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Episode 5





“Since I own the hospital.” Tobi pointed out. Rolling his eyes, Joseph continued to speak. “If you don’t get pregnant after three tries, the contract would be terminated. If you


lose the pregnancy, the contract would be terminated but you would keep the money you’ve earned till that point. You would be required to visit his doctor on appointed dates given to you once you conceive, and after you conceive, Mr. Ademi would not see you until you’re six months pregnant, just to check on you and all. You would not do any form of tedious work that would put the baby’s health in danger, only desk work is allowed. After you give birth, you would never look for the baby, or even hold him or her-”


“Preferably a ‘her’” Tobi cut in.


“As I was saying,” Joseph continued while shooting Tobi a glare. “You would not take part of the baby’s life, just give birth and disappear. Is there anything you would like to add?”


“No, nothing.” Abena said quietly suddenly losing her confidence and the contract was placed in front of her. She held the pen and stared at the papers in front of her.



“Just sign here, and we’re good to go.” Joseph said pointing at the dotted lines. She drew a breath in and contemplated on whether to do it or not. It would be great to have the 40 million naira that would take all her problems away, but having a baby? That was an important thing to do, and it would be her first time. Her first child, would she be able to give it away?


Would she be able to go through nine months of pregnancy, and childbirth, just to have her own child taking away, bought for a sum of 40 million naira. She would be selling her child!


But won’t it be worth it. For the one in the hospital, the one she has to save. It was a sacrifice she would have to make.


Tobi tapped his fingers on the table impatiently. “Having second thoughts?” He asked with a scowl on his face. “If you can’t do it, I won’t mind. I’ll just find someone else who-”


“Who said anything about second thoughts?” She snapped before scribbling her signature on the paper and handing it over to Tobi. Tobi scribbled his signature quickly with a confident smirk on his face before looking at her. She rolled her eyes and looked away, fighting the urge to wipe the smirk off his handsome face.


She had just made a deal with a devil, a


handsome devil.



“I have to be in court in… thirty minutes.” Joseph said while placing the contracts in a briefcase. “You guys can fix your next appointment. I’ll see you. And don’t worry, I’ve called an Uber.” Joseph said patting Tobi on his shoulder.


“What appointment?” Abena asked after Joseph left. They were alone in an hotel room and Abena rid her mind of the thoughts of all the things that could happen.


“Babies don’t just appear you know, you


have to make them.” Tobi said pouring


himself a glass of red wine.


“I’m not going to sleep with you!” Abena


blurted out and Tobi plastered an amused


smile on his face.


“I’ve told you that won’t be necessary. We would make the baby through artificial insemination. You’ll just put the thing in yourself and thats it. Just meet me here by this time next week for the stuff.” He said. “Thing? Stuff? Abeg be more specific?” She asked with confusion written across her face.


“You know, the thing.” He gestured but she shook her head still confused.


“Argh, so naive. The semen, sperm, the


thing that makes babies.” He gave an


exasperated sigh.


“Oh. Okay.” She said uncomfortably. “I’ll be






Abena walked into the hotel room and saw Tobi sitting with a satisfied smile on his lips. How could he be so… jolly, when she was still unsure about what she was doing.


“It’s inside. Don’t spill it or anything. I worked hard for that.” He instructed and she scrunched her nose in disgust.

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“Keep the details to yourself abeg.” She


said while dropping her bag on the couch


and going into the room.


She came back after a while and he stared at her hopefully. “I’ve done it. Calm down. Now what?”


“Now, we wait. You better get pregnant.”



Tobi and Joseph sat on the couch in the Presidential Suite drinking wine. “Don’t drink too much. We have to keep the remaining for the celebration.” Tobi said.


“I thought you use champagne to celebrate?” Joseph asked revealing a bottle of champagne.


“Oh, you’re amazing! Where is she anyway. We agreed to meet here by 11:30.” He asked while checking his watch.


“Dude, calm down. It’s just 11:20. She still has ten minutes.” Joseph said.


