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Episode 17



Abena slumped her shoulders in defeat as she looked at herself in the mirror, wearing only underwear. Her closet had been



emptied out and clothes were scattered all over the room. What was the matter, you might ask.


Nothing fit.


The leggings ripped as she tried to pull them up.


Her jeans didn’t go past her thighs.


Her shirts were too tight.


Her dresses were suffocating.


Skirts didn’t go past her thighs.


She couldn’t zip up her jumpsuit.


Nothing fit, well except for her sweatpants. Tobi was taking her out, and she really wanted to look good. But after trying every article of clothing in her closet, she was giving up. Her thoughts were interrupted by a knock on her door.




“One second!” She yelled and jumped into her sweatpants. She threw on a random blouse, and regretted it immediately. It was suffocating.


“Oya, come in.” She breathed out.


He walked into her room and raised an eyebrow at the mess. Then his gaze landed on her and he bit the inside of his cheek to stop him from laughing.


“You look… nice.” He said slowly. “You’re a terrible liar.” She said and sat down on her bed, tears threatening to fall. “Okay, you don’t look nice. It looks like it’s a lot of sizes smaller.” He said truthfully.


“That’s because I’m fat.” She said quietly.


“You’re not fat, you’re pregnant.” He tried to reason out.


“What’s the difference?” She shouted at him, wiping the tears that stained her cheek. “Um… not all fat people are pregnant?” He said slowly, trying to avoid the wrath of an hormonal pregnant woman.


“Nothing fits. I’m just so fat now, I don’t


want to be fat. I want to be slim again. I


want my clothes to fit me.” She said.


“So, nothing here fits.” He said.


“You trying fitting into your clothes when you have a… ball, attached to your stomach.” She said.


“That’s my baby you’re talking about.” He joked and she gave a small smile.


He slung his shoulder around her and pulled her to him. “Abena. You’re not fat, you’re just pregnant. And you’re a very hot pregnant woman. I have never seen a pregnant woman so beautiful.” He whispered in her hair but she hardly heard a word he said. She was too busy inhaling his scent, and staring at his chest.


“Now, this is what you’re going to do. You’re


going to wear your sweatpants, and I”ll give you one of my shirts, so you can fit your


‘ball’, in it and stop squashing my baby in


these clothes. And then we’ll go shopping.” He said softly.


“But I wanted to look nice na. I won’t look nice in sweatpants and a man’s shirt.” She whined, although the offer of wearing his shirt was very tempting.


“I think you look exceptionally beautiful in everything.” He said and her heart skipped a beat.



As he left the room to bring his shirt, Abena was convinced that he only said that to make her feel better, but Tobi knew he meant every word.


“Okay. I like this one, and this.” Abena said as she walked through the store, dumping every attractive piece of clothing on Tobi. “When I said that you could shop to your hearts content, I didn’t mean that you should make me your shopping bag.” He said as she dropped a dress on him.


“Well, this is your way of apologizing for making me fat.” She said, looking through some shirts.


“You’re pregnant, not fat.” He pointed out with exasperation.


“Same thing!”


“Okay.” He said calmly. “Why don’t you try on all of this first?”


She nodded obediently, and he called one of the shopping assistants. “How can I help you sir?” She asked, batting her fake eyelashes at him.


Tobi didn’t seem to notice the flirtatious smile that the assistant was giving him, or the amount of ladies that were eye-raping him in the store.


“Yes, you can. Take all of this first.” He dumped the clothings on her, causing her to stumble a little. “I need you to help her out.”


“Of course sir.” She gave a strained smile.


“I’ll see to it that your wife is taking care




Much better , Abena thought. These women are just treating me like I’m nonexistent, so… wait… wife?


She stared at Tobi in surprise but he just gave her a wink and followed the assistant to the changing room.


“Wife, you coming?” He teased and she


glared at him, ignoring her increasing




After a few hours of shopping, Tobi was


tired, but Abena wasn’t.


She held her cone of icecream and her purse, while Tobi carried all twelve bags of maternity wear and, after the insistence of

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“Wait.” She said abruptly.


Tobi stumbled back. He was supposed to be annoyed. As a billionaire, he didn’t carry things for people, it was the other way around. He didn’t like to be told what to do.


But when Abena told him to do something, he did it, he complained obviously, but he did it anyway.


“What is it now?” He complained.


“We have to decorate a nursery.” She said, beaming at him like she just won a million dollars.



“No need jare. I’ll get an interior decorator for that.” He said, dismissing the topic and walking towards the car to drop all the bags.


“But I want to do it. We should do it. It’s our


baby.” She explained.




“I know, I know. It’s not really mine. But please, let me do this one thing for my child. Just one thing. So that I can know that I did something for my child before I left.” He looked in her eyes and knew she was


already getting attached to the baby. And


the baby wasn’t even born yet. But there


was nothing he could do. The baby was,


literally, attached to her.


“Okay. But, abeg, stop referring to my daughter as an ‘it’.” He joked and she rolled her eyes.


“It’s a fifty-fifty chance jare. Thanks sha.” She smiled sincerely at him. He smiled back at her, and his gaze fell to her lips. How could someone look so… kissable, he wanted to kiss her, right there.


“Let’s start with paint!” She squealed in




“You’re not going to paint. You could fall down when you’re painting the top part of the wall.” He said.


To be Continued…









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