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Episode 10



She felt someone stare at her after a while and looked up to see Tobi standing by the door with a plate of sandwiches and two mugs of beverages. She suddenly felt self conscious in her shirt that was getting too small for her baby bump and her sport shorts.


She berated herself for caring about what


she wore while he was there and her gaze


flickered to the sandwiches.


“Thank you, thank you, thank you!” She squealed and stood up grabbing the plate from him. He gave her an amused smile and rolled his eyes. She sat down and he sat down beside her. He handed her a cup of Milo.


“But you’re drinking coffee!” She complained with her mouth full.


“I like you better when you’re not awake, so coffee isn’t really the best thing for you right now.” He simply said before shifting his gaze to the television.


She folded her arms against her chest and frowned. He reached for the plate to take a sandwich and she slapped his hand away. He narrowed his eyes at her but she grabbed the plate and looked away.


He rolled his eyes at her childish attitude and his gaze lowered to her ebony legs. He looked at her outfit and forced his eyes to look away. How could she wear that and still look beautiful? If he saw another woman in those kinds of clothing, he would call her a


homeless person.


He pushed the thought out of his mind and they sat there in awkward silence. Abena racked her brain thinking of what to do to break the silence but came up with nothing. “Why are you still here?” She blurted out and mentally palm slapped her face.


“It’s my house. I can be wherever I want.” He replied cockily. “Besides, all that water you dumped on me took my sleep away.” “Sorry.” She whispered sheepishly.


“It’s okay. Pregnant woman madness. I get it.” He shrugged.


“I’m not mad!” She uttered in protest. “Crazy? Eccentric? Mentally unstable? Take your pick.” He replied still staring a the tv. “Whatever.” She glared at him and took a bite of her sandwich.


“There’s only one left? There were seven on that plate!” Tobi exclaimed in disbelief. “Well now they’re in my stomach. I’m eating for two, remember?” She pointed a finger at him.


“I’m sure you ate six and the baby ate only one.” He said with a smile and she rolled her eyes looking away from his perfectly chiseled face.






“How does it feel to be a billionaire? At 26?” She asked looking at him.


“You get used to it after a while. Making



billions is no big deal for me now. I’ve been running the company since I was eighteen.” He shrugged.


“Wasn’t that too young?” She took one last gulp of her Milo and wiped her mout with the back of her hand, even though he brought napkins. He rolled his eyes at her rather ‘savage’ behaviour and continued talking, trying to avoid an argument.


“Well my dad died, his second in command took over, I worked with him until I was ready. Then I started making billions. They say I have the Midas touch.” He smirked. “I was about to apologize for your father’s death but then you just continued speaking and you ruined it all.” She joked and he laughed. She enjoyed the few seconds of seeing his laugh, knowing that she wouldn’t see it again in a long time.


“My father died a long time ago. I’ve learnt to live with it, and try my best to make him proud.” He simply stated and she nodded, beaming at him with admiration.


“So the famous Tobi Ademi can talk like this.” She smiled.


“This is my house. I can talk however I


want.” He said quickly covering up his




She rolled her eyes. She knew he was trying his best to stay away from her and not talk to her but she wasn’t going to live in a



house and not talk to the only other person in it.


“What about you?” He asked.


“How does it feel to be poor? Horrible, thanks for asking.” She replied sarcastically. “That’s one annoying thing about women. Before you say one sentence, they have replied with one paragraph.” He pointed out. “Whatever. What did you want to ask?” She asked biting her bottom lip. She prayed silently that he won’t ask her about her family.


“How does it feel to be pregnant?”




“What?” He shrugged, his lips tugging into a small smile.


“Well… there’s a good part. It feels… weird. You know, life is growing inside of me. Another human, with a completely different personality and way of thinking. Someone else that would stand out in the world. Sometimes I wonder how he or she-” “Please refer to my child as a ‘she’.” He said and she rolled her eyes.


“As I was saying, I wonder how she would be. What she would grow up to be. If she would look like me, or take your ugly face.” She joked obviously lying about the last part.


“You check me out every morning.” He


replied with a famous smile.


Okay, not so famous since he only showed


it to her and Joseph.


“I just wonder how she would be like.” Abena said, her voice sounding far off. “Abena, you do realize that-.” Tobi started cautiously.