“This had better work.” Tobi muttered. “Why? Having cold feet? Don’t think your sperm is good enough?” Joseph teased. “Excuse me! My sperm is better. I’m a sharp



shooter, you should know that. I don’t miss.” Tobi boasted.


“How would I know that? Do I sleep with you?” Joseph rolled his eyes.


“Whatever. Sharp shooters don’t miss. You’ll see.” He said. Joseph opened his mouth to speak but Abena walked in.


“Finally. What took you so long?” Tobi asked standing up. “It’s not even 11:30 yet. Calm down.” She said irritated.


He handed her a couple of pregnancy test strips and Joseph handed her some more. “Read the instructions and do exactly as it says. They said you can’t rely on one so use all of this.” Tobi said dumping them on her. She looked at him with an amused smile. “They say it one red line for pregnant.” He added.


“No you idiot. It’s two.” Joseph cut in. “What do you know. Have you ever gotten pregnant?” Tobi snapped. “I have two kids you idiot. It’s two lines.” Joseph retorted. Abena raised her hand to speak but they didn’t notice her. “I don’t care if you have ten kids. I heard that it was one line.” Tobi said glaring at his friend.


“From who? An idiot like you? Look Abena its two lines. Use like five of them.” Joseph said without looking at Abena.


“This is my baby. I give the instructions, not you. Use six of them.” Tobi said.





“Guys!” Abena spoke up and they looked at her. “First of all, its two lines. And I don’t need all of this. I already did it.” She announced.


“And?” Tobi asked with a hopeful look on his face. “I’m pregnant. Two red lines.” She said with a smile on her face.


Tobi laughed in excitement. “Yes! What did I tell you? Sharp shooter baby!” He grinned as Joseph engulfed him in a hug.


“Congratulations man.” He said with a smile. “Are you guys gay?” Abena asked curiously. “Ew, no.”


“I’m married with kids woman.” “Good. I wouldn’t want you to end up in prison, you can’t pay me from there.” She said laughing at their expressions. It was surprising how he could be so serious and then later, be so playful. When he smiled, he looked beautiful, she wondered why he didn’t do that when he was out in the public.


“Well, go in there, and give me two red lines, again.” Tobi instructed with a playful smile plastered across his face.


She rolled her eyes, still smiling, and took a strip before going into the bathroom. Tobi laughed again and sat on the couch.


Joseph sat beside him. After sitting a


comfortable silence for a few minutes,


Joseph asked “How do you feel?”


“Great. I’m going to be a father.” Tobi





“So the end justifies the means?” Joseph asked. “I thought you were happy for me.” Tobi asked his smile disappearing.


“I am. Its great that I’m going to have a




“And who said you’ll be the child’s godfather?” Tobi asked playfully, changing the subject.


“Hey! That’s not fair. I allowed you to be the godfather of my first child. You have to do the same for me.” Joseph whined.


“Did I ask you? You did it out of your own free will.” Tobi chuckled.


“Abeg abeg, don’t give me that. If you don’t make me the godfather, I’ll kidnap your child.” Joseph joked.


Tobi was about to speak when Abena walked in. She threw the pregnancy strip at him and he shrieked like a girl before jumping up. She laughed.


Who knew a billionaire could be so playful? Tobi Ademi, Nigeria’s youngest billionaire can shriek… like a girl.


“That’s your pee on that stick.” He




“Well it’s your baby.” She shrugged playfully. “Money.” She simply said with a serious expression on her face.


“That’s all you ever think about. Won’t you rejoice with us? We’re having champagne, although you can’t have any. I’m sure you won’t mind fruit juice.” He said.


“Just hand the cheque over. I have


somewhere to be.” She replied.


Rolling his eyes, he gestured to Joseph who brought out a cheque slip and handed it over to her.


“See you in six months. Keep your part of the contract!” He said as she was about to leave.


“Whatever.” She said.


“Don’t have s£x on my baby woman!”



















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