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Episode 39





She spun around in confusion, and noticed he was angry. “Excuse me?” She asked, hoping that she heard wrong.


“You weren’t with Dera.” He said matter-of-factly.


“Yes I was. We went to Coldstone to talk.” She pointed out.


“I saw you, at Coldstone with a man Abena. Last time I checked, Dera isn’t a man.”


“No she isn’t. But her brother is.” She retorted.


Tobi looked her with confusion, then realisation.

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“Oh. Dalu.” He said quietly.


“Yes. Dalu.” She said mockingly. “You know I was ready to come home and give you a chance, give us a chance. But you’re angry because you saw me talking to a man! You self conceited jerk! After how you made me feel, all you cared about was the fact that I was talking to a man! Gosh! You’re unbelievable.”



“Ife mi-”


“Save it.”


“No. Listen to me.” He wiped his face with his palms nervously and walked towards her, placing his hands on her shoulders, looking straight into her eyes. “I love you. And I’m sorry I though that you wont be good enough for me. I was afraid, and I was letting my past cloud my judgement.”


“You love me?” She asked with a grin.


“Um, yes.” He replied carefully.


“You, Tobi Ademi, you love me?” She asked again.


“I think we’ve already established that fact.” He said and she laughed. “Oh my God, say it again.”


“I love you?” Tobi said, with confusion. “Joseph didn’t tell me that girls react weird when you tell them you love them.” He muttered under his breath, but she heard him.


“For someone who has slept with a lot of women, you know nothing.” She joked.


“Wait, so I tell you that I love you, and I get mocked in return?” He whined.


She stepped closer to him and wrapped her hands around his neck. “I love you too. Although you’re an idiot, and an ode.”


“Well it’s not as romantic as it sounded when I said it, but it’ll do. I’ll manage.” He joked and she rolled her eyes.


“As I said, ode. Now make me dinner.” She instructed.


“Wait. Nothing for the boys? Not even one kiss?” He grumbled.


“Who are the boys?” She lifted an eyebrow.


“Me, and Tobi junior. Down there.” He wiggled his eyebrows.


“Oh my God Tobi! What the hell! Go away. Go and take a shower or something.” She laughed, leaving his neck and stepping aside.


“You’re wicked.” He crossed his arms across his chest and tried to glare at her, but he couldn’t keep the smile off his face.


“Maybe later. For now, the twins are hungry.” She said, walking into the kitchen. “But your ice cream, was this big.” He widened his arms in an exaggerating manner.


“Well am I the one that asked you to put two human beings in my body? Better behave yourself now.” She warned, wagging her finger at him. “Sorry ma.” He teased and she rolled her eyes.



“So, what can the boys make for you? I’ll be in charge of dinner, and Tobi junior


can take care of desert.”





“For the billionth time, where are we going?” Abena asked.


They were sitting in his car, with luggage in the back. Tobi was taking her on a surprise trip, and she didn’t know where.


“You’ve only asked me eleven times. And for the eleventh time, it’s a surprise.” He replied, keeping his eyes on the road.


“But I don’t like surprises, I want to be prepared.” She whined.


“The only thing that you can do for me, is not faint. Abeg, don’t even try it.” He joked and she slapped his shoulder playfully.


“Well if I faint, you would catch me.” She replied.


“Who would catch who? You’re not as small as you used to be.” He said.


“Are you calling me fat?” Her eyes widened and he visibly gulped.


“No. Not at all. You’re not fat. You’re pregnant.” He said carefully.


“Same thing.”


“No it’s not.”


“Yes it is.”


“Do you really want to argue with a pregnant woman?” “Good point.”


“Oh my! We’re going to the airport?” Abena asked.


“Well how else would we get to South Africa.” He blurted out and his eyes widened.


“You slipped!” She burst into laughter.


“I can’t even get a surprise right.” He grumbled, pulling up into the parking lot. “Why did you park so far from the main entrance?” She whined, afraid that she was going to have to walk far.


“Who uses the main entrance, when you have your own private airplane?” He smirked.


“I’m trying to not be surprised.” She grinned widely.


“Is it working?”




“Good. Let’s go.”


Some men has already came to take their luggage and lead them to the airplane.



“I just want you to myself for this week ife, when we get back, I’ll tell everyone about us. You won’t get harassed again.” He said to her, placing his forehead on hers.


“Promise?” She asked




“Tobi!” She slapped his arm, bursting into laughter. “What goes on in that head of yours?”


“Oh you don’t want to know. Trust me.” He smirked and she averted her eyes from his intense gaze, feeling embarrassed.


“Ife mi, you have no idea how many nights you keep me up, knowing that you’re just in the next room. Or how many cold showers you’ve made me take. You’re the s£xiest pregnant woman I know, and I can’t wait to make you officially mine.” He whispered into her ear, sending shivers up her spine.


His eyes were filled with lust, and she was getting turned on by that little contact.


She blamed it on the pregnancy hormones.


“And how exactly are you going to do that?” She finally asked when she found her voice.


“You’ll see.” He replied, planting a kiss on her lips. He pulled away too quickly and Abena wanted to pull him back to her and kiss him forever.


Well not forever, but you get the point.


He had turned her on, and he wanted to get on like nothing happened. What was he trying to do, kill her with his hotness?


“So. Favorite food? You know mine, but I don’t know yours since you pretty much eat everything.” He said, sitting up straight and going on as if that intense moment didn’t just happen.


Abena hadn’t recovered from her shock, and her mind was still running wild with every possible thing that Tobi had in mind for her.


“Abena.” He snapped his fingers in front of her face. “Are you okay?”


Finding her voice, she looked at him, managing a stern expression. “No, I’m not. You just don’t say things like that and then go back and act like everything is normal. I’m a pregnant woman, normal feeling are heightened when it comes to we pregnant woman. So don’t turn me on, and then leave me like that. I don’t even-”


“What. Exactly. Do. You. Want?” He asked, leaning closer to her.


“Just kiss me already. This isn’t a movie. We don’t need foreplay jare.”


He laughed and granted her request, and she pulled him even closer to her, deepening the kiss.


They broke apart when they heard someone clear their throat. Abena looked up to see one of the flight attendants, looking uncomfortable, and obviously checking Tobi out.


“Sorry to intrude, I wanted to ask if you would like your meal now?” …


Tobi had a small cottage that he hardly used. He had bought it when he first started making millions, not billions yet, and Abena was impressed at his choice of accommodation.


It had two bedrooms with restrooms, a kitchen, the living room, a room with a hot tub and an indoor pool, a game and movie room. Tobi carried their bags inside, and went straight to the rooms, dropping Abena’s bag in one, and then going to her own room.


They were both too tired to eat, so Tobi just mumbled a goodnight, planted a kiss on her forehead, and went to his room, which was right beside hers.


Abena went to her own room, changed into a pair of cotton shorts and a tank top that catered for her pregnant stomach.


She tucked herself in bed, but sleep evaded her.


Ife mi, you have no idea how many nights you keep me up, knowing that you’re just in the next room.


She could hear his words loud and clear, and although she was anticipating the moment, she couldn’t help but feel lonely in her bed.


Without thinking, she got out and walked to his room, knocking on the door softly. She heard no movement in his room, and was already going back when she heard the door click.













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