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Season 2(chapter 13)









We slowly broke the kiss and stared at each other



‘Now it time to tell Trisha everything’ we both said at the same time and laughed That day we went back home holding hands and smiling


Immediately we entered the house fatty smiled at us and said ‘I will excuse you three now’.


‘okay’ we both said as she walked away ‘hello Trisha’ I said as I sat down next to her ‘doll aunt’ she said as she hugged me


I smiled and said ‘Trisha I want to tell you something’ ‘what that’ she asked


‘you see years ago, I had a cute baby doll’ i said ‘really where is she’ she asked ‘she got stolen from me’ I said


‘awnnnn but why’ she asked


‘she was stolen from me and taking to a witch house.. That witch hated her so much, but lucky for her she has a guardian angel who loves her very much’


‘really that scary’


‘I know right… But now after four years I got my doll back and released her from the witch ‘


She looked at me for a while and said


‘doll aunt’



‘yes’ I answered


‘am I your doll?’


I looked at her for awhile and wipes the tears on my face ‘yes you are my doll’


‘are you my mummy’ she asked again


I laughed and said


‘yes, I am your mummy’


‘is he my real daddy’ she asked


‘yes he is your daddy and also your gaurdian angel’ ‘then you are both my parent’ she said


‘yes we are your parent’ Jin-Hyuk and I said


‘doll aunt and daddy are my real parents’ she said with a smile on her face ‘yes we are your real parent’ I said with a smile on my face


She pulled the two of us together and hugged us ‘I love you guys’ she said


‘we love you too Trisha’ we said with a smile


The happiness I deserve is finally come back again Things are getting better for us now


I am finally leaving a happy life


I was standing in front of the mirror when Jin-Hyuk came behind me and hugged me while I smiled


‘you were able to forgive me, isn’t there someone you should Also forgive’ he said and I sighed


‘I can’t forgive her jin, I can’t… She hurt me too much… She killed me back then… Because of her i was in the asylum for days, you have no idea how much she has hurt me’


‘I know she did alot of bad things in the past but she did all that because she already loosed one child she wants to make the other happy by all means possible… She did not even realize she was doing the wrong thing ‘ he said


‘but jin you do not understand’ she said


‘she regret what she did, look at mina it is obvious she does not regret what she did but your mum regrets it… She know she was wrong.. Are you just going to let her rot in jail… We can’t ignore the fact that she is your mother’ he said


I sat down on the sofa and exhaled


‘forgive your mother jina… Please she was wrong but she regrets it… She trully does’




I was still seating on the prison floor thinking


This is what I deserve


This is where suits me.


What kind of a mother am I


Am the worst kind of mother



“release her ‘a voice said


The police unlocked my cell and I slowly walked out of the cell


I saw jina, Jin-Hyuk and Trisha standing outside


Jina walked towards me and hugged me


I was shocked but I had no choice but to hug her back


am sorry mum ‘I said


no, no, no, no, no please do not tell me that, I was the one who was wrong here, I was the one who did alot of bad things am sorry ‘she said as she wipes my tears


I love you very much jina ‘


I love you too mum ‘I said


Mina slowly walked out of the prison looking sad


She walked towards us and everyone glares at her excluding me


Trisha hides behind Jin-Hyuk she was still scared of her


Mina went down on her knee and folded her hands


Everyone looked shock like they were in some kind of dream word


I was wrong jina…. I did alot of bad things to you, a lot of bad things… I want my sister back’





1 hour ago




‘what do you want’ mina asked as she sat down on the dirty floor cell


‘i want to talk to you’ jina said


‘get away am not interested… Just get lost’ she said


‘why did you all this, cas you were jealous of me, cas you think i stole everything from you uhn… Tell me mina is this the kind of person you trully are, do you think your mum and dad are pleased with the person you are today’ jina asked


‘you do not know anything about me so just shut your mouth’


