believing all what she says…


Fake updates everywhere..


You guys can lie against the dead.


The devils are waiting for Lilly definitely in hell…


People believing her,I think you all are insane…


Don’t kill yourself.Be careful what you listen to….


Join #Ninastrendinggist…..


I read what she posted.


Under her post was my photo..


My picture Lilly edit to deceive fans.


She posted the real one and the fake one that Lily eddited,she captioned it…


#Fake N #Real….


She already got 2.8M reactions within 8hours.




Nina,explain better….


*Nina is Lilly really a liar…


*Nina this is Krishna real shape, she’s a beauty,is she a goddess??? why is her


s£xiness soo natural…


*is that her real lashes???


*Same girl that had 100 in sir Davidson’s test,she’s a pro…


*is Krishna something to Royal….


I smiled as I read the comments.


I eat peanut from the glassy peanut jar on my lao and drank juice.


I clicked on the link Nina shared, she created the group 8hours ago and it has already filled up…


aaah,I really like the way Lilly and Nina are making me popular,they are making me feel soo special I will just let them be cos they are really helping me to advertise my face…


like I can’t count the amount of post my picture appeared in even though I was masked…


my nose and lips showed downwards.


No updates yet just my dance video, the one at spark,no one saw my face cus it wasn’t captured.


spark!! I wish I know who she is?


she’s meant for this!!


we loooooovvvvve you!!!!


Nina,please let’s see her face…



I smiled as I read comments. I stopped immediately I heard multiple horns downstairs.


Royal is back!!! I checked the window.He was pressing phone while walking.


This bad habit of pressing phone,


I will soon stop it.



I unplug my charger and ran upstairs to my room,I pretend to be sleeping. I didn’t expect him to come early, cos his meetings with the council of ministers do take long on Wednesday.


I pretend to be sleeping and kept my phone under my pillow,I used another pillow to cover my face.


Royal came in few minutes later on calll….I pretend to be sleeping.


“Dad…I already told you to stop them. I paid like 8.2hits while Chris paid the rest..well I’m coming to pick Theila, she’s on my neck. .


He smiled…and sat beside where I slept on the bed.


“I told you to ignore Mrs Sugars and Han Cheng’s threat…Even Han Cheng.He’s really drunk-


Spending the money he doesn’t have to oppress the people he doesn’t like. Who is he deceiving???


umm he can’t kill me..


I’ve been alive for 24years,no man killed me…. they are stupid..


Royal ended the call and look at me on the bed..


he took the pillow




ohh noo,what have I gotten into.


I rolled to the other side,he touch me from the back and kissed my ears…


He brush his hands into my waist and press it softly..


I quickly opened my eyes.


He smiled and took his lips in.


“Get ready in the next ten minute,I will be waiting downstairs… you got the box” he said and left.


where are we going again?



I opened the box he sent for me earlier,it was a white crop top and a yellow shorts,then a matching yellow flip flop. I checked time,it was 8pm.. I showered and changed.


I pick my phone and went downstairs, he was pressing phone.


he stopped and took me by my waist to his car. I sat beside him at the front sit while he drove….


I took a glance at how he used his band on his hair,and his bracelets, they look cute. He wore just one simple ring……..


I checked his feet,his anklet was pure silver and it was one.




~~Royals p.o.v….


I looked at her,she was looking at the window…my eyes drifted to the shorts, she


covered her laps with her hands like she knew I was looking there…..


This feeling,


I hope she understands better cos I really can’t talk…


“Was mitchy rude?” I asked.


She turned in a smile.


“Nope,I like her,she’s kind,she teaches well” .she replied.


“umm that spoilt brat,I really don’t like her, I just employed her cos Mrs Rose said she’s good” I replied..


She smiled and covered her laps again.


“it’s mine” I said.


She smiled and covered it again.


“it’s mine,I love Krishna dress classic” I said. She smiled and removed it…


I like Mitchy…


She taught me how to be myself,she said I shouldn’t be like other models who


would sleep with different men just to get to higher positions,


she told me not to bite the fingers that fed me and she taught me many problems


that are likely to come my way…


Prostitution is the lead activity,


Lust and pride would set in….. they ain’t really good…”


Krishna said…


I stopped the car in front of the mall theila had been shouting she wants things from and unlock my seat belt, I did Krishna’s own and opened the door for her…




I love this girl..


She would slip…


She caught my waist and shut her eyes cos of the camera lights from my die hard fans..


“Honey,don’t leave me! she said, still locking my waist.


Am I a fool-


“I can’t leave you” I said and help her stand well….


Fans kept taking photos…..


Though it was night…


How was I recognized so easily??


“Best Marley!!!!!!


someone shouted….






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