Sat. May 11th, 2024

Episode 45






“I don’t know. She asked for space, but she’s taking a long time and I’m getting worried. Plus, she’s getting close to her due date.” Tobi said, touching his temple.


“I’m sure she’s fine. Abena isn’t an idiot. She’ll be safe. And she’ll come back.”


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“What if she doesn’t? Her life is much better without all my drama.” Tobi whined.


“She loves you. That’s a good enough reason.” Joseph shrugged. “Now, you still haven’t told me what your mum said after you asked her the question about if she cares about your happiness.”



“Oh. Well…”




“Even if she makes your son happy?”


The question had come out before he even knew it, and he was already anticipating her answer.



“I want you to be happy, that’s why I’m trying to keep you from all this women that only want you for your money.” She had said. “There’s only one woman.” Tobi said, confused.



“Yes, yes. But she’s not from a good background. What if she’s just with you for your money? We hardly have honest people nowadays.” Mama explained.



“She’s not like that. She hardly lets me buy things for her, she takes care of me, and she makes me happy. I’m happy, finally. I’ve never felt happy like this before. With her in my life, it’s like, a sudden burst of sunshine.” He explained. “God! I sound like a character from a book.” He muttered under his breath.




His mother’s expression changed from worry to amusement. “Yeah, I noticed.”


“Noticed? What?” Tobi asked curiously.


“You’re more… fun.”


“Mama now!” Tobi whined.



“What? Just saying.” She laughed. Then she suddenly frowned. “I’m sorry. I would have turned you into your father.” She said, tears welling up in her eyes.



“What do you mean? What does daddy have to do with all of this?”



“Your father and I, didn’t love each other when we got married. It’s like what I was trying to do, with you. I was some rich sophisticated girl, and he was a family friend. Our parents set us up, and we got married in order to fulfil their wishes. Then we had you, just to provide a heir to his company.”



She noticed the hurtful gaze on Tobi’s face.


“Don’t get me wrong. Your father and I love you, just not each other. That’s when the cheating started. I’m not trying to justify his reason for cheating, he wasn’t the only one in a forced relationship, and he went about it the wrong way. He was cheating with the girl he loved. He was planning to leave us, for her. The day he was planning to do that was the day he had the accident and died.” She explained.



Tobi just stared at her, not knowing what to say, or how to react.



“I would have turned you into your father.” She whispered in a shaky voice.



“Mama, it’s okay. It’s going to be okay.” He said with a reassuring tone, sitting beside her and pulling her small frame towards him.



“Mo ni fe re, omo mi. And if Abena is the one that would make you happy, then it’s Abena that you would be with.” …





“See. I always told you, your mother isn’t a total snob that hates other people.” Joseph said matter-of-factly.



“You’ve never said that to me.” Tobi replied, rolling his eyes. “If I recall correctly, your words the last time were, ‘your mother is just a total snob that hates other people’.”




















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