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Episode 37



It was still afternoon, and although she wanted to go out, she couldn’t help but remember what happened the last time she did.


When she got home, she was eager to see Tobi, to ask him to clean up the mess that was beginning to expand, but he wasn’t around, and he left a note saying that he had gone to Ibadan for urgent business.


She had called his mother after a while, just to know how she was doing, but after a while, she just felt lazy and decided to lay around a bit.


A few months ago, her life was drama-free.


Tough, but still drama-free.



But she was willing to go through all the drama, because she was sure the he was going to stay with her through it all.


She placed her hand lovingly on her stomach, and smiled.


Tobi loved doing that, he would kiss her stomach before she went to sleep, talking to the twins as though they could hear him. He was totally convinced that they could.


He was also totally convinced that they were both girls.


Abena smiled to herself and suddenly missed him. She had never been dependent on anyone, but she found herself leaning on him more and more every day.


Her thoughts were interrupted by a knock on the front door, followed by the continuous ringing of the doorbell.


Abena walked towards the door with caution, and opened it slowly. Before she could say a word, and angry Eniola stormed in, burning with anger.


“Where is Tobi?” She snarled at Abena.


Abena rolled her eyes at her, still surprisingly calm. “He’s not home.” “He wasn’t at the office too.” Eniola pointed out.


“He’s out of town for a while.” Abena shrugged.


“I’ll pay you.” Eniola said out of the blue. Abena looked at her in confusion, wondering what the witch of a woman in front of her possibly meant.


“I’ll pay you to leave Tobi for me.” She explained and Abena looked at her, not with anger, but with disgust.


What was the limit to her desperation?


“No thank you. I don’t need your money. Not everything can be bought with money.” Abena replied confidently, although her words seemed to bite back at her too.


After all, she was pregnant for money.


“You wouldn’t last. You’ve seen the news. The both of you aren’t meant for each other. You’re dirt poor, and he’s filthy rich. You’re low class, and he’s highly sophisticated. All he needs is that child, and when he finally gets it, you’ll be gone.



Out of his life, and out of my way. He wouldn’t have the courage to tell the world that he’s with someone like you Abena. Wake up! This isn’t some American cliche novel. This is Nigeria. Naija ! It doesn’t work that way. Poor people like you don’t mix with the rich guys like us.”


Abena shut her eyes firmly, and opened them again, looking at Eniola with pure hatred.


“Get out.”


Eniola smirked at her, knowing fully well that Abena was affected by her words. She walked out of the house elegantly, and Abena wondered why Tobi was with someone like her, when he could have someone better.



Tobi had returned from Ibadan quickly, eager to see Abena, so he was surprised to see that she didn’t feel the same.


She had been giving him one word answers, and spending more time in her room. He suspected that it was because of what had been trending on the news, so he decided to put an end to it.


Abena had no idea what heartbreak felt like. She had read it in books, and watch it in movies, but if this was really how it felt, then she wondered why people bothered to fall in love.


She had tried to stop crying, knowing that it would affect the babies health, but the


more she tried to push everything to the back of her mind, the more it pushed back.


She berated herself for being so stupid.


How could she easily forget?


He was the Tobi Ademi, and she was a poor girl with a dysfunctional past and a bleak future. Yet she thought that it didn’t matter.


Of course it did.


Class defined a person.


She tried to think of a life without Tobi. One thing was for sure.


Without him, Demi would be dead.



“What are you saying?” Joseph asked in irritation.


“I’m saying that it’s probably better like this. Okay? This-” he gestured with his hands, “was not supposed to happen. Love was not supposed to be involved. I’ve told you, I’ll hurt her over and over again. I’m just not made for love.” Tobi snapped.


“That’s just bullshit. Everyone is made for love. You’re just a coward. You enjoy taking risks, yet you can’t take this one. Why? Because you care what other people think? Screw them!” Joseph retorted.


“Screw them? I’m sure you want to say that I should screw my business partners too ehn? Investors? I have to have a good image, without that, everything that I’ve ever worked for goes down the drain!” Tobi replied in frustration.


“So what? Abena gives you a bad image? How? Because she’s poor? Dude. I’m really disappointed in you. Who cares about where she came from? She makes you happy, thats all that matters. And in the business aspect, if you didn’t notice, ever since you realised that you like her, profit increased by forty percent, you’ve been doing so well in presentations and bringing in investments. You’re better with her. Look at you now! You can’t even draw up a single presentation.” Joseph slumped in his seat, staring at Tobi with intensity.


“I just don’t want to hurt her. But that’s all that I find myself doing. And you know how much she hates attention. I thought if I could draw the attention away from her, she would be happy. But telling everyone that I’m dating a girl whose step mother killed her parents and whos raising her late sisters child and is also pregnant for me, that’s messy. Its like everyone would be watching, waiting for us to fail.” He sighed, burying his face in his palms.


“She doesn’t mind the attention, as long as it’s with you. And her past doesn’t define her Tobi. Just keep this in mind. If it makes you happy, ignore the crowd and go for it.” Joseph advised, standing up and giving his friend a pat on the back before leaving the office.


Tobi hated himself at that moment.


Yes, he loved her.


But yes, he was afraid he would hurt her.


He had hurt her before, and he didn’t know if he would do it again.


Scratch that!


He was going for her. He wasn’t about to lose her, ever.


He grabbed his blazer from the chair and walked briskly out of his office.



Abena couldn’t remember the last time she had an outing with a girlfriend. So when Dera called and asked if she could meet her at Coldstone, Abena agreed immediately.


To be Continued…













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