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Episode 15



Tobi watched Abena as she stepped out of the house. He knew something was bothering her, and it had to do with the phone call she had just received. She always left the house, every Wednesday, although today was Saturday, and she never said where she went.


He touched his temple, contemplating on whether to snoop around or not. He decided to.


He dialled a number on his phone and


waited for the other person to pick up.




“Good day to you too, Mr. Ali.”


“No, I’m not conducting any business


transactions. I need you to do something


important for me.”


“The account that I instructed you to pay ten million naira to, every time I give you a call, I would like to know how much is in that account. Send the bank account statement to my mail.”


“I’m very sure that if you don’t have a job, you won’t be worried about business ethics and constumers confidentiality.”


“Thank you.”


He stared at his phone and waited for the


mail to come in. After a few seconds, he


received it.


Miss. Abena Omotosho.


Main balance: N 0.00 k


How can she have no money in her account? She was supposed to have, at most, twenty million.


He read the two lines over and over again in shock.


Where was all the money going to?




Abena walked into the hospital with a flood of memories hitting her.


She hated hospitals.


She hated the memories that came with


them. All her memories were here, in the




She had once heard a joke that when doctors prayed to make a lot of money, they were praying for people to get sick.


But there was a little consolation, she


wasn’t going because something bad


happened, she was going there because,


finally, something good was happening.


Something small, but good anyway.


She took a deep breath and walked to the reception and smiled at Feyi, the nurse she had seen a lot in all her years of coming to the hospital.


“Good morning Miss. Omotosho!” She smiled brightly at her. All the nurses in the hospital knew her, and she hated that.


When she was young, she said wanted to be well known, but when she said that, she didn’t mean in the hospital.


“Good morning Feyi.” She gave her a


strained smile.


“You’re here to see Doctor Karo, aren’t you?”


She asked sweetly.




“He’s been waiting for you. Go right in.” She said.


She didn’t need to describe the doctors


office for Abena, she had been there a


million times.


She knocked gently and walked into the


office, smiling at the doctor.


“Miss. Omotosho, good to see you again.” Dr. Karo said looking up at him.


“Doctor, good morning. How is he?” Abena asked as she sat down.


“Ready for transport, you can see him before we leave.” He replied.


A young woman walked into the office just as Abena was about to speak.


“Miss. Omotosho, this is Miss. Joy, she would be the care taker of Demi while he’s in India.


Abena stood up to shake Joy. “Pleased to


meet you. Please take care of him.”


“I would. It’s my job.” Miss. Joy replied. “Can I see him?” Abena asked looking at the doctor.


“Of course. Right this way.” Dr. Karo said and stood up, leaving the office with Abena and Miss. Joy trailing after him Abena entered the hospital room, and


although she had been there a thousand


times, she still felt the same way.






Nostalgic, and not the good type.


She walked beside the bed and stared at


the innocent face of a two year old.


“Demi.” She started talking, fighting the


tears that threatened to fall.


“You’re going to go to India, and get surgery, and you’ll be much better after. And when you come back, it would be just us. The two of us, we’ll start over. Our little family. I’m sorry I can’t come, I have to keep working,” she wiped the hot tears on her cheek with the back of her palm. “I’ll keep working for us, so I can keep on sending enough money for your surgery.” Demi’s eyes fluttered open and he gave Abena a weary smile. She choked in tears and gave him a hug, trying to avoid the tubes that were attached to him, the tubes that were keeping him alive.


“Miss. Joy would take good care of you, and I’ll call everyday, to make sure you’re okay.” She said once she pulled away.


Miss. Joy gave him a friendly wave, grinning at him, and he smiled back.


After sorting out all the documents, Abena said goodbye to Demi again, trying to be strong for the both of them, and then she left the hospital.


Doctor Karo had stared at her pregnant belly, and then at her index finger, but she pretended not to notice.



“I’m back!” Abena shouted as she walked



into the house and straight into the kitchen looking for a snack.


“Don’t make noise in my house.” She heard Tobi say sharply.


“What’s the matter with you?” She asked


with her mouth full, poking him on his


shoulder. He was sitting on a couch, with


his laptop right in front of him.


“Don’t talk to me except when necessary.


Don’t break my rules Abena.” He warned


and she rolled her eyes.


“I thought we were past that.” She asked sitting down beside him. “And why are you working? It’s Saturday.”


“Well some of us have actual jobs.” He


snapped and she glared at him.


“If you’re so cranky, because you didn’t get your favorite lingerie, you don’t have to take it out on me!” She said, raising her voice a little before storming up the stairs.


She came back after a minute and grabbed the whole bunch of bananas before storming up the stairs again.


What was up with him and his mood swings anyway? Acting like it was his time of the month!



Tobi watched Abena leave and fought the urge to go after her, she was messing with his head, and he needed her as far away as possible.


He knew it was impossible to keep her away, but after seeing her bank statement, he didn’t know how to react.


But then he realised, why does he care




To be Continued…














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