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I smiled as I drop my glass of wine.


Xingzi likes Krishna,that’s rare because she hardly talks to people.


how come she suddenly develop interest in Krishna?


maybe because she’s looking classy.


I watch them talk,they were both smiling.


what can they be talking about??


And what is xing telling her that is making her laugh..


“I won’t deny the fact I’ve been staring at your thighs,it is as gorgeous as f**k, your


whole body is pure perfection..My brother has taste and class, he is very lucky.


Even dad said you’re nice and kind”


Xingzi smiled and hugged Krishna.


I smiled and took my phones,


Ladies can be soo unpredictable.


“Honey, how did my brother ask you out?” xing whispered excitedly into Krishna’s ear.


I heard it and look at them..




Krishna smiled and took a glance at me,she whispered something into xings ear.


“can I also hear?” Theila left my side and went to.their side.


“Awww,no,it’s not for small kids”


Xingzi said..


“Waaaaaaaaat! Theila crackled..


“Did you say yes immediately?”


Xingzi asked her.


Krish blushed shly..


“umm no,I gave him a reply one month after! krish said.


“ummm so you actually gave him suspense right?…..


Royal I sight you” xing said.


“When is the right time to have s£x in a relationship? Xingzi asked loudly.




Five years into the relationship”


Krishna said.


I choked on my wine..


“is that not too long?” Xingzi asked.


Krishna smiled and said something into Xingzi ear.


I really want to hear what they are talking about,and Theila too she wants to hear.


“Sweetheart,say it very well,I want to hear” Theila said.


“can’t you hear,I said it’s not for small children! xingzi said.




What’s Krishna telling Xingzi that is taking so long.


“what’s she telling you?” I stood up separate the two of them,I took Xingzi to my side…


“what’s she telling you?” I asked.


the both of them started laughing.


“Royal,it’s not for boys!


xingzi said and kiss my cheeks.


She left me and went back to Krishna


“but am a girl” Theila crackled.


“umm go to.your room” Xingzi said.


Theila walk up the stairs,


her nanny gave her lemonade drink,


she collected it and came back to my side. I saw mom,she was looking at both Krishna and Xingzi,


They are acting like they’ve known each other before.


Xingzi sent me a text.




Royal,how did you get to woo this girl, I need better explanation because she’s too pure and innocent for you-




* Jeezzz,are thighs are honey…


you’re really a bad guy.I hope you don’t damage her legs on bed,be careful okay,I


can see her bones are softly….




Thirdly,I dont want her as your girlfriend,I want her as your wife….


You better take care of her verrrrrry verrry well…


Anyways,you deserve someone like her,don’t break her heart. I see she loves you.




Lastly,am sorry for the other day….


I read what she sent,


She came to my side and hugged me….


“Always try to check on us every weekends And besides you didn’t buy me anything,you got many things for Theila. I want to change my phone and car”


she said.


I smiled And arranged her hair behind her ears.


“I will order them! I said.


She stood up And jump up excitedly.


“I want something too” Theila raise her little fingers.


“what do you want?” I made a cute baby face.


“I want a baby…mom said she can’t give birth again that I should tell you” Theila said…




Krishna and I look at each other.


“I want the baby tomorrow.I won’t talk to you if you don’t give me a baby. Aunt sweetheart,I will not play with you if you don’t gimme a baby,I want a baby to play with,my friend does not allow me carry her baby sister” Theila said.


“I will play with you”


Xingzi said.


Mom started laughing…


“I’m not joking and in fact I want two babies,I will be the first person to hold them.I won’t allow anybody touch them,I will be bathing for them” little Theila said…


mom smiled and took Krishna’s hand,she place a little box on it.


I smiled and stood up,


Xingzi escorted u


s to the car..


This is what I had always wanted that money never got me…


Although I am wealthy but these is the greatest joy I have ever felt.


That joy of seeing someone who would be honest and loyal to you……


Someone who you can trust…


Someone who would be more of an helper….


Maybe dad was right when he said, someone like Krishna can make a man more wealthy with her brains.


And that’s why,


I love her soooo much.


I want her to spend my money anyhow she likes..


Does she even know I am investing into an industry in her name??? I wonder what her reaction would be when she hear it from me…


And Theila,


she wants a baby from us.


Sooo funny.



“Best,I love your family.. .


Theila is sooo adorable, I enjoy carrying her on my laps.And Xingzi, she’s pretty,your mom is nice” krish said ..


“Theila wants a baby from us”


I said and look into her face…


“Best,you’re driving” she said..


“Theila wants baby from us” I said again.


She blushed and face the window..


“Am I also going to wait for five years? I asked her.


“umm……I’m scared,my mom.


I can’t do anything without her.I will tell her first because she is the one who gave me to you” she replied and blinked her lashes cutely.


I look at her.


I took my lips in and smiled.I like the type of fear she has for her mom..


It shows her upbringing was well monitored.


I look at her again, she already slept.


I did her neck very well as I drove in,it was already 12pm and her bedtime is 8pm.I hope she doesn’t feel discomfort sleeping like that.


