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Episode 34


“Who said they’re going to be your god


children?” Abena asked, still smiling.


“They have to be! I insist.”


“Joseph. Stop disturbing her jare. She’s probably extra tired after that heated kiss.” Dera winked at Abena and Joseph high fived his wife.


Abena was about to say something when


Tobi walked in with the doctor.


“Okay Miss. Omotosho. Let me check you out.” The doctor said with a wide smile. Abena sat up slowly and the doctor checked her vitals and any other injuries she sustained.


“You’re very lucky. Someone pregnant women don’t live through that kind of accident. I’ve asked Mr. Ademi to place you on bed rest for the next week since he


doesn’t want you to stay in the hospital.”


Abena nodded.


“So you can change out of what you’re wearing, and I’ll bring some papers for you to sign before you leave.”


The doctor left and Abena lifted an eyebrow at Tobi. “You don’t want me to stay in the hospital?”


“Well yes. I can take care of you by myself. I don’t need all this male doctors coming around you.” He replied, giving her a bag of clothes.


“You do realise that my doctor is male. And he would be the one that would help me deliver the babies?” She asked, amused. “Well I’m getting you a female doctor. I can’t just let males look at you, in that area.” He replied, whining like a child. “And that, my dear, is the beginning of all the disadvantages of being loved by Tobi Ademi.” Joseph said and Tobi slapped him at the back of his head.


“Who said anything about love?” Tobi asked, while Joseph rubbed the back of his head, feigning hurt.


Dera ignored the two men and helped Abena out of the bed, following her to the bathroom to change.


“I swear, the both of them are children.”


Dera commented with a laugh.


“Shayy.” Abena agreed and they burst into laughter.



“We can hear you laughing at us oh!” Joseph called from the hospital room, which made the women laugh even harder.



“We have somewhere to go first before we go home Tobi.” Abena said.


They had left the hospital, and Tobi had helped her into the car. He did her seat belt firmly, but not hard enough to hurt her stomach while muttering something about ‘not loosing any one else.’


“Where? And don’t say the beach Abena. We have to postpone that one.” He replied, doing his seatbelt and starting the car.


“No. Not the beach.” She laughed. “I want to see her.”


“Who?” Tobi asked with confusion.




“No. No way. You just got out of the hospital because of her. And now you want me to take you to a police station?” Tobi barked.


“I have a right to see her! I just want to face my past once and for all. I just want to be able to keep everything behind me. You have to respect that.” She replied, raising her voice a little.


“I don’t want you to get hurt.” He said




“I won’t. Not any more.” She shook her head


and looked out of the window. He sighed


and nodded.


“Fine. But one wrong happening and I’m getting you out of there.” He finally gave in. “Thanks.” She whispered.


“Good day sir. I’m sorry but Mrs. Bridget Omotosho isn’t seeing any visitors.” “Tell the Police Chief that Tobi Ademi is here. And make it quick.” Tobi simply said, his famous glare intimidating the Police officer.


“Right away.” He replied, picking up the landline.


“Gosh! Nawa for you. Even police men are afraid of you sef.” Abena teased, trying to lighten the mood.


“Yeah well they should be.” Tobi shrugged, not smiling at all.


“Tobi. Calm down. I’ll just talk to her, then we’ll leave.” Abena said, placing her hands on his neck and looking up at his face. He pulled her to him and buried his head in her hair.


“Yes ma’am.” He whispered.


A police officer looked at them and coughed to get their attention. “I’ve been instructed to take you to Mrs. Bridget Omotosho. Please follow me.”


They followed him to a room where they were asked to seat down. The walls were all white, and in the middle of the room, was a wooden table, and two chairs on both sides.


Abena sat down on the chair, knowing that her back would hurt later on, and Tobi sat beside her, rubbing circles on her back.


A police officer walked in with Bridget, and sat her down. He looked at them. “Ten minutes.”


As soon as the police officer left, Bridget glared at Abena and sneered at her.


“I see you got yourself pregnant for a very rich man. Just like your mother. Such a gold digger.” She spat out.


Abena stood up and did what she had always wanted to do. She slapped Bridget across her cheek, while the latter winced.



“You have no right to talk about her. Especially after what you’ve done. You destroyed my family. You ended us.” Abena replied, sitting down and staring at her straight in the eye.


“I was simply taking what was mine.”


“And how did that end up for you?”


“I should have ended you too.” Bridget scowled causing Tobi to stand up.


Abena pulled him back down and gave him a look. It was her fight. Her family.


Her revenge.


“I always knew you were a twisted unhappy b—h from the day my dad brought you home. I just wish he would have seen it too. But he didn’t. You took my mom and my dad from me. But that’s okay. You’re getting the death sentence. I hope you know. You can’t afford a lawyer, so the state would give you one. But the lawyer wouldn’t really care, because it’s so obvious that you’re guilty. You’re finally going back to where you came from: hell.”


Abena stood up, and Tobi followd suit, leading her out of the gloomy room.


“I’m sorry!” Bridget called out before they left.


“Too late for that.” The police officer said to her, forcing her to stand up.


Tobi led Abena out of the station and into the car. He made sure she was comfortable with the seat belt, then went to the other side to seat down.


“Dont let her get to you love.” He said after a while.


“At least, you’ve helped me get what I’ve always wanted: Justice. Thank you Tobi.” She said, removing her seat belt and hugging him.


“Anything for you love.” He said, stroking her hair. “Anything.” She leaned back into her seat.


“You better do that seat belt exactly how I did it for you because it took a lot of skill and Tobi Ademi awesomeness to get it done.” He joked and she laughed.












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