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Episode 8



“I couldn’t sleep. You know, pregnancy and stuff.” She shouted over the music.


“Abena.” He warned but she just smiled. “Sorry, I can’t hear you. Speak louder.” She shouted again. He walked towards the speakers and turned them off.


“What do you think you’re doing?! Its the middle of the night, I have work to do tomorrow and you’re playing music, at this time!” He barked but she didn’t flinch at his outburst.


“You have work tomorrow? And you’re awake at this time of the night. If you want to remain a billionaire, you have to sleep well Tobi. Or you won’t be able to work well. Off you go.” She said gesturing with her hands, smiling innocently at him.


He groaned in frustration. He should have known better than to give her rules, and now she was getting back at him. He sighed and rubbed his temple. He couldn’t let her win and give her the satisfaction.


“Abena.” He said softly. “I have work tomorrow and I really need to go to bed.” He said slowly, talking to her as if he was



talking to a little child that was throwing a tantrum.


“Well I’m not stopping you. Go on to bed na.” She grinned.


“I can’t sleep with all this noise for crying out loud. Can’t you just act reasonably for once. You haven’t spent one day in this house and you’ve broken a rule. This is my house, and everything would go the way I want it to.” He barked at her, his patience running thin.


She looked at him with a small smile and a raised eyebrow. “So…”


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He stared at her baffled. “So? So go to bed and stop playing music.” He ordered. She looked at him expectantly.


seven seventy eight eighty seven.


“What?” He asked confused.


“The magic word. You can’t order me around. You don’t own me. So say the magic word.” She said with a grin plastered across her face.


He gave an exasperated sigh. “Abena. Please go to bed and switch off the music.” He said softly. He was tired, his eyes were heavy, and he couldn’t argue with her anymore.


“You can’t order every one around you


know. You don’t own me! Don’t give me



rules! Stop treating me like… like a…” She paused and stared at him. Tears welled up in her eyes and he froze.


He didn’t comfort crying women, and


definitely not pregnant ones.


“What’s another word for object?” She asked looking confused.


“A thing?” He said slowly.


“Yes! Stop treating me like a thing! I’m not a thing! I’m Abena! A person like you. Treat me with respect.” She shouted slapping her palms against his chest. She went on and


on slapping his chest and saying incoherent words while he stood there just looking at her.


He held her hands in place and sighed. “I’m sorry Abena.” He said surprising himself. He never apologized, to anyone.


She looked up at him with her glassy eyes. He just realised that her eyes were brown. Her hair was messy and it fell on her face, he couldn’t help but think of the fact that they were alone in that room. And even in pregnancy, she looked s£xier than the other models he had been with. He gazed at her night dress and her ebony skin, desire evident in his eyes.


Ignoring how tempting she looked in her dark blue flimsy night dress, he placed her hands down beside her. She cleared her throat and walked towards the bed, laying down and covering herself with the blanket.



“Abeg close the door and switch the lights off.” She said casually before shutting her eyes tightly.


After tidying the place up quietly, he left the room. But not before whispering good night.


The next morning, Abena sang in the shower… really loud. Tobi tried to ignore her as he got ready for work, but it was very hard to do when she was singing Whitney Houston’s I Will Always Love You totally off key. Grumbling out of frustration, he hurriedly dressed up and went downstairs to get to work.


She came down a few minutes after with an innocent smile on her face. “Good morning.” She said with a chirpy tone.


“Why are you like this?” He replied frowning. “Like what? I didn’t do anything.” She shrugged and started rummaging through the kitchen. “You don’t have bananas.” “Well I have apples, oranges, and watermelon.” He pointed out.


“I know. But no bananas. I need bananas Tobi. Please get me bananas.” She pleaded. “Whatever. I need to leave.” He muttered before picking his briefcase and walking out on her and the triumphant smirk plastered on her face.



“She’s so annoying! God! She hasn’t even spent up to a week at my house, and she’s broken almost every rule that I gave her.-”



“You gave her rules?” Joseph asked with a small smile on his face.


“Of course yes! Its my house! Everything must go the way I say it should go. She was playing music in the middle of the night, and it was so d–n loud. Ah ahn! Abi is it bad that I gave her rules?” Tobi asked as he scribbled his signatures angrily on some files Joseph brought for him.


“Yes, it actually is.” Joseph stated still




“And she’s always eating. My kitchen was almost empty this morning. Especially bananas. What’s it with the bananas anyway?” Tobi asked glaring at his friend. “Pregnant woman cravings.” Joseph shrugged.


“This was all your idea, and now it’s your fault that I’m going completely crazy.” Tobi grumbled while shoving the files into Joseph’s hands.


“And so d–n emotional. When I told her to put off the music, one moment she was smiling, then she wanted to cry.” Tobi complained as he switched on his laptop. Joseph just smiled at him while spinning on his swivel chair.


“It’s mood swings. You should have read about pregnant women before bringing one into your house na.” Joseph smirked. “Shut up. Wasn’t it your idea? Now I’m suffering.” Tobi said dramatically. “Why are


you smiling sef?”


“Do you like her?”


“Were you even listening while I was talking?


Are you serious?” Tobi asked angrily. Joseph raised his hands in surrender. “Just asking. You’ve been talking about her since I walked into your office.”


“I don’t. She’s a pain in everything.”


“If you say so. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got lawyer stuff to do.” He replied standing up.


“It’s still your fault. And it’s not even in the contract.” Tobi pointed out.


“Well, she’s carrying your child so you should be nicer. And more accommodating. Don’t make her cry, or sad, or depressed.” Joseph warned still standing in front of the table.


“What do you think I am? An ogre?” Tobi raised an eyebrow.


“To her, probably. Its not good for the baby’s health. You have to make her happy. All the time. Start with an endless supply of bananas. She’ll appreciate it.” Joseph advised before stepping out.










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