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Lilly stood up immediately an acid solution was brought,she couldn’t speak,her fear is really making things worst…




Lilly sturtled,


Nina laughed like a winner.


Just then,two cars drove in.


it was Lilly’s dad ~owner of dice high and dice high moderator.



“what’s all these,a lady’s face all filled with fear and being made a laughing stock! Lilly’s dad said,angrily.


Nina still laughed. She’s really a bad girl,no one can hold her cos she’s still governors daughter.


“The school will be experiencing curfew in the next 1hour…all dice high students should demise from this premises.You will all get notifications in your mails when the curfew is over” dice high moderator said into his mouth pud which was already connected to the projectors.


Students rushed out of the premises,some with their cars,some with bicycles,some with power bikes.The securities were conducting movements.


I rushed to Lilly and helped he up.


“Mira,I swear Nina will pay for this, it is not yet a lost war” Lilly said and went away with her guards.


I rushed upstairs to get my things before curfew starts fully.


I moved out with my maids .


The sight of a shinning bangle stopped me from walking further.


It’s a goddess signal.


it must have fallen off from a student during the rush outside.


who can it be???


I faced my maid.


“Quickly pick the bangle” I said.


she followed my eyes and picked the bangle up.


it glitters in her hold. I wanted to collect it from her,it fell down and rolled away….


It’s very tiny and cannot be seen easily even though it glitters.


“where is it?” I asked and we started searching for it.


it was no where to be found.


My maid moved closer to me.


“Don’t you think we should leave, we can pay the cleaners to look for it” she said, I agreed immediately and entered my car with her.





Did you see it?”


I asked Shantai who was also helpng me to search for my bangle.


“can’t you forget about it,Royal will buy you another one” eve said.


“No, you won’t understand


it can’t be bought,it’s a gift from my grandma,I can’t loose it easily like that,you know you told me you can’t loose your mother’s necklace, I can’t also loose this bangle.


I said.


They kept quiet and helped me to continue searching.


“30more mins and movement will be restricted” the nearest projector beeped..


My friends are already looking tired.





okay,I accept fate…


I wore my bag and carried the shopping nylon in another hand, we then ran out of the locker room.


I know I lost it downstairs as a result of the pushing..


“is this it??? Shantai shouted.


I turned back quickly,she laughed out loud.


“what sort of prank is that?” Dora said angrily.


I’m not joking tai-


I.said with a roll of my eyeballs.


“I think I found it” Eve said.


“I’m not joking” I said.


“I’m serious” she said.


I quickly turned,she was holding it in her hands.



“There’s punishment for not believing me” she smiled and kept the bangles in her purse.


I smiled and allowed it stay in her purse. We were out before the actual time.


Shantais car drove beside my car,


she whyned down my car,I also did mine…


“quickly catch” she said and through the bangles.


“thanks bestie” I said as I catch it.


I whyned up the window because of cold.


I will still have to see Mrs Claudia, maybe tomorrow since my mom called and told me she’s sick. I winder how she knows Mrs Claudia is sick when she’s at Australia.


perhaps they do call each other.




The car drove into Royal’s mansion,


I opened the car door and ran inside with my bag.


“welcome sugar!


the maids formed a long line as I entered.


I smiled and bowed slightly.


Their formalities is just too much.


“What should we get you?” a maid asked…


“what food should we serve?”


another Maid asked.


“should I call a therapist to massage your body?” another said.


“umm nothing…you can all go and rest,I can take care of myself”


I said politely and ran upstairs.




You can’t take care of yourself…


three maids rushed after me.


“Yes,I can” I said abs quickly got in.



I locked the door and dropped my bag on one of the empty chairs,the shopping nylon on the bed.


I plugged my phone first then laptop.


The door opened immediately I took off my jacket..


but I thought I locked it…


“madam,I brought your lunch?” the maid said with a smile…


“honey,thank you” I said and took the tray from her.


“you’re doing my job” she said…as she smiled.


“well ain’t Royal lucky???”


she said… i couldn’t drink my water. I look at her.


