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mhesha Daniel’s…..



After practicing for a long time,I drop my script in a frustrating manner since I already know that I will be the loser in the finals.


I wipe my face with a face wipe and started packing my loads.I wore a soft simple hairwarmer and plunge in my headset on the warmer just to listen to Nanare’s audition song.


The song has been my favorite ever since she won.


My only wish is to see her and beg her but I don’t think that wish will be granted because as it stands,there will be more securities all over her.


I just wish I can see her before finals even if it will be once,just to say sorry


I walked sluggishly and stopped at the entrance of Sebastien’s office. I wonder what he is discussing….


he had been there for good six hours.



I leaned forward and peeped through the tiny hole and listened to the low conversing voices.


Sebastian wse sitting on the swaying chair while Tom and one other guy are backing the door..


it was damn difficult to recognize who the other guy was because his hairs were embroider in a fancy cap and his entire face was masked.



it will go well.I am really trying my best to confuse Richie Miles… I confused and fooled both boyfriend and girlfriend till they dance to my tune…even Scott..I’m confusing him also….Alberto is also confused because I lied to him that two mhesha’s will be competing in the finals” Tom said in a whisper.


“ummm,am confused!!


“two mhesha????


“how can there be two mhesha???


“am the only mhesha competing in the finals.


who is the second mhesha again???


this is confusing.



here is a proff!!!


tom said and brought out a wide thing like banner.


This three people really want their industry to win the final challenge” I shakes my head as tom widen the banner.


“DCQ vs Six stars” was the heading on the banner.


Nanare’s cute picture appeared under six stars badge while mine is under dcq….but


with a lot of changes.


Everything about me in the banner is not true,it is fake.


I am not the mhesha in the banner,


I am not as beautiful as the banner described…every damn thing is as a result of the editing.



this is absolutely good! I can’t wait seeing dcq winning in the challenge and Richie loosing his presidential Post” Sebastine said.


the third guy smirks…


I wonder why he is not speaking.


if he had spoken,I would have recognized who he really is and might tell Richie what they are planning about him.


The masked guy handed sebastine his phone by standing up.


I spotted a gun on the side of his waist belt.



are they planning against Richie?


ohh no,my Richie must not die!!


my legs started shaking…..



He deserves what so ever we are doing,I can’t wait to see him going


down….since Damien said it is time to announce him officially,I think he should


get killed in the next 23hours..


Announcing him like that will bring in many things…


Darmien will allow his name enter that golden book of Indian again…..


like wide fire,he might break that record of the most popular….


And lastly,if he should take over that post,there will be miles version 3, that simply means Indians might make his son the next heir again! the unknown guy smirks.

I covered my mouth…..



our main target is Nanare…. who knows if Richie must have…. you ….know….


you understand”


Tom said in a manner that I can’t comprehend.


Killing Nanare will make Richie weak.


He will withdraw whatever business he have with six stars,he might even travel out without coming to India anymore….



one of them must die” the third guy said.


even Scott!!!!




I shouted in a horrible voice.


they all turn back.



“who’s there??? sir sebastine asked.


I ran away before they will even think of opening the door.


I did not even run far when I stumbled and fell..


“why me??????


“why am I sooooooo unlucky???


I cried out immediately Tom and the other guy show face.


Sir sebastine showed face also.


“did you hear what we discuss???


tom asked,almost choking me to death.


“leave her!!!


the masked said and pull off his mask and I swear it was…………….


“ohhh no!!!!


“mhesha wake up!!!!!


I close my eyes…my heart was beating and grinding hard.


“you must have heard about what we discussed…. well,Xavier(the same powerful


lawmaker) that you know sent us….he leaked out all what you don’t know about


Richie’s wealth…


He told us is weak point too…..”


he pouted a bad boy smile and pull off his mask finally.




I shouted my lings out….


he smiled and grabbed my hair.


“am not dear..nothing happened to me.Xavier planned a rescue team for me.. I am still the same Dylan and I am back to finish what I started.


“hope you understand????


he asked and pointed out a gun to my neck…




I shouted and placed my fingers on my lips.


“no one will hear! he said.


I started crying…..


I cried for Richie,


I cried for Scott,.


I cried for Nanare and Nanara because I might not have the chance to tell them the sorry that I have always wished to say to them.


“Xavier paid me for this…you will be sorry if anyone should hear this” Dylan whispered and walk out on me with Tom and sir sebastine.


