Sat. May 11th, 2024

Episode 14


“Caramel popcorn?” She asked like a child.


“Caramel popcorn.”



“You don’t know where your cinema room is?” She asked with disbelief.


After getting the popcorn, they were about to watch a movie when Tobi realised that he didn’t know where the cinema room was in the house.


“It’s your house!” She exclaimed.


“I didn’t build it.” He replied with a shrug. “I only use my bedroom, study, kitchen and sitting room.”


“You’re a very boring person.”



“You don’t look at me like I’m boring Abena.” He leaned in and whispered. “You look at me like there’s something exceptionally special about me.”


Her breath hitched and she had no idea


what to do.


“Stop saying rubbish and just take me to the cinema room.” She said, as though she was unaffected by the sudden closeness.


“Yes ma’am.” He said teasingly and started walking.


“We already checked there.” She laughed


and he turned around.



After a while, they found the cinema room. They decided on Ghostbusters and sat down together, while Abena hugged her bags of popcorn.


Halfway into the movie, she slept off.


Gently, Tobi carried her, bridal style, and


took her to her room.


He placed her gently on the bed and just stared at her, a genuine smile on his lips. “I have no idea why I can’t get you out of my mind Abena. You’re not even my type. So what in the world are you doing to me?” He placed a kiss on her forehead and left, closing the door. At the sound of the door closing, Abena’s eyes fluttered open.


He had forgotten that she was a light








Abena sat down to eat breakfast, while Tobi made himself a smoothie.


Her phone rang and she answered the call, after peering at the caller ID with recognition.




“Yes, this is Abena.”


“Okay. I would be right there.”


“Thank you.”


Tobi looked at her phone after she hung up.


“Whats that?”


“My phone.” She replied with a quizzical




“Or what’s left of it.” He added referring to her beat up phone.


“Tobi. I don’t have time for this.” She said wearily as she placed her plates in the sink. “Okay, you’re going out?” He asked.




“One second.” He said before running up the stairs. He returned with a box.


“You’re giving me an iPhone 6. And you think I’ll collect it from you?” She smiled.




“It’s not in the contract.” She simply stated



averting her eyes from his handsome face. “See it as a gift. From me to a friend.” He added.


“If you say so.” She said hiding her excitement. “I’ll think about it.” She added and left the house with a smile on her face.


The smile disappeared when she


remembered where she was going. It was


her turn to go to the hospital, to see the


one she was afraid to lose.
















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