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Episode 9



A few minutes after, Funmi walked in with some files. She dropped them quietly on her boss’ table noticing his mood.


“Mr. Ademi. I thought you would need this.” She said and dropped a book on his table.




He raised an eyebrow at her.


“What?” She asked innocently. “You seem to be having a hard time.”


When she left, he groaned loudly in





Abena lay on her bed bored out of her mind. She had watched t.v, tidied up the house, walked around the house, and there was nothing to do.


What kind of house this big had no fun stuff.


And no bananas too.


She walked out of her room looking for something to do for the fifth time. She walked past a room, then walked back to look at it. She opened the door slowly and saw that it was Tobi’s study.


‘Don’t touch anything.’ He had said.


She shrugged. Its not like she was going to.



After a while, she left and walked to the sitting room. She looked around studying the furniture.


Why was his arrangement so boring? Who was this man’s interior decorator? Probably him.


An idea came to her mind and her lips


curved into a wide grin.



Tobi entered into his house with a briefcase in one hand, and a bag of groceries that he had asked Funmi to get in another.


“Abena! I got you bananas!” He called as he walked straight into the kitchen. As he dropped the groceries on the kitchen island, his eyes flickered back to the sitting room. Everything looked wrong.


Abena walked down wearing a pair of shorts and an oversized shirt. He ignored the hungry look in her eyes and walked back to the sitting room while she rummaged through the bag for the bananas.


A wave of rage swept through him. “Abena.


What did you do?” He asked lowly.


“The place looked odd, so I decided to give it a new look, besides, I was bored to death! You like it shay?” She asked with her mouth full.

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“I specifically told you not to touch anything. Especially not my furniture.” He said trying to be calm.


“But the place needs a new look. The way it



was before wasn’t really nice.” She argued. “You pushed furniture, while you are pregnant with my baby, and you broke a rule. Are you trying to piss me off?” He asked.


She raised her hands in surrender. “No.




“You could have fallen down, or hurt yourself. You can’t keep on doing things without thinking now, my baby is inside of you!” He snapped.


“The furniture wasn’t heavy. You can put it back. I was just bored. Your house has nothing to do.” She sighed wearily. “There’s a pool at the back Abena. And a game room somewhere around. I have a cinema room too. You could have just called me to ask.” He said touching the bridge of his nose.




“I don’t have your phone number.” She




“I saved it on your phone yesterday.” He said. “Well I didn’t know. Sorry.” She said quietly and started walking towards the stairs.


“Don’t get angry Abena. I just like my things the way they are.” He called after her.


“Well change is good sometimes too.” He heard her say before she disappeared up the stairs.



He groaned in frustration and followed her. “You’re not a child you know! You can’t keep on acting like one!” He shouted. “Well then stop treating me like one!” She retorted raising her voice.


“I would treat you like an equal if you’d just follow the goddamn rules.” He shouted standing in front of her room.


“You have no right to give me rules. You may be paying me to carry your child, but I’m not a prisoner here. Stop treating me like one.” She hissed.


“Who said you were a prisoner? You can go out anytime you want.” He groaned. “Really?” Her eyes lit up.


“I never said not to leave the house Abena. You can go out whenever you want. Just be careful.” He said calmly.


“Oh thank you, thank you, thank you!” She squealed jumping up and down and then coming over to engulf him in a quick hug. He looked at her in confusion and amusement.


What just happened?





“Tobi wake up.” Abena whined while hitting him roughly on his arm.


“Go away.” He mumbled and looked away. “Wake up you lazy a-s billionaire.” She hissed, shaking his shoulders.



“For a pregnant woman, you’re too violent. Go away Abena.” He mumbled wearily. He muttered some incoherent words and shut his eyes firmly.


Abena groaned in frustration and stomped her feet against the floor like a child. “I’m hungry.” She whined while grabbing a pillow and hitting his head repeatedly.


He muttered a couple of colourful words before grabbing the pillow and throwing it far from her. He turned away from her again and shut his eyes. “I have a kitchen for a reason.”


“I know. But I want corn flakes.” She said while looking around the room, looking for another weapon.


“Well it’s not here.” He groaned.


“I know. It’s on the top shelf.” She




“How is this my problem?” He said through gritted teeth, obviously annoyed.


“I can’t reach it na. Don’t be such an ode.” She said but she got no reply. She moved closer to his face and noticed that he fell asleep.


Groaning in frustration, she looked around the room and her gaze wandered to the bathroom. A smile suddenly lit up her face and she walked into it grinning.



Moments later, Tobi yelped and jumped out of the bed soaking wet. He glared at Abena who smiled at him in return. She placed her hands on her hips and grinned triumphantly, obviously pleased with her achievement. He ignored her and walked to his closet,


rummaging it for another t shirt. He


removed the wet one, and Abena savored


the few seconds before he wore the other


one. She composed herself and looked at


him confidently.


“Lead the way Mr. Ademi.” She said and he glared at her even harder.


He stomped past her angrily and down the stairs while she followed behind, smiling sweetly. As he reached for the carton of corn flakes in the shelf, she stopped him. “What?” He snapped but she didn’t look intimidated at all. She looked like she was enjoying it.


“I changed my mind, I don’t want cereal. I want a sandwich please.” She asked sweetly.


“Why didn’t you just make one? The sandwich maker is right there.” He growled while pointing at the machine.


“Well you made really amazing ones two days ago and I really wanted you to make me some but I didnt know how to tell you so I thought hard and hard and hard and hard and then I decided to just trick you into it since I dont know how you made them and you won’t answer me if I just asked you



normally. And I woke up very hungry and craving the sandwich and-”


“If I make you a sandwich, will you stop


talking to me?” He asked cutting off her




She nodded sweetly and he grumbled some words before getting the bread and the other ingredients. Abena was sure to catch the words ‘annoying pregnant woman’, and ‘no sleep… all Joseph’s fault.’


She bit back a chuckle and sat on a stool.


“Do you need any help?” She asked.




Shrugging, she walked to the sitting room and slumped on the chair. She picked the remote and started surfing through the channels looking for something to watch. After a while, she settled on an African Magic movie but was not really concentrating on it.


To be continued…












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