Sat. May 11th, 2024

Episode 38



They sat by the window side, Dera was backing the window and facing Abena as she narrated the whole fight with Tobi.


The only thing that was stopping Abena from crying, was the big tub of Rocky Road ice cream in front of her that she was hurriedly digging in.


“He loves you. You know that right?” Dera asked gently.


“Pfft. And then he loves his reputation more.” Abena replied sarcastically. “He’s just afraid. And it’s not only about his reputation and business, but he’s afraid of hurting you.” Dera continued, ignoring Abena’s outburst.


“Why?” Abena asked with a mouth full of ice cream, suddenly interested.


“His father used to cheat on his mom before he died. Tobi has this sick perspective that families don’t last, and if he makes one, he’ll do something stupid and break it.” Dera said, taking a spoon of her French vanilla ice cream.


“Well how is any of this going to work if he can’t even trust in himself?” Abena asked with frustration, stabbing the ice cream with the fragile spoon.



“Well I’ve asked Joseph to speak, and if necessarily, slap some sense into him. Go home, you guys can work it out.” Dera advised.


A young man walked towards them with a boyish grin on his face. Dera smiled at him and waved him over to seat down.


“Abena, this is Dalu, my brother. Dalu, meet Abena.” Dera introduced. Dalu took Abena’s hand and gave her a wink.


Dera slapped her brother playfully. “She’s taken.” She warned him.


“Calm down jare. I wasn’t trying anything. I can see she’s pregnant. Am I stupid?” Dalu asked.


“Yes.” Dera replied playfully and Abena laughed.


“Well you’re my twin sister so that means you’re stupid too.” Dalu joked.


“That makes no actual sense.” Dera said, rolling her eyes.


Abena watched the two of them with their playful banter, occasionally laughing at Dalu’s expense.


“You guys should chill for me. I need to use the restroom.” Dera stood up and left, leaving Abena and Dalu alone.



Tobi decided to pass through Coldstone to get Abena some ice cream as a peace offering for being such a jerk.


He parked his car and stepped out, making sure he took his wallet with him. As he approached the entrance, he noticed Abena seating down with a large tub of ice cream, digging in like there was no tomorrow. Opposite her was a guy. A guy.




Tobi clenched his fists together. He was here, worrying about he would make amends with her, while she was there with another man, laughing. Was he jealous? Yes.


Was he confused? Also yes.


Was he hurt? Definitely yes.


Was he that unimportant, that she was able to get over him so quickly and move on?


He shook his head walking back into his car, angry and hurt, and drove home. …



“Where have you been?” Tobi asked Abena immediately she walked into the house.


“Out.” She gave him a curt reply, going towards the stairs.


“With?” He pressed on.


“Dera.” She said, still walking away.




Confusion everywhere…











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