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This story is a total work of fiction and any similar event is sorely coincidental.


Hope you all enjoy my little effort.




The bachelor’s life was easy…


Wait, let me rephrase that.


The bachelor’s life for Tobi Ademi was easy.


As the third richest man in Nigeria, all he had to worry about was making more money and avoiding his nagging mother.


Every morning, he woke up in his 160 million naira mansion, and went for his morning run around his 75 billion naira estate in Lekki.


After his run, he always made a smoothie, and he never failed to add a little bit of brandy to it.


Then he would go to work, without having breakfast. After work, he would have lunch, sometimes with his best and only friend or sometimes in the office when the paperwork was too much.


After work, he would go back home, sometimes with a hot model clinging to his arm, or sometimes alone.

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On Saturdays, he hung out at any of his many clubs or at the Quillox Club playing golf; sometimes he was visited by his mother with a young girl behind her. The ageing woman hoped that her son would fall for any of the women she brought to his house.


So you see, Tobi had a routine, and one that wasn’t to be broken, especially not by a nagging wife. He was in control of everything, and that was exactly how he liked it.



“Guy, I’m going to be late, again, because of you.” Tobi complained as loud as he could while trying to ignore the screaming children in the background.


“Patience is a virtue you lack.” Joseph pointed out.


Joseph was Tobi’s childhood and only friend. They attended the same schools all the way from nursery to university. Now, he was Tobi’s only friend and lawyer. “Well, forcing crying children to get ready for school isn’t something worth my patience.” Tobi retorted.


“So this is why my children hate you.” Joseph mumbled loud enough for Tobi to hear while he struggled with his son, trying to make the five year old put on his shoes.


“You two should get going or you’ll be late.”


Joseph’s wife, Dera, walked in all dressed up for work in a green dress that ended just above her knees.


“You’ll be able to manage?” Joseph asked struggling with his tie not noticing Tobi roll his eyes.


“They are my children, so obviously yes.


Now go, before Tobi kills us both.” She joked while helping her husband with his tie.


“Nice to see you too Dee.” Tobi said sarcastically with a hint of humour in his voice.


“I can’t wait for you to get a new car.” Tobi said as they exited the house. “You’ll definitely miss my company.” Joseph teased. “I prefer my silence.” Tobi replied dryly.


“Don’t forget to get the milk hun!” They heard Dera call from inside. “I won’t!” Joseph replied.


“Yet they ask why I’m not married.” Tobi muttered as he started the car.


“See, this is why you have no friends, except for the fact that I decided to pity you by giving me mine, you always say the wrong things.” Joseph pointed out. “What did I say wrong?” Tobi asked with a raised eyebrow.


“Tell me, what’s wrong with marriage now?” Joseph asked.


“Everything. You’re limited to one woman, you have no silence, women talk too much, expect too much and nag too much.” Tobi shrugged nonchalantly.













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