“he’s lucky to have you.I don’t usually get jealous of other ladies but I must admit my soul is jealous of you” she chuckled as she looked at me…


“Royal’s is every woman dreams, do you know how many ladies out their who are ready to meet out…”


she said….


“thank you” I replied.


“pretty,what’s your name? I’m Rose” she said.


“Krishna” I said..


“No,I love sweetheart” she said..


I smiled as I stood up.


“Do you know me already?” I asked.


“Yes….the old maids told me about you. Anyways,your hair is pretty.. do full,long


and curly” she smiled and entered the washroom.


She came back and helped me to select a white pink lined hello singlet and matching shorts.


I entered the washroom and later into the jacuzzi…


The warm water made me feel heavens…


I later creamed and wore the singlets and shorts.


I already checked time and I don’t think aunt mitchy will come today.


“madam don’t sleep,I am here to keep you engaged” she said.


I nodded and revised all what aunt mitchy told me…


I was feeling so sleepy,


she later left and I slept on the bed peacefully with the Ac on.


I didn’t even eat.




The sounds from the TV made me opened my eyes,I opened them halfly and met Royal inside.


His face suddenly came closer to me on the bed.


Am I dreaming????


Royal doesn’t come home 8pm…


I opened my eyes well,it was him.


His hairs were tied up with a white bracelet,it really look so tempting to touch.


“Babe” he said and kissed the side of my cheek.


His sweet scent made me work up entirely.


I feel like he should stay like that…


“Babe stay still” he whispered.


my heart pound faster.


I usually felt sweetness each time he whisper or so close to me.


He took my hands in his own,


I had the chance to look him very well,


the white top he wore suit him,


everything about him was just sooo attractive. His rings was two blacks… he really loves rings. The two little earring he wore glittered and sparkle, he wore a gold stoned slippers with a black trouser. Wealth overalls.


“Babe are you done looking at me?


he asked and touched my hair.


“sing for me” I said.


He smiled.



you’re unforgettable


“I need to get you alone.





stars to skies


symphonies to fireworks


Me to sweetheart




he whispered….


I smiled…what a voice..


I noticed he look twice handsome while singing.


He leaned closer and kissed my forehead,his hands brushed deep into my waist.


I tried holding my smile,he tapped me….


“we are going out” he said.


“honey where??? I asked.


He smiled and took his lips in.


He really enjoy watching me like a movie,I just noticed.


“Should I help you get up?”


he asked…


waaaattttt no-


my hands suddenly went to my chest. Thank goodness he already stood up pressing phone.


I quickly stood up.


My nipples~~


I had to cover them cos of how they looked in the singlet or else I might end up seducing somebody.


“Babe!!! he said and turned.


he took my hands away from my chest…




I backed him.


He chuckled and back hugged me, he was so close to me.


I felt shocked…. shocked as always.


aaaaaah why is he recently getting this way..


Anyways,am enjoying it but I felt lots of nervousness.He has never held me this


tight before….


He made me face him and his were still wrapped on my waist…




I used my palm to cover his eyes or else he will start watching my br**st like a movie in the singlet.


More reasons why I prefer cinderella singlet.


“Krish,I might get blind!


he said….I dropped


my hand,they went to my chest,he removed them.


I closed my eyes and allowed him watch…


“Don’t look too much” I said..and closed my eyes tight..


he kissed my eyes and I opened them…


I was soo nervous,


I hugged him to myself and allow him kiss my neck…


He kissed very slow and passionately.


it didn’t even feel like a kiss cos it was very strong…


“I can’t really talk but I hope you understand this” he said and ate deeply into my


lower lips…


“My promise,you will always be safe and you will never lack…


I will bath you with attention and oil you with money” he said and nibbled sweetly into my lips.


“Say something” he said,still kissing me…



I held him tight to myself by his waist… I was so nevorse…


He smiled into the kiss and took me up by my waist.


A sweet song played in my heart.


“I will love you without fear”


I said.


he smiled and dropped me down..



Beautiful Love Song


(as long as you gimme love )




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