I carried her up in my arms while the guards handled her bag and my phones. “master welcome!


the head maid said and collect Krishna,the maids assisted her in talking her upstairs.


“Sir Royal, an intruder is outside,he requested for you” a guard said. who can that be???


I followed the guard out, though it was at mid night..


“Marley Junior!


the person said immediately I got outside the gate.


my soul was really in suspense.


I wanted to turn on my phone touch, he said I shouldn’t do that.



I wonder if the person is seeing me..


“Marley,my highness!!! he said and touch my hairs……his tears fell ad he did that…


I wonder if this person knows what he’s doing.


“I’m not Best Marley,I’m Royal Sugar”


I said….


“my lord,you’re that stream-


he stopped speaking when something beeped on his body. An alarm I guess.


He shifted back,I was sooo confused.


“I don’t really have much time,i hope you understand this sooner,that lady you are with will make you understand my craftiness because I wouldn’t have meet you if not for her” he said and started moving back.




“explain better,who are you,I’m not Marley” I said.


“who are you? I asked.


“Someone you wouldn’t know,I was your protector right from your birth, my


ancestors wear slaves to serve….


he stopped talking and ran away..


Gosh, is something really wrong with me….


this is how an elderly man mistook me for Marley.


Who is Marley?.


why are people calling me Marley?.


I look over to my guards and rushed in,I opened the box mom packed for Krishna, they are bangles, waist beads, bracelets and lots of anklets inside. The head maid came and took it away.


I followed her into Krishna’s room.


“Do you want anything?” she asked.


“Not really” I replied and call dad,I told him about the thing,he smiled and didn’t talk much.



The head maid arranged Krishna’s jewelry box and kept a big glass jar of milk beside her bed,she left.


I look over to Krishna on the bed.I took off her duvet.


what type of temptation is this????


I look her very well,


she was crazily well set…


Her hips was thick down to her mid laps,her waist was narrow and it made the waist beads stood firmly…


And her nipples,it stuck out hardly to the blue night wear, I felty hand going there.


what was I thinking?


I touched her lips instead and satisfy my desires with her skin which was without a blemish,I leaned into her and kissed her forehead,


she rolled into me and rested her head well on my chest and cluth my top….


I saw her br**sts,the night wear was kind of loose..


Her pink nipples drove me crazy, I was tempted to grab them..




I checked if she was really sleeping and yes she was.


I smiled and kissed her passionately, I tickled those pink nipples well….


She smiled in sleep and held me tight,she pouted nicely


“ouuuch,it hurts” she gasped.


I left her when I knew she would wake…


I wanted to stand,


I mistakenly brush my hands into her hips down to the base of her buttocks.


Those shocks made me want to return my hand back to her br**st, I enjoy touching there.


“I will take care of you okay” I said.


I covered her well and left to arrange the money I scattered on my bed.


I got to my room,the sight of the .money I wanted to arrange gave me headache….


God really decides to punish me with wealth.






ohhh goodness,


I slept off again,I didn’t even read chemistry 201!!!


I was just busy searching on how to know who a goddess is.


I wonder why that science subject was added to our lectures..


it’s a music and moddelling training camp,they just want us to know little about science.


I took my phone and checked what today’s outfit would be…


General uniform with shorts…only Han Lilly and the celebrity girls wears skirt ~ signed Lilly.


I got dressed in what Lilly choose. I really like her choice of outfits, she usually find means of differentiating her worth from ordinary students…. It would be soo fun today,


I just pray Nina won’t try the shit she did on Group website openly…it’s so certain to the student that Lilly is living a fake life. There are lots of proove that Royal is in love with Krishna but students are still shocked. There are so gonna be lots of revolution in school today.



I got to school,


students were really in a confused states, the school compound was in disorder,students aren’t looking pretty,the outfit Lilly choose for them was. nothing to write home about.


Gosh, most students look like stick in those shorts…..



I don’t like this outfit at all…


why will Lilly act like this..



Lilly liar,everything she do post on website was fake…



Dice high queen or queen of liar.


Nina blasted her in the group web,she isn’t with Royal,there are lots of proves Krishna meant a lot to Royal….


I heard rumors…


Lilly’s car drove in,she stepped out with pride,her outfits suit her best and she’s just so different.


Nina car also drove in….


She step out of her car.


Lilly liar!!!!!! Nina shouted..


“Nina stopppp!!! Lilly shouted..


“You flaunt money anyhow not updating how you make it,you trynna look best,I’m very sure you would look like an ape if you’re wearing what other students are wearing…


You’re sooo fake!!!


Nina shouted into her microphone. .


“This is what I can use of power”


Lilly replied..


“Enormous pride! Nina said.


They started exchanging words…


Everybody turned back suddenly…


silence was everywhere,


Nina and Lilly stop exchanging words and turn back, Lilly looked so shocked.


I also turned back, jeeez!


Ohhh my Gaaaaaaad!!!! two girls shouted and fainted…


I was also shocked at what I saw.




extraordinary everyday…


what did they see????


Best gueser award✉✉✉✉✉


Genus where are you?.




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