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Episode 31




“To where? I’m not going to one of your



clubs again. It’s weird.” She replied with a smile.


“Anywhere you want.” He shrugged. “As long as I’m with you.”


“That’s so cheesy.” She laughed, pretending to be unaffected by his words.


“Girls like cheesy. Especially you Naija girls.”


He teased. “Abi you don’t like?”


He was stepping to close to her, and she


averted her gaze to the soup she was




“The food is ready. Be useful for once and bring the garri so I can make eba.”



“Tobi, have you seen my-” Abena stopped when she noticed that he was talking to a guest.


“Oh my God I’m so sorry. I didn’t know you had a guest. I’ll be in my room, sorry.” She said, going back up the stairs.


“No. Come back. This concerns you, I was just about to call you.” Tobi said, gesturing for her to take a seat.


She sat down, and looked at the man sitting beside Tobi. He looked really familiar. “Abena, this is Francis. Remember him? He helped me find you when that… thing happened. He’s a private investigator.” Tobi said, and Francis gave her a small smile.


“Oh. I remember you. Thank you. Is this


about what happened?” She asked.


“No. Actually, I want him to look into your mothers case.” Tobi said.


Abena shook her head, pushing back the


tears that threatened to fall. “The police


closed the case a long time ago. There’s


nothing we can do.”


“It won’t be treated as a police case. It is a private investigation. All we would do is find out the truth, and then, send it to the police to prosecute.” Francis explained to her.


“Abena. Look at me.” Tobi said but she kept on shaking her head. “Baby. Look at me.”


He tried again, and she looked at him.


“Let’s find out the truth, okay? All you need is the truth.”


Silence stretched between them, and then after a while she nodded, and gave a sad smile.


“Good. So do you remember anything about your mother. Enemies, fights, anything?”


Francis asked, bringing out his tablet to


write down whatever she would say.


“I don’t know. I was five at that time. I hardly even remember her sef.” Abena said. “Anything at all?” Francis pushed her.


She stared at nothing for a while. Thinking and searching her memory for anything.


Then suddenly, she looked at Tobi, with a triumphant glint in her eyes.


“My father. Every time we had a memorial service for her, he always said that before she died, she spent her last moments with her family and her best friend.” Abena said, giving a small smile at the thought.


Then suddenly, it struck her like lightening.


The day she left home, the words of Bridget, her step mother.


“You’re just like your mother.”


“We were best friends, yet she stole him.” “My mother’s best friend was my step mother.”



“Why do I have to be blindfolded?” Tobi asked as Abena led him towards the stairs, a bandana was tied around his eyes.


“So that when we reach the nursery, the full effect of my awesome decorating skills would hit you with full force.” She explained, holding his hand as they slowly walked up the stairs.


“Yes, but when we reach the nursery, the door would be closed and when we open it and enter, I would still see the full effect of your apparent awesome decorating skills.” He argued, as he let her lead him through the corridor.


“Yeah but if you enter the room blindfolded, by the time you open your eyes, it would hit you like a ton of bricks.”


“One, I really hope the ton of bricks thing is being used metaphorically. And two, it’s the same thing with what I said about not using the-”


“Tobi Ademi, one more word and I would slap you ehn.” She warned, now dragging him. They stood in front of the room.


“Nawa! Such a violent pregnant woman.” He whined and she laughed, rolling her eyes. She fished out the key from her pocket, and unlocked the door. Opening it, she pushed him inside.


“Very violent.” He muttered.


“Okay, and open!”



He removed the bandana and looked around the baby room. The walls were painted in yellow and white stripes, and the baby cots were at a side, beside each other, with a yellow bedsheet and a white pillow. There was a frame of letters arranged on the wall, and a cabinet at another side. The couches were white with yellow spots, and the centre rug was yellow. On the couches and around the room, different stuffed animals were arranged everywhere.


“Wow. It’s really good.” Tobi complimented.


“Uju did a really good job oh.”


She glared at him and hit the back of his head. He pouted and rubbed the place she hit, before going to seat down on the couch. “Be careful, don’t wrinkle anything.” Abena warned but he just rolled his eyes and patted the space beside him, gesturing for her to seat down. She sat down beside him. “It’s really good Abena. The kids would love it.” He said.


“Good. Because I put my heart and soul into


this.” She smiled.




“Who is going to take care of the children?” She suddenly asked, afraid of what he was going to say.


“I would start interviewing Nannies when


you’re in your eighth month.” He replied and she nodded.


“Make sure she’s pretty.” Abena started,


looking at nothing in particular. “She has to be pretty, and friendly, and funny and random. But also strict when it’s necessary.

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She must be fun to be with. Speak good


English. Like music and dancing. She has to know how to sing, so she can sing them to sleep. She has to be an excellent cook. She has to be patient and calm. She has to read them books and let them watch all the cartoons so that their childhood would be complete. She must care about them, not because she’s being paid to, but because she’s passionate about kids. She must pick them up from school on time. And when their sick, she must take very good care of them.”




“Promise me you’ll have time for them Tobi.


You won’t bury yourself in your work, but


you’ll create a lot of bonding time to spend with them.”


“I promise Abena. Nothing would happen to them.” He pulled her towards him, and


stroked her hair. She hung unto him, resting her head on his legs, and blinking away the tears that threatened to fall.











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