‘yea you right, I know nothing about you, but one thing am Sure of Is the fact that you are my sister…and I know you want love, attention and care.. You want to feel special and trust me when I say I am willing to give all that to you.. You said you love Jin-Hyuk but are you really happy about the fact that he does not love you back… Mina you are a queen and you deserve a king to treat you like one… You beautiful talented and lovely… I was alps jealous of you back then but I admired you a lot… I use to think I can never be up to. Your standard… I can never have your class…..I just want you to throw all this hatred away, you have a mother who


loves you, a sister who loves you and you alps have a little daughter who cares for you… You might not have given birth to Trisha but she is still your daughter right…


You took care of her for four years ‘jina said’ put all this hatred aside and open your heart to see the beauty of the world, embrace those who trully care for you and love you mina….’ she sighed and said’ I have withdrawn the case mina, you free to go and if you want a sister, I will be outside waiting for you






‘Pls Do not embarrass me by kneeling in front of me’ I said as I pulled her up we stared at each other for awhile before we smiled as tears rolled down our eyes and hugged each other


‘am sorry jina, I am so so sorry, am a terrible person please forgive me, I want you to forgive me please’ mina said


I smiled and said ‘have totally forgiven you my dear big sister’ i said



We both laughed and wiped our tears


‘mother’ mina said


Our mum raised her hand to slap he r while mina flinched but she slowly lowered her hand, smiled and hugged her


‘I love you mum’ she said


‘I love you so much my dear mina’


‘Trisha am sorry’ she said as she bend down to her height ‘I might not be your mummy but am still your aunt, tell me won’t you forgive your terrible aunt’ she asked


Trisha hugged her and said


‘I forgive you and you are still my mummy’ Trisha said as she hugged mina


We all hugged each other, got into the car and went back home (Join Group)


********* ***************************






‘Jin-Hyuk, Mansoo’ jina and fatty called out as they entered Jin-Hyuk mansion.


‘something is wrong’ jina said


‘I know why is everywhere so dark’ fatty said as the light went on and red rose Patel fall on our head


Everyone was present


The Efx boys








Everybody was here as the house was decorated with red balloons confetti and rose patels


Mansoo walked towards fatty And egg oJin-Hyuk walked towards jina as they both went down on their left knee






Mansoo and jin said at the same time


‘Will you make the happiest man in the world by agreeing to marry me’ they said while the girls smiled and looked at each other before saying ‘yes ‘


Best friend weds best friends uhn

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Everyone laughed and hugged each other as they slid the ring into their finger and kissed each other


Mina was so happy and jumping with Trisha like a five year old as she slipped and almost fell but Nam-il caught her and they both stared at each other smiling


‘be careful’ Nam-il said as he made her stand on her feet before letting go of her


Mina blushed secretly and tucked her hair behind her ear


Beginning of another love story right


So the time for the big wedding finally came



The two brides looked extremely beautiful and their prince charming were also very handsome


Hottest couple magazine



They exchanged their vows, removed their veil and danced


‘may i have this dance’ nam-il asked mina


She smiled and said “sure, let dance ‘


A year later


I just think it about time I tell you how I feel about you’ nam-il said to mina’ you a very beautiful, talented and special girl and I really love you mina ‘


She smiled and said’ I love you too’ she said as he smiled moved close to her and kissed her

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‘wooooooooooooooooo’ everyone shouted as they came out of nowhere


‘hey it really rude to interrupt a special moment’ nam-il said jokingly


‘this is revenge my dear friend, you started it with jina and i’ jin said as they smiled


‘oh well mina this is fun, you and nam-il finally decided to step out of the friend zonel’ fatty and Mansoo said


‘I told you you will find your king’jina said


‘ am lucky I believed you ‘mina said as they smiled


…………….the end……………


A small drop of love can purify an ocean of hatred


Nothing matters more than family and your loved ones


We all need love in our live


Forgiveness is really important because God forgives us if we sinned against him Hatred doesn’t cure hatred


Two wrongs can never make a right


Hatred is a terrible poison


Special thanks to my good friends olajide anjola and reni Keji you are the best


Special thanks to long commenters


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I love you all


Thanks alot guys


And to the love of my life


Kim taehyung


You inspired me to write this story with your pretty face


I love you


Thanks everyone


God bless


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