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“What you consent to now; sets precedence to how the future plays out.”


I saw the cheating, I was young and naive. I didn’t see my life in my mid-thirties neither did I think my body would change. After getting pregnant for my first child I knew I couldn’t go back and live with my mum and second father, but I strived through it all.


When Vashawn impregnated another lady he was already half way with paying for my bride price, maybe that is the time that I should have left but how could I when I didn’t want my child to grow up like me. Instead I informed my mom; she called his mother and when he was asked he said he was trying to pull my leg because he was just joking but in actual sense it was the truth. Thinking about it now I feel like I should have taken more seriousness into this matter and maybe just somehow I wouldn’t be here but I did try – I stole the birth record and showed his late sister who took it to his mom and even after all that none of them showed interest it’s like since we are already traditionally married it was water under the bridge.





There is a reason they say if you can’t work well with people, you are better off working with machines. For the first time in my life I regret ever deciding to work with people, because here I am looking at my husband of eleven years tying his life to another and I have to pretend to be okay and professional when my insides are breaking and I just want to run away from it all.


‘Is there anything you have in mind?’ I manage to ask after much silence


‘I want something simple but elegant, should include an already built tree house and must have a pool in the backyard.’ Cassie says


‘One more thing, I want the master bedroom to have a view of the northern part of the country.’ She adds


I take down all the notes, knowing that my job here is done I excuse myself and go in the car to wait for Mr. Musondah. The rest of the paper work has to be done by him. I send the information to a few of our partners and in no time I have about three houses with the same details so I go back inside to let the clients know.


‘I think we have found something.’ I say


‘That won’t be necessary anymore.’ Mr. Musondah says getting up


I notice the anger in his voice but just keep quiet, he walks out of the office and I walk behind him to the car.


‘What the hell was that about?’ he asks with fury when we get in the vehicle


‘I don’t get you.’ I say innocently


‘That is one of our biggest clients and guess what, his wife wasn’t impressed with the way you presented yourself.’


I take a deep breath because I don’t trust whatever is going to come out of my mouth next.


‘I am sorry Sir, it won’t repeat itself.’ I say instead



‘You honestly think sorry will bring back the clients we have lost? You think it will make everything okay when you say you are sorry?’ he angrily asks




‘You will go in there and apologize to Mr. and Mrs. Acker for whatever you have done wrong.’


‘I am sorry Sir but I won’t.’


‘Yes you will.’


‘I won’t.’ I respond with a smile


‘Consider yourself fired.’


‘I will clear my desk once at the office.’ I say without even looking at him


It’s enough that Vashawn has taken the best of me but I won’t allow him to take even the little self-esteem that I have left, I don’t know how I will do this but I know somehow I will come out of it alive. Just somehow.


We get to the office and the first thing I do is ask my secretary Bertha for some boxes, she brings me some and right away I start clearing my desk. I feel the pain as I do that, I have been working for this company for the past five years. I gave it my best shot, not once has any of my clients complained, not even my former boss Mr. Musondah Snr found anything wrong with my work that would cause me to lose my job; but Vashawn still had to be the one to ruin it all for me.


I am almost done packing when my door opens, I don’t even bother to look up because his scent sells him off.


‘So your pride has made you lose your job?’ Coldy asks


I chuckle then continue with what I am doing.


‘Michel I am talking to you.’


‘I heard you the first time.’ I say this time looking at him


I notice his eyes have shifted, they are looking at the photo on my desk. It is a family photo I took with Vashawn and the kids at one of these family outings early this year, if someone looks at it they might think we are a perfect family when we are far from it.


‘Mrs. Acker someone has just dropped your kids.’ Bertha says walking in on us


‘Sorry I didn’t know you were here.’ She says to Coldy apologetically


‘Please tell them to go to my car, I will be there shortly.’ I say giving her my car keys


‘Mrs. Acker?’ Coldy asks




‘Vashawn Acker is your husband?’ he asks looking at the photo then me


‘The best of luck to you and the company Sir.’ I say walking past him but he holds me back


‘You are hurting me Sir.’ I say looking at where his hand is


‘Michel is Vashawn your husband?’


‘That is none of your business.’ I respond yanking his hand off


‘I won’t regret using force if you don’t tell me.’


‘I dare you.’ I respond squaring him


When he doesn’t say anything else I walk out of the office premises to the car park


‘Mummy.’ My kids scream in unison


‘Hey you musketeers.’ I say as we get into a group hug


‘Why aren’t the three of you in school?’ I ask after we all get into the car


‘There was no one to take us.’ Shawn, the youngest responds


‘What happened to the driver?’


‘Grandpa said he had to take mummy Cassie to the clinic.’


‘Mummy Cassie?’


‘That’s what grandpa told us to call her.’


‘You met her?’


‘Yep.’ My eldest says


I take a deep breath, unsure of what I need to do anymore because clearly Vashawn’s family will never be on my side.




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