Sat. May 11th, 2024

Episode 33



Abena forced her eyes open, then suddenly wished she didn’t. She could hear Tobi shouting at someone, and she just wanted to open her eyes again.


“I didn’t ask you to tell her anything you idiot! I told you to report to me directly!” “Well if I wasn’t picking my calls, why didn’t you just wait till I called you back?!”


“Well now she’s in the hospital because of your stupid mistake!”


“I don’t care if she told you she was with me! You were to report to me dammit!” She heard something fall and clatter on the floor, presumably his phone.


“You need to calm down.” She heard


another voice. Joseph?


“She’s not waking up man. The doctor said she’ll wake soon.”


“Shut up Tobi. You’re making noise.” She muttered. She forced her eyes open and saw him in front of her, looking at her with worry in his eyes.


“I’m sorry. Are you okay?” He asked softly. “I feel weak.” She replied and then the events that happened came rushing into her mind.


They were going to the beach, Bridget killed her mom, she fell down the stairs. She fell down the stairs.


She turned to Tobi frantically and asked,


already dreading the answer.


“My babies. Tobi, how are my babies?”



Silence hung in the air, so heavily. Abena



was only focused on Tobi’s face, his reaction, and most importantly, his answer. Silence stretched for a while, that Abena wanted to cry. And she would have, if Tobi didn’t suddenly have a wide grin on his face. “The babies are fine Abena.”


She let out a breath of relief, and wiped a


traitor tear with the back of her hand. He


pulled her into a hug, and she laughed.


“Oh God you scared me!” She said.


“I scared you? You scared the hell out of me. I thought I lost you.” He whispered into her ear but Abena couldn’t shake off the feeling that he was talking to his children, and not her.


“You should be facing your children, not


me.” She whispered back.




“Well, you were scared of loosing your children. I’m so sorry. I shouldn’t have overreacted and fainted or something. I already had a feeling it was her, so I don’t really know why I-”


“Abena! I care about you. Isn’t it obvious? What more do you want me to do to show that I care?” He asked, releasing her from the hug and looking at her.


“I know you only care, not because you love me, but because you love what is in me.” She said and turned away, afraid of what he was going to say, how he was going to reject her.


He hushed her and pulled her to him so they was no space in between, and placed his lips on hers. He pulled away and looked at her, a whirlwind of emotions in his eyes, and then spoke again.



“At first, I only cared about the baby, not you. But now I want you. Because I’ve fallen in love with all of you. It’s no longer my baby; it’s now our baby.”


Then she pulled him back to her, to finish


what he started.


Their lips moved in sync against each other, and Abena held him by his neck, trying to stay in place. She got tired of her uncomfortable position, so she groaned and lay down properly, pulling him with her. He smiled against her lips, and held her by her waist, hovering over her.


They finally pulled away from each other, and he grinned at her widely.


“So? How amazing of a kisser am I?” He




“Tobi!” She laughed.


“You have no idea how hard I’m falling for you. C’mon. Let me show you again.” He whispered against her lips and was about to press his lips against hers when someone cleared his throat in the room.


“You guys seem to have forgotten that


we’re still here.” Joseph said, referring to


him and Dera, and having a mischievous


smile plastered across his face.


“Pay up. You owe me 10k.” He turned to




“You guys bet? On us?” Tobi asked, a look of surprise on his face.


“Well she thought you would be too much of a snob and an idiot to admit your feelings, but I thought you would eventually break.”


Joseph shrugged. “And as I always say, love triumphs over all things.” “I’ve never heard you say that.” Tobi lifted


an eyebrow.


“Shut up. You’re ruining my moment of amazing-ess.” Joseph replied and Dera just rolled her eyes.


“I’ll be right back. Let me call the doctor.”


Tobi said, and gave her a peck on the lips before leaving the room.


Joseph wheeled himself towards Abena, still smiling. “So, future sister in law. How are my god children?”















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