I suddenly felt bad….


I feel like helping someone in my life but I don’t think it will possible….


“our informant will be following you everywhere you go…I don’t trust you. I know you like Richie and you might want to inform him!!


Tom smirks…I started crying….








what I feel was a bad Aurora!!


I feel kinda sad……


my inner mind keep saying something is not right!!!!


I hissed and rushed to the kitchen,I drank a glass of cold water and wanted to drop the glass cup back,it slipped and shattered on the floor. The cracking sound made me shiver.


I shut my eyes and rushed back to the living room.



princess are you alright??


princess Nana……


what’s happening???


the maids mumbled.


“nothing” I replied and bite my lips with my teddy wrapped all over my body.



“what happen dear???


my mom asked while patting my back.


“Nanare…..I feel like Dylan wanted to shoot her on her tommy” I replied. She




“he is dead! she replied.


Just then,four cars drove in.


Am very sure it is my dad. He is back with Scott.


“Nara take it easy” mom said.


I stood up and rushed to the parking lots…I still have that same unusual feeling about Nanare.


“dad,Nanare is not safe!


I said.


“nothing is going to happen” he replied and pat my shoulders.


Now,no one believes me…..


I turned back dejectedly and cried silently.


“Babe,I think Scott is alive”


Scott ruffed his hair.


I smiled. At least,there’s someone that believes me.


“no worries,I already inform Richie and we have planned a research team with


some detectives…Nanare won’t die” Scott said….


my heart melted…


“don’t think anything!!


he cautioned and took me in a bridal style in front of my mom and dad.






Paula’s p.o.v…..


I am the happiest girl right now…


Kelvin is just so cute,I hope he forgives me for toying with his feelings.



I gasped immediately his car drove into his mansion.I know it is not up to my family’s home but at least,it should be among the top sixth.


“where I stay” he smiled and played the gentle man role by opening the car door.I quickly fake sleep because I really want him to carry me that same way Richie usually carry nare.


He took his lips in and carried me in that exact way…


“hunn,he can carry me!!!


I smiled cuz I know I have weight.


His colonge filled my nostrils with the way he lift me up.


I opened my eyes immediately we entered the living room.


He took me up the stairs….I widened my eyes and scanned everything I saw.


“Kelvin, kiss me!


I said.He smiled…I think he knows that am a spoilt brat.


“do it!!! I requested.


He dropped me and held me by my waist.


“are you sure??? he asked with an innocent look…


“yes” I nodded…


He fondled the side of my br**sts..


I opened my mouth in a moan.


we kissed deeply.


He playfully circled his fingers on the sides of my hips,making me moan carelessly into the kiss.I raised my hands all over his neck and deepened the kiss.


I shivered in sweetness and unlock from the kiss,I look into his face and said “sorry”.


I really did a bad thing by playing hard to get.


He smiled and moved his lips into mine again…


“i found happiness!!! he whispered and ran away. I ran after him.




“dad,we need to eliminate that girl or else this house won’t contain the both of us!!! Valerie scorned.


It is her wish to be with Richie cuz she knows that the Miles family are still the next to rule Indian…


She wants to marry Richie, so that she will be the one to give birth to the next heir, she wants to be seen as the next first lady.


That was the plan….


I told Richie, he gave in but Valerie f**ked up big time and ran away…


And now,she’s back to take Richie back but it is kinda late because I and myself knows how Richie loves Nare.


“dad, do it fast!!!! Valerie snapped.


“I’m doing it!


I replied with guilt tearing me apart.


Does Richie deserves this????


I shakes my head and waited for Dylan…..


He came in with the hacking machine…


“hack his account and let’s share whatever money that is there”


Valerie said.


“whatttttt!!! I gasped.


“what what??? dad stop playing hard to get,you know Richie’s secret code. Tell us right away” Valarie requested.


“tell us and let’s do it fast”


Dylan added.


I swallowed into nothing.




I said the secret code with fear.


does Richie really deserves this?????


Swears that kid trust me a lot!!!!


“waooowww dad,you rock!!!


Valerie shouted immediately she saw the huge worth Richie has in his account….


“what if we rock in punishment???


“Richie Miles doesn’t forgive easily!!


I said.Valerie twisted her mouth.


Dylan was about clicking on transfer,


the hacking machine suddenly went off…..








miles version 3




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