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Episode 19


He couldn’t let that happen.



Tobi drove home with a satisfied smirk plastered across his face. Not only had he won the award for the youngest billionaire in Africa, but he also had in his passenger seat, Aisha Zamena.


Aisha Zamena was a top model in Africa,


and when he saw her at the award


ceremony he had attended, he knew she


wanted to go home with him.


His mind drifted to Abena, but he shook the thoughts away. He didn’t like her, and all he needed was to get la!d, then he’ll forget about her.


After parking in his house, he turned to Aisha. “Give me one minute. I need to check something first.”


She nodded without looking up from her phone. He walked briskly into house, and saw Abena sprawled on the couch, watching a movie. A bunch of bananas were on a plate on a table in front of her, and the peels were scattered on the floor. There was also a box of finished cookies and chocolate wrappers on the floor.


She looked up at him and smiled. “Hey.” “I need you to pack all of this stuff, right now, with yourself, to your room. I have a visitor and this place is untidy. Plus, I can’t let my visitor see you.” He instructed and she got up quickly.


She packed all the trash and took it to the dustbin in the kitchen, then she grabbed the



bunch of bananas and went to her room. She wondered who the visitor was. Tobi hardly brought his work home and she knew it wasn’t Joseph. She shrugged it off. It was probably a business partner.


But she knew it wasn’t a business partner when she heard the m0an!ng. She heard them stumble up the stairs, and walk into Tobi’s room. She heard them slump on the bed, she heard the sounds of pleasure, the m0an!ng and the creaking of the bed. She hugged her pillow and tried to sleep, but it wasn’t easy when she could hear them


having s£x in the room right beside hers.


And when she heard the woman scream out Tobi’s name, she burst into tears. That night, before she slept off, she fought with the voice in her head on whether she was falling for Tobi Ademi.


The voice said yes. But she said no.


The voice in her head won.



“You’re distracting me.”


“Hm?” Abena looked up at Tobi. They were both sitting on the three seater couch; he was working, as usual, on his laptop, while she was trying to focus on the movie she was watching. But she kept on sneaking glances at Tobi, imagining things she would never admit to. She shook the thoughts away from her head.


Pregnancy hormones.


“I said, you’re distracting me.” He said






“Well you can’t sit there wearing a pair of


shorts and showing off your s£xy looking legs and expect me to concentrate on the work I’m doing.” He said. His eyes flickered towards her and back to the laptop screen.


With a smirk plastered across her face, and a sudden boost of confidence, she removed his laptop carefully from his lap, and placed it on the centre table.



He opened his mouth to protest, but before. he could utter a word, she sat on his lap, straddling him.


Their bodies were dangerously close, and the only thing separating them, was her baby bump.


“Abena.” He whispered in a husky voice that caused her confidence to falter. She was afraid that her voice would fail her, so she hummed in reply instead.


“You have no idea how much I’ve wanted this.” He leaned closer to her, his lips on her ear, and her body shivered in excitement.


He placed a kiss on her neck, and trailed down, placing feather like kisses as he went.


He looked up and smirked at her. Her gaze dropped to his lips and she licked her lips in anticipation.


“You drive me crazy.” He said and before she could get her brain to work again, he leaned in and kissed her. Softly at first,


teasing her, enjoying the feeling that came with each second.


She groaned at how slow he was, and felt him smile against her lips. His tongue went deeper, caressing hers, and all her defences broke down one by one. She couldn’t deny that she was enjoying it. He nibbled on her lower lip gently, and earned a small m0an, and then he went on to kiss her again.




Abena tried to focus on the kiss, but how


was he kissing her and talking at the same time?




The voice was more impatient, and a hand tapped hers, trying to bring her back into reality.



She grumbled some incoherent words and went back to her kiss.


“For the love of God, wake up.” She heard the voice again, and the hand tapped her harder.


“Go away, you’re interrupting the kiss.” She snapped and heard Tobi chuckle beside her.


Her eyes widened in realization and she


turned around slowly, and saw the Greek


god himself, laughing at her, mocking her with his eyes no doubt.


“The kiss huh? And who was the lucky guy?” He said in between his laughter.


“Definitely not you. Go away Tobi.” She said throwing a pillow at him.


He dodged it and laughed harder.


“What do you want?” She sat up from her bed and looked at him, folding her arms against her chest and trying not to ogle the sight that was before her.


“You’ve missed your appointment with the doctor today.” He smiled. “Oh my God! Why didn’t you wake me up?”


She jumped out of her bed and towards her closet, looking for something to wear. Tbc











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