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Episode 21




“Says the man who makes billions




“I just… I don’t even know again sef. It all felt weird. I was trying to get her out of my head but the more I kissed Aisha, the more her face appeared in my head.” Tobi said truthfully.


“Well that’s step one of falling in love.”


Joseph smiled broadly.


“And how do you get rid of it?” Tobi asked quickly.


“Kill yourself.” Joseph joked and started


laughing again.


“How about I kill you. Bloody idiot.” Tobi snapped but that caused Joseph to laugh




“Oh this is better than any African magic movie. You, falling in love, is something I’ve been waiting for, for like forever. And when I saw Abena, I knew you were going to fall.” Joseph grinned.


“I’m not falling in love. It’s just lust. She’s an attractive woman. Its normal for me to want to do her.” Tobi spat out.


“Let’s see what you’ll be saying as the


weeks go by.” Joseph said.


“Why can’t I just allow her to move into another house?” Tobi asked quietly. “Because you don’t want her out of your life. Your house is the most sacred place to you, because it’s the first building you ever worked on successfully. And now you want to share it with someone.” Joseph said thoughtfully. “Make it a home.” …




Abena walked into the house at around past eight, bursting with excitement.


“Why are you coming home at this time?” Tobi asked sharply. He was seated on the couch in the sitting room, obviously waiting up for her. He stood up to assess her, looking out for any possible cuts or injuries. Her body warmed up at his gaze.


“I was somewhere.” She grinned at him, and he was surprised that she didn’t lash back. “And why are you so happy? Are you high? I swear to God if you got high with my child inside you, I would slaughter you.” He raised


his voice but she just laughed.


“No. I’m not high Tobi. I’m perfectly low.”


She laughed at her stupid joke and he just


raised an eyebrow at her in confusion.


“I got a job!” She squealed.


“Abena. You’re not supposed to get a job. It says so in the contract that-”


“I’m not allowed to get a strenuous job. But I don’t think posing for the camera is something difficult.” She smiled broadly at him.


“Well what’s the job about?” He asked, trying to share in her excitement.


“Its for a clothing line that works with maternity wear. The man said I’m perfect for the job. And that my husband is such a lucky man.” She grinned. “Husband?”


She wiggled her fingers in his face and then he noticed the golden wedding band around her finger. He gave her a questioning look but she just shrugged.


“What? I told you, people stare.”


“So what going to happen?”


“I’m going in two days for a photo shoot. Then I’ll get paid. It’s just a one time thing. I’m not looking into modelling as a career, trust me.”


She said with a laugh and proceeded to


walk to the kitchen.


“What are you looking for?” He called after hearing cupboards and the fridge opening and closing.


“Food!” She shouted and earned a light


chuckle from him.



“A model hm?”


Tobi was driving to work, and he had called Joseph, eager to get information about the modelling agency Abena had told him about.


“Yeah. Just help me get information about it before she goes tomorrow.” He said.


“Why do you want to get information about it so bad though? Afraid that those male models would steal her from you?” Joseph teased.


“Nope. She wears a wedding ring when she goes out. Says that ‘people stare’.” Tobi said with a smirk though he knew Joseph couldn’t see him.


“Wow. Eya for her. Okay, I’ll make some calls. Mail you whatever I find.” Joseph said.





Before Tobi went for lunch, he checked his mail and saw the message from Joseph about the modelling agency.


His stomach clenched in fear as he read


what Joseph sent to him. At that second, his phone rang.


“Yeah.” He said after looking at the caller


ID. It was Joseph.


“Have you seen it?” Joseph asked, fear also evident in his voice.


“Yeah. Thank God she’s going tomorrow. I’ll show it to her when I get home. But


let me call her first.” Tobi said.


“Okay. It’s a good thing you checked.”


Joseph said.


“Yeah. Let me call her.”


He hung up and dialled Abena’s number, still staring at the email.


Her phone was switched off. He tried the


house phone but it just rang repeatedly.


A wave of fear swept through him. He


grabbed his blazer, and phone and rushed out of the office.



Abena walked into the modelling agency.


The manager had called her that her


appointment had been moved back because they were in a hurry.


She didn’t mind anyway, she had nothing to do at home. She had switched off her phone so she could concentrate. She sat


comfortably in the office and the man came inside, and handed her a cup of Orange juice.


“How are you doing Mrs. Omotosho?” He gave her a warm smile and sat down in the chair opposite her.


“Excited.” She beamed at him.


“Good. The photographer is setting up, and the make up artist would be here soon to touch you up.” He explained.


“Okay. Thank you.” She blinked and shook her head. She was feeling dizzy. The man kept on smiling at her, and her gaze flickered to the glass of Orange juice. “What did you do?” Her voice slurred. She shook her head vehemently, hoping to get rid of the dizziness, but it was just worse.


“The thing about you Nigerian girls is that when you have a chance to be famous, you don’t think twice before saying yes.” He said, giving her a sinister smile.


Her eyes felt heavy and before she fell into an uncertain slumber, she heard his sinister chuckle.



She felt tired of struggling, and hesitantly gave in into the darkness.



TBC… What’s happening












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