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Episode 40




“Hey, Abena. What’s going-”


His gaze moved to her tank top and lingered there.


She wasn’t wearing a bra.


Oh Jesus.


He visibly gulped and forced his head to look at her, although his gaze constantly flickered back to her chest often.


Abena panicked. What did she want again?


She didn’t think this through. What was she supposed to say?


“Sorry, this was a mistake. Sorry for disturbing your sleep.” She said and was about to leave.


“Well I wasn’t getting much sleep.” He said slowly, and Abena wondered why he was acting so weird. He kept on staring at her, making waves of lust rush through her.


“Well, can I sleep with you?” She blurted out and his lips tugged in an amused smile.


“Not sleep with you, like that. Just sleep, on the bed, together. Nothing more.” She clarified, looking away in embarrassment.


“You don’t have to ask. Come in. I was just about to go to bed anyways.” He stepped aside and opened the door for her.



She walked in, and stood beside the bed awkwardly while Tobi walked towards the closet. He removed his shirt, and she stared at him as he walked back towards her. She tried to look away but her gaze was fixed on his perfectly sculptured body.


He pulled her towards him and kissed her, holding her firmly by the waist while she held his neck, pulling him closer, deepening the kiss. His tongue explored hers, and he bit her lower lip, causing her to m0an in his mouth.


He could feel her n—–s harden in the flimsy night shirt she was wearing, and he


removed a hand from her waist, tracing a line around her b—-t, and she sighed into


his mouth.


Breaking the kiss, he la!d her on the bed and moved to assault her neck; biting, nipping, kissing, sU-Cking.


But it wasn’t time.


Not yet.


And the only thing separating them that night, was her thin night shirt. …


“We’re going to the beach today.”


They had spent the previous day at home, eating, soaking in the hot tub, and of course, kissing.


“I didn’t pack a bikini.” She whined.


“Good thing you didn’t. Because I did. You owe me remember? When we were going to go to the beach. So eat up, and get ready.” He instructed.


She ate quickly and went to her room, going through the clothes that she had packed. She saw two bikini’s and she held them up. The blue one was very modest, while the other, was tiny, and she doubted that it would cover her bits.


“The blue one is for the beach.” He said, standing in front of her room.


“And the other?” She asked, turning towards him.


He shrugged. “For my personal view.”



They spent the day at the beach, although Abena spent most of her time glaring at the women who kept on staring at shirtless Tobi.



“You know, looks don’t kill.” He said to her. They were sitting down on their towels, their body wet from playing in the water. Abena was licking ice cream, while Tobi just stared at her.


“Doesn’t hurt to try.” She shrugged and he laughed


“None of them are as beautiful as you.” He said.


“Well, as they say, love is blind.” She said laughing.


“And you have the most amazing laugh.” He added.


“And deaf. Love is blind and deaf.”


She added and he rolled his eyes.


“Come on, we’ve been here for hours. Let’s go home.” He stood up.


“What are we doing tomorrow?” She asked as he helped her stand up while she held on to her ice cream.


“Anything you want ife.”



The next day, they went to the museum, and the day after, they found themselves at the zoo.


Although Tobi really didn’t want to go, saying that zoos were for kids, all Abena had to do was play the baby card again and they were on their way.


She wished they could stay there forever. Just the two of them, in South Africa, away from the prying eyes of the Nigerian press. She wouldn’t have to face his family, and their possible rejection.


They could just stay together, but she knew it wasn’t going to last, and very soon they would have to go back home.



Abena was sad on the sixth day of their trip. Tobi had gone out for a while, and she didn’t want to go home.



She was in the hot tub, wearing nothing, after all, Tobi wasn’t coming back home in a few hours.


She was wrong, as he came back thirty minutes after, screaming for her. She panicked. She didn’t bring a towel, and she couldn’t just walk out naked. “I’m in here.” She called out, hiding her body in the water.


“Oh. Can I join you?” He asked and she shook her head frantically.


“No. Um… I’m naked.” She said and he smirked at her.


“Thats even better. Give me a minute.” He said and left before she could protest.


Later on, they stayed in the tub, just staring at each other.


“Why do you love me?” She blurted out.




“I said, why do you love me?”


“I don’t know. Too many reasons to count. You’re the first woman to slap me, the first to keep me in my place, the first to make me hold a gun, the first to make amazing pasta, the first to make me go bikini shopping, the first to keep me away from work, the first to light up the whole room with a smile, the first to make me confused, the first to make me watch a movie when I’m supposed to be working, the first to meet my mother, the first to drive me insane.” He said. “Although you’re the second to get pregnant for me.”


Her head shot up and looked at him. He burst into laughter.


“Kidding.” He raised his hand up in surrender. “Why would you doubt my love for you?”


“I dunno. You’re you , and I’m, well,


me .” She said, looking away. He was stepping closer to her.


“Wow Abena, that’s really self explanatory.” He said sarcastically and she rolled her eyes, smiling.


“Well you get what I mean.” She said.


He stepped out of the tub, and gave her his hand. “Come out.”


She shook her head. “I need a towel.”


“Nope. I want to see you.”


“I’m fat. There’s nothing to see.” She shook her head again.


“Abena. Be nice. Come out. You’re not fat, you’re s£xy. And hot. And beautiful. And amazing. And-”



“I get it oh. I’m coming out.” She said, cursing herself for not taking a towel earlier.


They stood in front of each other, Abena looking away in embarrassment, while Tobi just stared at her, taking her sight in. He walked towards her and encased her in his arms.


“Come on, let me show you just how much I love you.”










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