“I know. Don’t say it.” She said quietly. She knew this would happen, and she was just in her third month. She was already forming a bond with the unborn child.


Silence hung heavily in the air for a while. “What about the bad part?” Tobi finally asked.


She groaned and he burst into laughter. “I puke a lot, I eat like an elephant, my clothes are already getting tight, and I’m so fat! Not to mention that in six months from now, I would have to push a head probably this big, through a hole this tiny!” She gestured with her fingers.


“Or maybe two heads?” Tobi asked with a smirk.


“If I slap you ehn, you would see double.” She threatened and he laughed again.


“It’s already almost three.” Tobi pointed out after a while. “I should probably go to bed.” She stood up and stretched not noticing that Tobi’s gaze lingered on her back side longer than necessary.


“Aren’t you going to clear where you ate?” He asked.


She picked her plate and cup, intentionally



leaving his behind, and walked to the kitchen. She dumped them in the sink and decided to wash them the next day.


“Don’t even think about leaving those there.” Tobi warned stepping into the kitchen.


“I”ll wash it tomorrow.” She yawned not


bothering to cover her mouth. He ignored


her and pointed at the sink.


“I don’t like messes in my house Abena.” “It’s just a plate and cup. Your whole house is still perfectly perfect. Like no one lives here. Don’t worry.” She said dramatically and started walking towards the stairs. and started walking towards the stairs.




“Abena. Don’t you walk away from me.


Come back this instant and tidy up this




“You’ll get old fast if you keep talking and acting like that.” She replied still walking away.


He groaned in frustration. He liked things in a particular way. Why was she messing that up?



“Abena how many -”


Abena froze when she saw Tobi enter her room, without knocking. She was just stepping out of the bathroom with a towel wrapped tightly around her.


“Didn’t your mother teach you how to


knock?” She snapped.


“It’s my house, I can do whatever it is that I want.” He replied dryly.



“Abeg abeg, shut up jare. We get it, it’s your overpriced house. But this is my room.” She walked closer to him angrily. “In this room, everything goes the way I want, its not part of your house, as long as I’m here. Do you get it?” She said raising her voice a few octaves higher.


His jaw dropped but he quickly masked his surprise with a frown. “Watch your mouth.” “Next time, knock.” She pointed at him.


“Everything must go the way I want it to go Abena. If you don’t want me to barge into your room, lock the d–n door.” He said while she bent down to pick a banana peel. “Why are there banana peels lying in the kitchen?”


“I woke up early this morning hungry so I went to the kitchen and ate bananas as I walked.” She said slowly.


“I have a dustbin for a reason Abena.” He shouted.


“It’s just a small mess. You could practically pick it up and the kitchen would still be spotless.” She shouted back.


“Why are you so d–n annoying?” He




“Why are you such a control freak?” She


spat out, glaring at him.


“And why do you have such a nice a-s?” He blurted out to her utmost surprise.


Her mouth opened slightly and he froze.

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They stared at each other for a few seconds before he cleared his throat.


“Dont leave banana peels around again.” He said calmly before leaving. Still in surprise, Abena locked the door before removing her towel.


As she walked down the stairs a couple of minutes after, Tobi was leaning on a couch already dressed for work.


“Look I’m sorry I’m messy alright. I’m used to dropping things around so-”


“Like your bra?” He asked pointing to the black bra on the couch in the space she sat earlier in the morning.


“I forgot it there.” She said sheepishly. “Just keep my house clean.” He warned and she nodded with a strained smile.


“Yes sir. I won’t leave banana peels around any-”


They were interrupted by the sound of something breaking. Tobi fumed with anger while Abena looked surprised. She had just dropped a vase on the floor.


“I’m so sorry. It was a mistake. You can deduct it from the next payment.” She quickly said as she bent down to pick up the broken pieces.


“Are you crazy?” He groaned helping her stand up, trying to avoid her stomach. Her


fingers were bleeding from the broken


pieces that she touched.


“Do you know how important every single drop of blood is for my baby?” He asked as he led her to the sink.


As he washed her hands, she began to sob quietly. “I’m sorry. I’m such a mess. I don’t know why I’m even crying. Or why I’m dropping things everywhere. And forgetting to do things. I’m sorry.” She said quietly.


To be continued…










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