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Episode 42



“I was going to say yes, but then you started talking and blowing it out of proportion.” She said.



“Sorry.” He shrugged and she waved it off.


“Come on. Lets chat with him quickly so that we can go.” She said, pulling him down on the couch.



She brought out Tobi’s laptop and signed on to Skype. She called him, and they waited in anticipation for the caretaker to pick up.



Suddenly, the face of a little dark skinned boy appeared on the screen. He was smiling broadly, and waving at her, not even looking at Tobi.



“Aunty Bena!” He squealed excitedly, and Abena chuckled.


“Hello my love. How are you doing?” She asked, her smile increasing. Tobi looked at her and smiled. He was the only one in her initial family that was left, and her eyes shone when she looked at him.


Even he couldn’t compete with little Demi.


“I’m fine! The doctor said that I’m getting better quickly, and I’m going to come home soon.” He grinned enthusiastically.


“Well that’s great love. I can’t wait for you to come back home to me.” She said sincerely.


“Who’s that?” He asked, pointing at Tobi.


Tobi cleared his throat and straightened up. He felt like he needed Demi’s approval, as stupid at that sounded. After all, he was going to be the big brother of his twins.


“This is my friend: Uncle Tobi.” Abena said.


“Hello Mr. Uncle Tobi.” Demi greeted confidently, and Tobi chuckled. “Hello Demi. You just get better okay? When you come back. I have a house full of toys for you to play with.” Tobi promised, and Abena knew he wasn’t joking.


“Okay! So we’re all going to stay together?” Demi asked hopefully.


“Yes Demi. We would all stay together in a big house with lots of food and toys.” Abena laughed.


“Well what about Grandma? Would she come too?” Demi asked quietly, clearly used to his grandma’s hostility.


“No Demi love. Grandma has travelled for a very long time. She won’t be coming back.” Abena said delicately.


Demi grinned at them. “Okay Aunty Bena. Have you been eating a lot of sweets aunty?” Demi asked innocently.


“No why?” She raised an eyebrow in confusion.



Demi shrugged. “You’re really fat now.” …



Abena had no idea what to wear. Tobi’s aunty and cousins were coming soon, and she was still standing in front of her mirror in a bra and p@anties, staring at all her clothes.


She remembered her talk with Tobi that morning.



Just be yourself, he said.


She shrugged to herself and picked out a plain purple maternity dress.



“Tobi. How many times do I have to tell you not to employ pregnant women as the help?” A high pitched voice asked as Abena walked down the stairs, with a strained smile on her face.


But the smile quickly wiped off on hearing the woman’s words. “Aunty. That’s not the help. That’s Abena.” Tobi quickly said, rushing to Abena’s side and helping her down the stairs.


“Oh. Abena.” Aunty said, looking at Abena skeptically and with distaste.


“Good afternoon ma.” Abena greeted with a curtsey.



“My dear, how are you?” Aunty gave a curt reply, still looking at Abena’s choice of clothing.



Or rather, Tobi’s choice of women.


“I’m fine ma.” Abena said uncomfortably, avoiding Aunty’s gaze.


“This are my cousins; Pamilerin, Pelumi and Peju.” Tobi introduced her to three people. Two men and a woman.



Pamilerin was the older one of the cousins, standing almost taller than Tobi, he gave her a cheeky smile.



Pelumi, the second man, just nodded at her and returned back to his tablet, looking like he was forced to come.



Peju, the only woman didn’t even bother to greet Abena. She just gave her the same look that Aunty was giving her.


A look that said, ‘Gold digger.’


“You guys, this is Abena.” Tobi said, placing a hand on Abena’s back while Abena placed a hand on her stomach, feeling like she had to protect her babies.



“Okay, so how about lunch?” Tobi asked, trying to break the tension. …



Lunch wasn’t really bad, and before Abena knew it, it was over.


Aunty and Peju had left, giving an excuse that Abena didn’t really listen to.



Pelumi just shook Tobi’s hand and said congratulations before leaving, not even glancing at Abena.



With the way he was acting, you would think Tobi was the one carrying the child.


Pamilerin stayed, and he and Tobi stayed in the sitting room, talking and joking, while watching the sports channel.


Abena had sat with them for a while, before getting bored and leaving, trying to give them some privacy.


Some time later, she walked down the stairs, wanting to go to the kitchen for some water. She heard Tobi and Pamilerin talk in hushed voices and couldn’t help but go closer to hear what they were saying. “Who’s the girl? She’s beautiful.” Pamilerin said.


“Yeah I know.” Tobi replied dreamily.


“Well who is she?” Pamilerin pressed.



“She’s just a girl…” Abena left before she could hear anymore. She forced herself up the stairs with a heavy heart and tears running down. She was back to being just a girl.




“Abena? Are you okay?” Tobi asked, letting himself in. He noticed a packed suitcase in a corner, and Abena was lying down, staring at the wall, with her back facing him.


“I’m just a girl, shay?” She asked quietly.


“What are you talking about?” He asked, clearly confused. “You told Pamilerin that I’m just a girl.” She repeated. “Abena-”


“I thought we were past that stage.”


“We are.” He said frantically.


“I thought you loved me.”


“I love you Abena. Not loved. That’s not all I said, you have to believe me.” He begged.


“And your family. They hated me. They treated me like I was inferior. And you didn’t say a word to them about it.” She pointed out.





“This is all wrong. Us. We are all wrong. I’m just a girl. After everything, I’m just a girl.” She sobbed.


He walked up to her in an effort to comfort her.



“Don’t. Just leave me.”


He sighed and left the room.



Tbc… Back to square one






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