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Episode 47








Sorry it came late





“Shut up jare. This is the romantic moment.” He hushed her and she rolled


her eyes. “It’s like when I first saw, God was trying to tell me that you are


the girl for me. I tried to fight it, because I didn’t think I was capable of love,


but there’s no fighting it now.”


“Tobi let me-”



“And now, with you in my life, everything is much better. You make my life worth living. I love you and I don’t want to lose-”


“Dude!” She exclaimed with a laugh. “I was already planning on coming back na. You can’t get rid of me that easily. I love you. And I’m here to stay.” She hastily interrupted him.



“Eh ehn. So I said that whole speech for nothing?” He joked and she laughed.


“Sir. We really need to go.” A nurse said.


“Yes, yes. One more thing.” He turned to Abena with a nervous expression. “Abena. I just need you to ask one thing, although this is a very bad time, but if I don’t ask you now, I might never have the balls to ask you again. Okay, um, here it goes… will you marry me?”



Her eyes widened in surprise and she opened her mouth to give her an answer, but suddenly, she had another contraction, and this one was visibly more painful than the other ones. She gripped his hand tightly, digging her nails into his skin, and he winced in pain.



“GET THESE CHILDREN OUT OF ME, RIGHT NOW!” She exclaimed in pain. “Sir, we really need to-”


“Yes, yes I know.” Tobi said, trying to hide the disappointment in his voice. He stood up and loosened her grip on his hand, frowning at the marks she left on his hand. “Take care of her, or else you won’t have jobs anymore.” He ordered to the nurses and went to sit in the lobby that was just beside the delivery room.



Now, all he could do was wait patiently.





Tobi was tired of waiting.



How hard was it to pop two children out of there? Okay, it was probably really hard, but the anticipation was killing him.



He got tired of sitting, and he was pacing instead, wondering what the genders of his children would be, and what names they would have.




He was disappointed that he didn’t get an answer from Abena before she had to go and deliver.



There were no nurses and doctors running in and out, so that probably meant that everything was fine.



The sound of his phone ringing interrupted his thoughts. He checked the caller ID. It was Joseph.


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“Hey man. What’s up?” He heard his friend ask.



“She’s still inside. I’m getting so impatient right now.” Tobi sighed.


“Why aren’t you with her?” Joseph asked and Tobi could picture the teasing smile that would be on Joseph’s face.



“Ew, no. I might have changed a little, and I love her very much, but I’m not going to watch her give birth.” Tobi said, earning a knowing laugh from Joseph.



“Well she’s having twins. So she’s supposed to stay there for a while. Dera stayed for a shorter period of time, but that’s cuz she was giving birth to just one.” Joseph explained.



“Yeah well, I’m Tobi Ademi. I don’t just have one child at once.” Tobi joked and he was sure that Joseph rolled his eyes.


“Well Dera and I are on our way, we just have to drop the kids at her mum’s place first.” Joseph said.



“Okay cool.”


“Is your mum coming?”



“Not yet. I’ll call her after Abena delivers. I don’t want her to come and start fussing over everyone.” Tobi said.


“True. Did you get to talk to her before she went in?” Joseph asked.



“Yeah. She totally fell for my romantic speech.” Tobi bragged. He knew better than to tell Joseph that Abena wasn’t able to give him and answer on his marriage proposal. Joseph would laugh for years.



He would ask her again, and have a very big rock to go with it.



“Good. I’m glad you didn’t listen to me when I told you not to do the


contract thing. If you did, you wouldn’t have met her.” Joseph said.


“Yeah well, you’re a very bad lawyer.” Tobi joked and they laughed.


“Thanks man.” Tobi finally said.


“For what?”



“Talking some sense into me and not standing by while I was loosing the love of my life.” Tobi explained.



“Thats the job description of Tobi Ademi’s best friend.” Joseph said with a laugh.


“Well you’re so d–n good at your job, I don’t think you would need a replacement.”



“Thanks. We would be there soon.” Joseph replied and hung up. After what seemed like years but was actually just hours, a tired doctor came out of the delivery room.



This is it, Tobi thought.



His family was on the other side of the door; the love of his life and his newly born children. He didn’t regret a thing.




If someone told him a year ago that he would one day, be sitting in the lobby of a hospital, waiting for the woman that he had unintentionally fell in love with to give birth to his children, he would have laughed for days.



Abena had taught him a lot of things. She had taught him to live in the moment, to have fun, to eat carelessly, to be something more than just a billionaire.



But most of all, she had taught him how to love.



He walked up to Doctor Uche expectantly.


“Mr. Ademi, congratulations. The mother and the children are both okay and healthy.” Tobi grunted in response.



“Although something unexpected happened. Miss. -” He was interrupted by a nurse who walked out of the delivery room with a baby wrapped in a shawl. She walked up to him and he peered at the little human.



“This one’s a boy.” The nurse said, referring to the crying child. Tobi admired the baby, he was rendered speechless, although he wasn’t sure if he looked like him or like Abena, but he was already in love with his baby boy.



“I’ll get him all cleaned up for you.” She said and walked away.



Tobi looked at the doctor with a wide grin on his face.



“You were saying?” Tobi asked, still smiling.


“Yes. The most unpredictable thing happened, Miss. Omotosho-”


He was interrupted again by another nurse who had another baby wrapped in a shawl. She walked up to Tobi and he looked at the baby.



“This one’s also a boy.”


“He’s perfect.” Tobi whispered, while the nurse tried to stop the baby from crying by rocking him gently in her arms.



“I have to get him cleaned up, then you can look at him for as long as you want.” The nurse said and walked away.



Twin boys. He sighed happily.


He didn’t get the girl he wanted, true, but he already loved his boys so much, and he was going to care for them with everything he had.


“Yes, doctor Uche. Sorry, what were you saying?” Tobi asked again and the doctor gave an impatient sigh.



“Miss. Omotosho gave birth to-”


He was interrupted, again, by another nurse carrying a baby. Tobi raised his eyebrow in confusion as the woman walked towards him.



“This is the last one, a girl. Such a precious little thing.” The nurse smiled, and Tobi’s mouth hung in surprise.



“That’s what I was trying to tell you Mr. Ademi. Miss. Omotosho gave birth to triplets. Two boys and a girl.” The doctor smiled.



“Yes! Oh yes yes yes! This is perfect.” Tobi exclaimed, pumping his fists in the air. His voice startled his little girl and she started crying.



“Oh, I’m sorry love.” He whispered to her. “I’m just so happy to meet you.” “Let me get her cleaned up for you sir.” The nurse said and walked away.



“Thank you doctor Uche. Can I go and see her now?” Tobi asked, bursting with happiness.




“Yes, you can. I’ve already cleaned her up.” A nurse said, walking out of the room.



“You can quickly see her before we move her to another room.” The doctor said and Tobi nodded.



Two boys and a girl.



As Tobi walked into the delivery room, with his confident and infamous smirk plastered on his face, there was only one thing on his mind: He was a sharp shooter indeed.













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